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Last Updated: July, 2024

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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, then you know how serious and uncomfortable the condition can be. Your sleep environment, your sleeping style and your sleeping surfaces should help you sleep easier and uninterrupted until morning. Depending on the type of sleep apnea you're suffering from - obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea - you may experience symptoms like heavy snoring and losing of breath while sleeping.

In this guide, we'll look into 7 mattresses for sleep apnea. The new mattress you buy won't heal you from the sleep disorder, it will only help you sleep better, keeping you from experiencing fatigue the next day. The best mattress for sleep apnea is the GhostBed Classic. Let's explore these mattresses in detail.

A Quick Look at 7 Best Mattresses for Sleep Apnea

GhostBed Classic Mattress

Best Rated

1. GhostBed Classic Mattress-Best Overall 

GhostBed Classic is made of three foams, including synthetic latex foam, which bears the properties of natural latex. Generally, this mattress's foam construction offers excellent body contouring, ideal for people prioritizing comfort and balanced support.

Nolah Natural 11" Mattress

2. Nolah Natural 11" Mattress

The mattress is primarily designed to be supportive and super comfy, thanks to its Talalay Latex Layer. The mattress has an HDMax TriZone coil system which offers back sleepers with sleep apnea more support.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

3. Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

With its individually pocketed coils and soft foam layers, puffy lux offers excellent cushioning with some bounce. So, while back or side sleeping on it, you get descent pressure point relief.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

4. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla is a unique flippable mattress that lets you customize your comfort per your preference. The mattress has copper-infused foam that helps dissipate heat and prevent bacteria and allergens from invading it.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

5. Zoma Hybrid Mattress

In its construction, Zoma Hybrid uses the zoned Zoma Triangulex Gel Foam to keep the spine properly aligned. The soft Zoma Foam also helps alleviate pressure on sensitive pressure points. 

Amerisleep As3 Mattress

6. Amerisleep As3 Mattress 

Within its comfort layer, the As3 features HIVE technology with a convoluted design to allow efficient airflow throughout the mattress. Notably, the HiVE layer is also zoned to offer various support levels—for instance, offering proper spinal alignment on the lumbar region.

Vaya Hybrid

Vaya Hybrid uses Vaya proprietary foam unique to Vaya, giving the mattress some bounce and responsiveness. The Vaya Foam also offers sleepers cradling comfort for tremendous pressure relief.

GhostBed Classic Mattress


  • Best for hot sleepers
  • Offers back sleepers more support
  • Excellent balanced foam feel
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials
  • Its medium firmness is best for most sleeping positions


  • Not ideal for a sleeper who likes a soft mattress

As a latex foam mattress, the GhostBed Classic is breathable and boasts a supportive feel ideal for sleep apnea sufferers. With its unique cradling memory foam comfort in conjunction with latex conformance, pressure relief and support are among the mattress's top selling points.

GhostBed Classic features superior cooling features most latex foam mattresses lack. This primarily stems from its gel memory foam and phase change technology. While providing the comfort benefits of a latex mattress, the proprietary material also offers excellent body contouring of memory foam. Additionally, its breathable anti-microbial viscose/polyester blend cover helps wick away body heat and fends off bacteria.

Since mattress firmness is a subjective feel factor, it primarily depends on how firm the mattress feels when you lay on it. Most sleepers consider GhostBed Classic a firmer mattress than the industry-standard 6.5/10 medium firmness scale. So, a back or stomach sleeper should get ample support for proper spinal alignment from GhostBed Classic.

Since it's an ideal mattress for relieving sleep apnea symptoms, sleep apnea patients who are back sleepers should consider transforming this mattress into an adjustable bed. The good news is that GhostBed also has a compatible adjustable bed frame that works with this mattress at an affordable price. Generally, continuous positive airway pressure treatment with this adjustable bed will help reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

Nolah Natural 11” Mattress


  • Made of natural materials
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Super cozy
  • Ideal for lightweight stomach sleepers.
  • Excellent pressure relief


  • Note ideal for heavyweight sleepers 

Nolah Natural Mattress is a toxic-free mattress better suited for budget shoppers who like Luxurious beds. The mattress Combines natural cooling, responsiveness and excellent support, and comfort balance for a good night's sleep.

Nolah Natural Mattress has excellent cooling capabilities thanks to its organic cotton cover, organic wool within its comfort layer, and Talalay Latex Foam Layer. Its patented HDMax TriZone coil system also helps boost its overall breathability. The cover also makes Nolah Natural an excellent hypoallergenic mattress to keep bacteria and textile allergens at bay.

Side sleeping on this hybrid mattress offers superior pressure point relief, ideal for average-weight side sleepers. The mattress's Talalay Latex Comfort System ensures a sleeper's movement on its surface isn't impeded. 

Adjustable beds are excellent for sleepers with obstructive sleep apnea. Combining this mattress with an adjustable base can help cure sleep apnea by keeping your head elevated and your airway open. You can also use a CPAP machine alongside the adjustable bed to help reduce sleep apnea symptoms. 

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress


  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Excellent for a sleeper who likes a soft mattress
  • Best for side sleeping
  • Offers tremendous pressure relief


  • Sleepers who require more support

If you're looking to reduce daytime fatigue caused by obstructive sleep apnea, Puffy is the right mattress worth considering.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress has a stain-resistant, cooling hypoallergenic polyester cover that's easily removable and washable. Its Cooling Cloud Foam pocketed coils and Climate Control layers also help boost cooling and airflow.

As already mentioned, mattress firmness is subjective. And Puffy Lux can either be a firm or soft mattress depending on the weight and body type of the sleeper. But on average, lightweight sleepers consider this hybrid mattress a medium firm mattress. With its medium firmness and soft-to-the-touch feel, the mattress conforms closely to the body curves offering side sleepers tremendous pressure .

Sleep apnea patients will appreciate that this hybrid mattress is compatible with any adjustable bed frame. With a completely adjustable bed, you can alleviate your upper body to keep your airways open. Note that such an inclined sleeping style offers excellent sleep apnea relief. Moreover, this adjustable bed will help ensure you don't develop sleep apnea after curing it. 

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Layla Memory Foam Mattress


  • Ideal for sleepers seeking multiple firmness options
  • Great motion isolation
  • Very responsive
  • Best for combination sleepers
  • Excellent memory foam feel 


  • Not ideal for those who like a firmer mattress

With its flippable design, Layla is an excellent choice for memory foam shoppers who want to customize their sleep comfort regardless of their sleeping position. Ideally, the Layla mattress is better suited for couples and sleepers with muscle and joint pain. Plus, it can also help relieve sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. 

Layla mattress features copper gel infusion in its memory foam layer, providing a temperature-controlled sleep surface. Its polyester cover is breathable, boosting the Mattress's air circulation and cooling. More importantly, the copper infusion makes Layla an excellent hypoallergenic mattress ideal for allergic sleepers. Also, the hypoallergenic nature of this mattress helps prevent dust mites from invading it.

Given its flippable design, Layla's mattress firmness is easily adjustable. So, with two different firmness levels, you can choose your preferred level of support and comfort that offers you sleep apnea relief. Compared to hybrid mattresses, Layla isn't that firm, but its firmness scale is slightly above average. And with it, side sleepers enjoy superior pressure point relief since its softer materials contour well with the body curves.

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Zoma Hybrid Mattress


  • Ideal for people with back pain
  • Excellent ease of movement and responsiveness
  • Great cooling capabilities
  • Comfortable for all sleep positions


  • Not ideal for budget shoppers

Combining the comfort of memory foam and the support of innerspring mattresses, Zoma Hybrid is a premium bed that guarantees top-notch quality sleep.

Zoma Hybrid's cover is neatly woven with super stretchy ventilated Performance Fabric that's soft to the touch but super breathable. In addition, Zoma Hybrid also has proprietary Triangulex Gel Memory Foam with air channels that help boost breathability.

The mattress appeals greatly to side sleepers, thanks to its zoned support system, which ensures proper spinal alignment. The zoning is at the center of the top layer but much firmer towards the foot and the upper body region. Zoma Hybrid is an excellent supportive mattress for back and stomach sleeping, courtesy of the zoned construction. The zoning also makes it an ideal pressure-relieving mattress for hip replacement patients.

The 7-inch pocketed coil support core, combined with the 2-inch polyfoam layer, makes Zoma Hybrid an exceptionally responsive bed. With such a level of solid responsiveness, switching to a different sleep position is relatively easy.

Amerisleep As3 Foam Mattress


  • Fantastic pressure relief
  • It offers an excellent sinkage feel
  • Multiple memory foam layers
  • Great body heat dissipation
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Responsive Bio-pur foam


  • Slight Off-gassing 

The Amerisleep As3 Foam Mattress is among Amerisleep's most popular and versatile all-foam beds appealing to many sleepers.

The As3 foam mattress has a Bio-pur foam top layer that is up to 5 times more breathable than traditional memory foam. The mattress also has a high-performance Celliant Cover that uses technology-driven fabric. The breathable cover is infused with 13 unique Thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals convert body heat into infrared, granting you a cool, restful sleep.

Unlike traditional memory foam, Amerisleep As3's Bio-Pur foam is more responsive. Underneath this layer is the specially grooved 2" affinity foam layer designed to offer tremendous pressure relief and an incredible feeling of weightlessness. So, along the firmness spectrum, the Bio-pur foam makes this As3 model a medium firm mattress with a firmness scale of about 5.6/10. The soft touch of the mattress offers sleepers a 'hug' like sensation while contouring the body curves.

The mattress has a 7" dense Bio-core foam at the base for structural support. The layer makes the mattress durable, and according to the manufacturing company, it doesn't easily sag or develop soft spots.

Vaya Hybrid


  • Great pressure relief
  • Ideal for back and side sleeping
  • It is a great value mattress
  • Excellent edge support
  • Best for hot sleepers


  • Low social impact in the real world

Vaya Hybrid is a great value mattress offering excellent sleep comfort at a relatively affordable price.

Like most innerspring mattresses, Vaya Hybrid has an advanced cooling mechanism stemming from its cooling polyester cover and pocketed coils. Within its construction, Vaya Hybrid has a more breathable foam than typical memory foam mattresses for heat dissipation. While the pocketed coils boost the mattress's airflow, the cool-to-the-touch cover helps wick away moisture and sweat. 

Vaya Hybrid's unique foam offers moderate contouring properties cushioning, and cradling heavier body curves. On the other hand, the springs at the support core compress evenly per your body weight, offering supplemental support. Though the mattress doesn't provide deep contouring similar to memory foam, it is sufficient enough to help relieve sleep apnea symptoms.

Movement on this mattress's surface is effortless thanks to its coil support core base. The 8-inch robust coil layer gives the mattress extra bounce keeping you from feeling stuck in the material. Moreover, the Vaya Foam, together with the comfort layer, offers additional responsiveness and resilience to ease switching sleep positions. 

Sleep Tips for Better Sleep with Sleep Apnea

First of all you need medical attention so that the physician can help you medically address the sleep disorder. When sleeping, look for a sleeping position that leaves your airways open, promotes spinal alignment, and prevents acid reflux.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea

What factors should you look into when purchasing the best mattress for sleep apnea? To help guide on you better on which mattress to choose from our list of 7, we'll give you details on why different factors will impact your sleep quality.

Sleeping position

The best sleep position for sleep apnea sufferers (and honestly for better health in general) is side sleeping. This, however, can be a great challenge for back or stomach sleepers. Luckily, there are different remedies to this predicament but first let's explain why side sleeping is ideal.

When sleeping, you want to be in a sleep position that will not misalign your spine. Spinal misalignment will cause back pain and other problems on your body. Sleeping on your side will keep your spine aligned all night. Your sleep position can also block your airways making you snore and fight for breath in your sleep. When on your side, your airways are efficiently open and you'll be able to breath without struggle. Side sleeping also eases blood circulation and will prevent acid reflux unlike back and stomach sleeping which easily cause acid reflux.

Unfortunately, staying on your side all night is not something many sleepers can achieve. That said, in case you're a strict back sleeper, consider getting an adjustable base so you can sleep in an upright position which will also prevent acid reflux and keep your airways open. A similar option would be to get a wedge pillow.

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Mattress firmness

Even with a good sleeping position a mattress can still mess your sleep. How? Well, depending on its firmness and your body weight. For example, a heavy sleeper lying on a soft and plush mattress will sink into it misaligning their spine and also disrupting your airways. Therefore, buying the right mattress means getting one with the right firmness.

When choosing a mattress for sleep apnea, medium firmness will be your best option, if you are of average size. In case you're above 250lbs, consider a firm or extra firm mattress. Luckily, most online mattresses come with sleep trials and free returns so you can test and exchange the one that's not a good fit.

Motion Isolation

Interrupted sleep is one of the main causes of fatigue and can also cause restlessness and disrupt your sleep schedule. If you have sleep apnea and you sleep next to your partner in bed, then you'll need a mattress that won't transfer motion to your side when your partner turns in bed.

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In Conclusion

Unfortunately, getting a good night's sleep for sleep apnea sufferers can be a costly endeavor. The mattress you buy has to be of good quality and features like cooling, which may be a bit hefty to purchase. A doctor may recommend you get a cpap machine to help you breathe well at night. Ultimately, it's worth the money because your health should come first, and also because sleep apnea should be taken seriously to prevent more serious issues. Hopefully our list of best mattresses for sleep apnea will give you a good option for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will buying the right mattress treat my condition?

You may not be able to treat the condition fully, but you can control it. Not a must you purchase these mattresses in order to treat your condition maybe due to financial constraints .However, it’s highly recommended since proper sleep support is a helpful treatment.

Should i get a new mattress even if i am comfortable with my present one for my conditions’ sake?

Sleeping properly is not all about comfort. There are other factors to consider as well, including breathability. With Sleep Apnea, any little discomfort will trigger it. It’s important that your mattress supports side sleeping since it’s the perfect position.

How long will it take me to recover if i use a good mattress?

The exact amount of days is not guaranteed but with good medical checkup and good night sleep, you should be able to recover soon enough.


Do i have sleep apnea if is snore?

There are high chances that you are suffering from the condition. However, it could also be simply poor sleeping positions. Check with your doctor to determine if you have the condition fast before concluding.

Is my mattress the main reason why i wake up feeing exhausted?

First, how is your mattress? Does it give you the comfort you need? If your mattress satisfies you, then it’s possibly not the problem. You should seek doctor’s attention.


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