Best Mattress For EDS

Best Mattress For EDS

Last Updated: June, 2024

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is whereby a person's joints are lax, bending abnormally and easily moving. Patients of EDS can become hypermobile and experience chronic pain. In such instances, it becomes a challenge to get more restful sleep.

To help EDS sufferers sleep better, we went ahead and tested 7 mattresses that'd be good for them. The best mattress for EDS is the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress. Below is a review of this and 6 others.

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A Quick Look at 7 Best Mattresses for EDS Patients

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

Best Rated

1. Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress - Best Overall 

Puffy Lux Hybrid is a soft mattress offering a cushioning feel and excellent pressure relief for side and back sleepers. Moreover, it also combines individually pocketed coils and foam layers to deliver excellent responsiveness.

Amerisleep As3 Mattress

2. Amerisleep As3 Mattress

Built to suit all sleepers, the AS3 offers a classic traditional foam feel to EDS sufferers looking for a tremendously pressure-relieving mattress. Also, thanks to its Refresh Cooling Cover, the mattress keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable at night while asleep.

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend

Fitted with world-class technology, the Venus Williams Legend has the Venus FIT layer infused with proprietary infrared materials. The materials help improve blood flow, performance, and overall physical recovery.

SleepOvation Mattress

SleepOvation incorporates cutting-edge technology, being a 700-in-one mattress. While these tiny mattresses excellently relieve targeted pressure points, the air channels among them help boost airflow throughout the bed.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Natural Mattress

5. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Natural Mattress

PlushBed Luxury Bliss is a hybrid model made of Dunlop Latex wrapping its pocketed coil support core. Not only does this boost airflow throughout the surface, but the core also forms reinforcement for overall responsiveness.

Nolah Original 10" Mattress

6. Nolah Original 10" Mattress

Compared to most memory foam mattresses, Nolah's original 10" sleeps cooler thanks to its breathable AirFoam. Its Nolah AirFoam, and high-resilience foam make it an excellent pressure-relieving pick for EDS.

Layla Mattress

7. Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is a flippable mattress with two firmness levels to help you customize your comfort. Not only is its copper gel-infused memory great at dissipating heat but also excellent at relieving pressure on sensitive points.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress


  • Best for back and side sleep
  • Excellent for those who sleep hot
  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Offers tremendous pressure relief
  • Offers sleepers medium plush feel


  • It may not offer proper support for people weighing more than 230lbs.

Patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome looking to boost their sleep quality will like what Puffy Lux Hybrid offers. Its memory foam helps alleviate shoulder pain, while the Counter-Adapt Coils provide gentle pushback for proper support and spinal alignment.

Puffy Lux Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress with a slightly above-average firmness scale of about 6.0/10. The firmness level makes it ideal for EDS sufferers with connective tissue complications, resulting in fragile skin. Its ultra-firm plush feel offers light and average-weight EDS patients tremendous pressure relief for a more restful sleep. 

The firmness scale, combined with the Counter-Adapt Steel Coils, gives the mattress proper edge support sufficient for EDS patients. The mattress also has a dense, firm foam that forms double reinforcement for the edge support. So, if you have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, there's no need to worry about joint pain or developing loose joints when climbing the bed.

Unlike a typical memory foam mattress, these hybrid mattresses are excellently responsive as it allows easy movement on the surface. Also, as you shift sleeping positions, the surface reacts quickly, regaining its normal form instantly—thanks to the pushback offered by its pocketed steel coils. 

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Amerisleep As3 Mattress


  • Great motion isolation
  • Ideal for those who like traditional memory foam feel
  • Breathable material cover
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment


  • Not ideal for budget shoppers

Amerisleep as3 is a versatile all-foam mattress with incredible cooling capabilities, thanks to its open-celled Bio-Pur Foam and Refresh Cooling Cover. As its Bio-Pur Foam excellently relieves pressure, the HiVE transition layer offers zoned support, making it an excellent pick for EDS patients.

The AS3 is the best memory foam mattress which conforms but has a quick response that is ideal for pressure point relief. Unlike some memory foam mattresses, the AS3 is unique since it doesn't make you feel stuck in the material. As a supportive mattress, the AS3 offers an incredibly harmonious blend of weightlessness and proper support for relieving pressure points.

Like other foam mattresses in the Amerisleep line, AS3 also offers a similar contouring hug-like memory foam feel. Amerisleep uses Bio-Pur Foam in its construction, giving it the industry standard firmness scale of 6.5/10. Because firmness level is a subjective metric, heavyweight sleepers may consider this AS3 model a soft mattress than average and lightweights.

The mattress offers decent edge support. And because it's a medium-firm mattress, EDS sufferers with hypermobile joints don't have to worry about further joint pain when getting on this bed. AS3's memory foam reasonably responds quickly, making movement on its surfaces relatively easy.

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend


  • Excellent cooling capabilities
  • Great pressure relief
  • Medium-plush feel
  • Super responsive


  • Unfit for budget shoppers

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend is fitted with cutting-edge technology for outstanding cooling, pressure point relief, and ease of movement.

The mattress features Exclusive Venus FIT Layer in its design which offers quick muscle pain relief for a restorative good night's sleep. Moreover, the venus fit layer makes this the best mattress for EDS patients experiencing problems with connective tissues. The Venus FIT technology allows for efficient blood flow. And with its springy coils, it provides the internal human body organs with spectacular internal support and cohesion.

Venus Williams Legend is made with one of the most breathable materials making it a high quality mattress for hot summers. Notably, REPREVE® and naturally cooling fibers make Venus Williams Legend breathable and soft. Like all-foam medium firm mattresses, Venus Williams Legend's memory foam contours with heavy body curves and offers the shoulders and hips pain relief which prevents bed sores.

Like some innerspring mattresses, Venus Williams Legend bears responsiveness similar to latex mattresses. This is courtesy of the 2" Ghost Bounce Layer. As it supports one's weight, it also absorbs all the movements and motion from a sleeping partner, thanks to its incredible motion isolation.

SleepOvation Mattress


  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Advanced pressure relieving properties
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • It comes with a breathable cover


  • Not suitable for Sleepers seeking extra firmness

SleepOvation is a one-of-a-kind mattress with unique technology designed to offer a world-class sleep experience. SleepOvation has 700 tiny mattresses that offer tremendous relief on targeted pressure points—which makes it a good mattress for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Since it's a 700-in-one mattress, the air channels between the tiny mattresses boost airflow throughout the mattress's surface. Moreover, its cover also helps shield you against night sweats by wicking away moisture and humidity.

Generally, a firmer mattress surface may interfere with the normal texture of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients' skin. But since SleepOvation offers targeted relief on pressure points, its surface provides a soft, plush feel for people with itchy skin disorders.

Generally, this is a medium-firm mattress. Notably, its excellent edge support and solid responsiveness make it ideal for EDS sufferers. Additionally, sleepers who experience sleep problems due to further joint pain after climbing the bed will like its exceptionally relieving comfort.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Natural Mattress


  • Best for eco-cautious shoppers 
  • Made of 100 Talalay latex
  • Excellent cooling
  • Supportive PlushFoam Core
  • Offer excellent relief to chronic pain on any  sensitive pressure point


  • Not ideal for sleepers weighing over 250lbs.
  • Not ideal for sleepers with latex allergy

Made with high-quality, luxurious eco-friendly materials, PlushBed guarantees an eco-cautious individuals sleep comfort like no other. PlushBed Bliss is one of the few spring mattresses in the mattress industry made of entirely natural materials. 

Like most latex mattresses, PlushBed Bliss offers exceptional breathability and cooling capabilities, helping prevent night sweats. That, with its natural materials, lets you breathe comfortably without worrying about any VOCs or sweat and other gunk that may build up and release an awful smell.  

Notably, PlushBed Bliss comes in two firmness options; firm and medium firm models. It also has quite an impressive edge support achieved through the coil count reinforcing its perimeter. Surprisingly, the mattress's edge can support one's weight excellently with minimal compression. Overall, this makes it easy for an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient to get into bed without worrying about further joint pain.

Nolah Original 10" Mattress


  • Ideal for combination sleepers
  • It offers decent relief of pressure
  • Ideal for back pain relief
  • Great edge support
  • Excels in temperature regulation


  • It may be too soft for some stomach sleepers

If you want to upgrade your bedroom with a new mattress for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient, you should consider Nolah Original. From its excellent edge support to medium firmness and top-notch cooling, Nolah is comfortable for an individual with such a condition.

Nolah Original is a medium-firm mattress with a firmness scale of 6.0/10, ideal for all sleep positions. With this firmness level, it offers an average-weight sleeper excellent cushioning for relief on your pressure points.

Its transitional and polyfoam layers, in conjunction with the medium firmness, make it primarily ideal for average-weight side sleepers. Additionally, it offers back and stomach sleepers proper support and comfort for pain relief. 

With its Supportive High-Resilience transition foam layer, this mattress excels quite well in responsiveness. Moreover, it helps prevent excessive sinkage while keeping the spine aligned properly. And with top-notch comfort and support balance, it helps relieves Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients of chronic fatigue. Overall, people with loose joints, itchy skin disorders, and chronic pain in the back, hip, and upper body stand to gain significantly from Nolah Original 10". Click here for more information about the best mattress for pain relief after hip surgery.

Layla Mattress


  • Comes with a firm and medium-firm level
  • Soft memory foam feel
  • Excellent body heat dissipation
  • Relieves pressure points excellently
  • Great for budget shoppers


  • May not offer sufficient support to individuals weighing more than 230lbs

With Layla Mattress, an EDS patient can easily customize their sleep comfort depending on their preference. For instance, patients who like the cradling feel of a soft mattress should opt for the medium firm level.

Layla is great at dissipating heat and maintaining a neutral temperature. Though typical memory foam tends to trap heat, Layla's medium firm level counteracts this through copper gel infusion—trapping and dissipating body heat.

The firmer side bears the industry standard firmness scale of 6.5/10, while the medium-firm level is 4.0/10. Also, unlike most all-foam mattresses, such as TempurPedic and Casper mattresses, which have foundations at the first layer, Layla's sits at the center. The position of the foundation and firmness level of each side makes movement on either side relatively easy.

The Layla Mattress has slightly above-average edge support on both sides. Notably, this allows an EDS patient to climb easily onto and off the bed without dislocating their joints or compromising their fragile skin. 

How to Comfortably Sleep with EDS

Sleep quality is essential and that's why we insist on getting a good mattress for your condition. Make sure your choice of mattress has cooling technology like gel foam or copper infusion to keep you from heating up and sweating in the night.

How to choose the right mattress for EDS

When buying a mattress for an EDS patient, we advise that you prioritize comfort. Comfort can be achieved in many ways as seen below.

Mattress Firmness

An EDS patient has joint laxity or maybe organs that are growing abnormally. Therefore, getting an extra firm mattress will be hard on the sleeper's body. Depending on their body weight, try finding a mattress that is either medium soft or med-firm. If you can get a mattress with two or three firmness sides, the better. Only consider a firm mattress above 6.5 on the firmness scale if the EDS patient is 230 lbs and above.

Getting a heavyweight sleeper on a soft mattress may cause more harm than good. When they sleep, the mattress will sink deep causing spinal misalignment which can in turn create back and hip pain and uncomfortable sleep. On the other hand, a lightweight sleeper on a medium-firm mattress will feel like they're sleeping on stone and wake up the following morning feeling fatigued.


The bounciness of a mattress is crucial to EDS sufferers because it shows how responsive it can be for easy movement. It's safe to say that no one sleeps in one position all night. And even if you uniquely do, then you also get in and out of bed. All these require a mattress to be responsive. Responsiveness is all about the ability to move around the bed with minimal to zero struggle. 

If an EDS patient feels stuck in bed and finds it a hassle to switch sleeping positions, this may wake them up in the night, disrupting their sleep. It may also make their lax joints start to bend and can cause pain or make them accidentally sleep on their folded wrist or hand. Easy bed movement will help you turn without waking up and keep sleeping until morning comes.

Edge Support

Depending on how intense your EDS is, you may struggle to lay down or get out of bed, making you spend lots of time sitting on the edge of your bed. Similarly, if you sleep with a partner and your bed is smaller, you may find yourself often sleeping on the edge of the mattress. 

The edge of a mattress should be secure enough to keep you from rolling over and falling. Things may get really bad when an Ehlers Danlos patient falls onto the floor. Therefore, get a mattress with great edge support to prevent such incidents. Keep this in mind while also getting a mattress topper. 

Sleeping Position

What's your sleeping position? Does the mattress you're buying support your sleeping position? There are three main sleeping positions; back, side and stomach. As mentioned, many people don't only sleep on one side all night long. Those who change sleep positions at night are referred to as combination sleepers. Let's analyze mattresses good for each position.

Back sleepers with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome will need a mattress that aligns their spine and is a bit firm. A good mattress can be zoned to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders. Other accessories like pillows can be used under the legs or arms to help relief pressure. Stomach sleeping is not advised, but for those who do, try getting a mattress that won't emit pressure on the hip region. Side sleeping is the best for spinal alignment and a zoned mattress can also work best with this position.

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Motion Isolation 

If you're an Ehlers Danlos sufferer who also sleeps in bed with a partner, then you need a mattress with high motion isolation capabilities. Just like edge support, motion isolation is all about movement in bed. The difference is that the latter is to prevent feeling movement from one end of the bed to the other. 

If your partner gets in or out of bed, or tosses and turns, you shouldn't feel it on your end, or you should feel it slightly enough to not disrupt your sleep. Remember we're going after comfort, therefore having to wake up several times because of movement won't help with comfort at all. For those experiencing chronic pain from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, sleep disruption can enhance the pain and make it hard to go back to sleep.

In Conclusion

Relief of pressure comes in handy to sleepers with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, therefore, ensure to get a mattress with impeccable pressure relief abilities. You may however need to invest in other items to help you sleep better at night. Remember it all comes down to the intensity of your condition and your other sleep needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will buying the right mattress treat my condition?

You may not be able to treat the condition fully, but you can control it. Not a must you purchase these mattresses in order to treat your condition maybe due to financial constraints .However, it’s highly recommended since proper sleep support is a helpful treatment.

Should i get a new mattress even if i am comfortable with my present one for my conditions’ sake?

Sleeping properly is not all about comfort. There are other factors to consider as well, including breathability. With Sleep Apnea, any little discomfort will trigger it. It’s important that your mattress supports side sleeping since it’s the perfect position.

How long will it take me to recover if i use a good mattress?

The exact amount of days is not guaranteed but with good medical checkup and good night sleep, you should be able to recover soon enough.


Do i have sleep apnea if is snore?

There are high chances that you are suffering from the condition. However, it could also be simply poor sleeping positions. Check with your doctor to determine if you have the condition fast before concluding.

Is my mattress the main reason why i wake up feeing exhausted?

First, how is your mattress? Does it give you the comfort you need? If your mattress satisfies you, then it’s possibly not the problem. You should seek doctor’s attention.


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