Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain

Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain

Last Updated: July, 2024

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One of the main pressure points when sleeping occurs on the hips. Therefore, it's essential to sleep on a mattress that relieves pressure on your hips. This is especially important for sleepers suffering from hip pain. A mattress with the wrong firmness level can also cause you hip pain overtime or worsen already-existing hip pain. Therefore, the best solution is to purchase a mattress that works for your condition and prevents pain from pressure points. In case your current mattress isn't ideal, buying a mattress topper can help improve your sleep comfort.

In our guide below, we've reviewed 7 different mattress toppers that will help you sleep comfortably even when suffering from hip pain. The best mattress topper for hip pain is the Natural Talalay Latex Topper by PlushBeds. Let's get into learning more about these top choices.

A Quick Look at Our 7 Best Mattress Toppers for Hip Pain

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Best Rated

1. PlushBeds Natural Talalay Latex Topper

Like all natural latex mattress toppers, this PlushBeds Latex topper is perfectly optimized to provide extra support on hips, knees and back. Its open-cell airflow design ensures you are cool during hot nights.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

The Ghostbed Topper offers a blend of 2-stage cooling and luxurious comfort for better restorative sleep. This includes pressure, pain relief, and cooling, among others. In addition, it also has 2” Ghost Strip elastic bands that prevent the topper from shifting.

Lift by Amerisleep

Lift by Amerisleep offers a cozy sleeping experience thanks to its pressure-relieving HIVE technology and ultra-breathable cover. Also, the proprietary Bio-Pur foam offers more cushioning, comfort and support.


4. PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper

This cooling memory foam topper has a cooling gel that helps regulate temperature. The cooling gel also adds softness and soothing pressure relief without losing support.

Molecule Triple Zone Pro Topper

Molecule Triple Zone is among the unique mattress toppers with cutting-edge technology that shields against bacteria, odor and degradation. With its zoned cool-to-the-touch cover, you can rest assured of cooler nights.

Nolah Mattress Topper

Designed with the same technology as Nolah premium mattresses, this Nolah Topper adds comfort and support to any bed - especially if yours is not providing sufficient pressure relief for your hip pain.

Zoma Balance Pad

With its buoyant Reactiv™ foam, the Zoma Balance Pad is super responsive and contours perfectly with your body for pressure relief. Moreover, the proprietary foam provides excellent support and comfort balance for healthier slumber.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper


  • Organic cotton wool construction prevents body heat retention
  • 100% GREENGUARD Gold and Oeko-Tex Standard certified
  • Comes in 5 different firmness options


  • Unfit for fans of slow-moving memory foam

As one of the best mattress toppers for hip pain, this PlushBeds Latex Topper is designed with various high-quality materials to shield you from night sweats and add extra support while conforming to your body.

This natural latex mattress topper has a cool-to-the-touch organic cotton cover that excellently prevents heat retention keeping you cool all night. Its gel memory foam layer has a diffusing effect for more cooling, providing efficient airflow throughout the topper. The topper's cover also acts as a mattress protector against dirt, spills and stains.

The Plushbed Latex Mattress Topper is perfect for hip pain relief thanks to its gel memory foam. The Talalay latex material is also excellently conforming and gently responsive to help you sleep comfortably. This is evident in the memory foam layers' deep pressure relief and contouring mechanism.

Since the mattress topper has multiple firmness options, shoppers looking for the best mattress topper for side sleepers would be better off with the softer version as it provides slight sinkage, essential for relieving painful pressure points.The medium-firm options offer great support and contouring comfort for sleepers, with weights ranging from 130-230 pounds.

The PlushBed Latex Mattress Topper comes with a 5-year warranty. Moreover, the company offers free shipping in the contiguous U.S. The topper can also last up to 20 years, making it an ideal option for boosting the comfort of an existing mattress long term.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper


  • Made of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam
  • Its blend of memory foam gel contours excellently to the body
  • Natural latex gel memory foam and organic cotton cover help dissipate body heat to keep you cool
  • Its plushy feel offers excellent pressure relief


  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

GhostBed is a reputable company popular for producing the best sleep accessories in the sleep industry. As one of the best toppers for hip pain, the Ghostbed Memory Foam Topper is designed to accurately cradle every pressure point, relieve hip pain, and keep you cool and cozy.

With its pocket coils, natural wool and cooling latex, this mattress topper guarantees sleepers with hip pain a cool sleep during hot summer nights. Apart from extra support and buoyancy, the topper offers sleepers unmatched pressure relief. This is evident in its ability to accurately target pressure points on the lower back, hips and shoulders.

This memory foam topper is also ideal for combo, back and side sleepers. In addition to back support and hip pain relief, this memory foam topper helps promote proper spinal alignment.

The topper has Ghoststrip elastic bands that prevent it from shifting on top of the mattress when tossing and turning. More importantly, the Ghostbed company makes your investment worthwhile by offering free shipping on this topper and a 20-year warranty.

Lift by Amerisleep


  • HIVE technology provides an excellent balance between support and comfort
  • Its ultra-thin breathable cover prevents body heat retention
  • Bio-pur foam helps cushion the body excellently


  • Doesn't come with a trial period

Lift by Amerisleep is a highly versatile mattress topper ideal for individuals seeking to improve their sleep quality. More importantly, the topper comes in two firmness options: comfort and support.

While the support version is ideal for adding extra firmness to an existing mattress, the comfort version is best for those who like the softer feel of a soft mattress topper. Lift by Amerisleep is designed with HIVE technology consisting of hundreds of hexagonal patterns with various zones to support the head, feet and back.

The mattress topper boasts an ultra-breathable celliant cover with open-cell memory foam, allowing for efficient airflow throughout the topper to keep you cool during hot summer seasons.

Aside from offering dynamic support, the HIVE technology also helps relieve back pain, easing discomfort to promote a healthier sleep position. Generally, the comfort version is best for combo and side sleepers, while the support version is excellent for back and stomach sleepers.



  • Patent-cooling gel memory foam prevents night sweats
  • Gel beads help relieve painful pressure points
  • Provides luxurious comfort with its variable support
  • 5-year warranty


  • Doesn't come with a cover

Like the PlushBed Natural Latex Topper, this Cool Bliss topper is made of high-quality materials to make your sleep worthwhile. So you can rest assured it is designed with the right mattress topper material to keep you cool during hot nights and help alleviate hip pain.

Notably, this mattress topper is regarded by many buyers as the best luxury mattress topper since it is made of patented memory foam used in PlushBed CoolBliss Mattresses. The topper is also supportive and responsive to relieve pressure and cushion the hips and the back while perfectly cradling the entire body.

Unlike any typical memory foam mattress topper, PlushBeds Cool Bliss doesn't retain body heat, thanks to its cooling gel foam which draws away heat, preventing dampness or hot spots on the sleep surface. Also, the cooling gel infusion leaves the sleeper with a supple feel essential for easing into a quick, comfortable slumber.

The foams used on this topper are GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, implying that it is a natural mattress topper. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty and free shipping. And with good care, it can last up to a decade.

Molecule Triple Zone Pro Topper


  • RecoverFlo dynamic layer is precision-contoured to provide self-adjusting support
  • MOLECULEshield™ helps shield against debris, odor and degradation
  • 30-day risk-free trial


  • Unfit for heavyweight sleepers (230lb and over)

If your current mattress has seen better days, then Molecule Triple Zone Pro is the high-quality mattress topper that will help transform its comfort. With this topper, you won't have to worry about hip and back aches, sweating, and allergic attacks.

As one of the best cooling mattress toppers for back pain, the Molecule Triple Zone uses special gel beads in its comfort layer to regulate temperature. Moreover, its unique cooling cover is fitted with cutting-edge thermal management technology that regulates the microclimate between the sleep surface and your body.

Unlike traditional memory foam toppers, the Molecule Trip Zone is made of proprietary foams that offer a unique hugging feel, contouring, and cushioning essential for pressure relief.

Though not all mattress toppers come with a risk-free trial, this one comes with a 30-day risk-free trial and a 5-year warranty. The company also offers free shipping and returns, making your investment worthwhile.

Nolah Mattress Topper


  • Nolah's proprietary AirFoam helps dissipate heat 20x faster than traditional foam
  • Organic cotton cover is machine washable
  • Great for relieving back and hip pain
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • May not fit well on your mattress’ surface

Do you want a topper to add extra cushion, cooling, pressure and pain relief to your current mattress? Look no further than the Nolah Mattress Topper.

The Nolah Topper is available in two firmness options; firm and luxury firm versions. Generally, this topper is ideal for side and back sleepers since it is designed to provide them with strong cushioning and elevate pressure and pain from the shoulders, back and hips.

Since this topper is made of foam, it offers a slow-moving feel. Moreover, the proprietary Nolah AirFoam is more responsive and contours to your body but makes it easy to shift sleep positions on the sleep surface.

Unlike traditional memory foam that traps heat, this Nolah Topper uses Nolah proprietary AirFoam, which is 20 times greater at dissipating heat. Plus, the topper's natural cotton cover is cool and naturally breathable, allowing for efficient airflow, which prevents you from sweating.

The Nolah company ships this topper for free within the Contiguous U.S. It is also durable and comes with a 10-year warranty and a 30-night sleep trial, giving you enough time to test it and ensure it is the right pick for you.

Zoma Balance Pad


  • Reactiv™ foam is buoyant to offer a dynamic response to body movements
  • Bottom of the pad consists of non-skid fabric to keep it in place
  • Reactiv™ foam provides excellent body contouring with minimal motion transfer


  • Pricey for Budget shoppers

Though designed for athletes, this Zoma Balance Pad is also excellent for people with active lifestyles. With its buoyant Reactiv™ foam, this topper helps relieve painful pressure points, keep you cool during hot nights and reduce motion transfer.

Like any cooling mattress topper, this Zoma Balance Pad is extremely breathable and excellent at minimizing body heat retention, thanks to its ventilated plush cover and the breathable proprietary Reactiv™ Foam.

The Zoma responsive Reactiv™ Foam offers excellent cushioning for relieving painful pressure points. In conjunction with responsiveness, the cushioning prevents motion transfer between co-sleepers, while the non-skid fabric bottom keeps the topper in place.

Zoma proprietary foam is CertiPUR-US ® certified. So there is no need to worry about VOC emissions. Moreover, the topper comes with a 5-year warranty, and the company also offers free shipping.

Choosing the Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain

When shopping for a new mattress topper, you may come across various models, brands, and marketing jargon. While sorting out what's vital can be challenging, failure to do so may lead you astray, and you may end up with a topper that exacerbates your pain.

How to choose the best mattress topper for hip pain

Just like sleeping with broken ribs, sleeping with hip pain can be challenging and very painful, especially if you have to change your sleep position. You want to make sure you opt for a sleep surface that will help speed up recovery and exacerbate the pain. Here are the most crucial factors to keep in mind when making your decision.


Firmness is one of the top considerations for purchasing a mattress topper: how soft or hard do you want your mattress topper to be?

A firmer mattress topper offers more support and is best suited for heavier folks and back sleepers. It's always wise to pair a softer mattress with a firm topper to avoid painful pressure points. Softer toppers, on the other hand, are better for smaller individuals and side sleepers. However, they may not be perfect for those who toss and turn in bed while sleeping.

Zoned Support

Not all body parts need the same cushioning, and that's why you may need to opt for a topper with zoned material construction. Foams or coils can be designed to have more give under specific body parts, such as your hips and shoulders. Mattress topper materials with lots of body-conforming, such as memory foam, deliver a similar effect thanks to their proportional body compression and cradling.

Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with your partner, you may wake up each time they change their sleep position or get out of bed. This often happens to those using a traditional spring mattress.

For maximum motion isolation, look for a topper that absorbs kinetic energy. Latex and memory foam are the most common mattress topper materials that minimize motion transfer.

What's the Best Sleep Position for Hip Pain?

Now that we've talked about basic mattress topper terms let's take a look at another vital element of choosing the right topper - sleeping position. Your sleeping position can have a negative effect on your joints and spine. You can easily strain healthy joints by sleeping in a position that causes orthopedic stress and poor spinal alignment.

So, what's the best sleep position for hip pain sufferers?

Here's how each position affects sleep.

Side Sleeping

Side sleepers usually put the most pressure on their hips and shoulders since these areas bear more weight. If your mattress is too firm, it won't accommodate these pressure points, throwing your spine out of alignment and causing joint pain. On the other hand, if your sleep surface is too soft, these areas will sink deep into the surface, falling out of alignment with the rest of your body.

Generally, mattress firmness is a vital factor for side sleepers with chronic hip pain. A medium-soft topper can help cradle your hips and offer pressure relief without too much body sinkage. However, if you're a heavy side sleeper, you may want to opt for a medium-firm model that helps prevent excessive body sinkage and curvature of your spine.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping is usually recommended for individuals with orthopedic conditions or after joint surgery, as it aligns the spine and helps your head and neck maintain a neutral position. Sleeping on your back also distributes your body weight evenly, reducing tension on pressure points. Moreover, it can help minimize pressure on the front and side of the hip joint, which is helpful for many sleepers who experience hip pain.

The right topper for a back sleeper with hip pain is basically a medium-firm version that perfectly cushions the mid-section and prevents gapping between the lower back and the mattress. For those on the heavier side, a firmer model can help prevent too much body sinkage that may aggravate pain.

Stomach Sleeping

Individuals who experience hip pain when sleeping on their sides may prefer sleeping on their stomachs. However, you need to keep in mind that this position can cause poor back and head alignment and counteract your spine's natural curve. This can lead to hip pain as you sleep and during waking hours.

Stomach sleepers who experience chronic hip pain should opt for a firmer mattress topper that will support their spine and prevent the sinking of their torso. Heavier stomach sleepers will do best with extra firm mattress toppers that can prevent neck strain and poor spinal alignment.

Closing Thoughts

If you're experiencing hip pain, investing in one of the mattress toppers mentioned above can be a perfect way of improving your symptoms without breaking the bank. Choosing a topper that offers medium-firm support and keeps the entire body in a neutral position should be your priority. You should also consider other crucial factors like softness and temperature neutrality before making a purchase decision.

Keep in mind that no topper can cure conditions that cause chronic pain. So, consult with your doctor before purchasing a new mattress topper to relieve hip pain. You may also want to consider how long you've had your current bed. If it's been more than five years, it might be time for a new one.