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The Ultimate Guide To Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome And The Best Mattress For EDS

It is essential that a person enjoys their sleep at night. However, some conditions do not allow people to sleep very well.

Such conditions can ruin your night and consequently your whole day. It is important that you understand how to handle such situations for your own good.

The Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is such a condition. It will require you to get the best mattress for EDS if you must have a better sleep at night. This article looks at the syndrome and the kind of mattress you should be using.

What ​Is Ehlers-Danlos ​Syndrome?

EDs can be defined in simple terms as a group of connective tissues disorders. It means they are effects on the tissues that cause them to function abnormally. These disorders can be inherited. EDs does not affect the body in the same manner.

The effects vary from persons to person. To some people, the condition can be really mild with great discomfort while to others; they might be a bit simple. The syndrome also varies in its genetic causes. The most significant characteristic of this syndrome is hypermobility.

The joints can bend more than normal. They just stretch too far, and a person can easily hurt themselves without any intention. It is also characterized by skin hyperextension in which the skin strea tches further than normal. Tissue fragility is another major characteristic of the syndrome.

At the moment, there are about thirteen subtypes of EDS. When diagnosing these subtypes, there are specific clinical criteria that experts follow to determine each type. Basically, the symptoms will be matched with the patient physical signs to determine the subtype that best fits.

Sometimes it can be easy to confuse EDS with other connective tissues disorders. A disorder like hypermobility spectrum had almost similar symptoms with EDS. This is why a definite diagnosis all EDS subtypes is required when gene mutation is known.

Each type requires for a confirmation testing to be done to determine the variations completely. There are sometimes when patients don’t actually meet the minimal clinical requirements for any EDS subtypes. But they may be showing no access to molecular confirmation.

Or perhaps they have genetic testing that shows one or more gene variants that is not conclusive enough or any particular EDS subtypes. In other situations, the causative is not identified in any specific genes for EDS. In these cases, a provisional clinical diagnosis can be made for the patients.

They need to receive clinical follow-up apart from using alternative diagnoses and expanded molecular testing considerations. Note that, people cannot share the same experiences with EDS. What an individual feels may be entirely different of what another feels even with the same subtype of EDS.

Diagnosis in most cases is usually done just to ensure what the person is suffering from is not another connective tissue disorder. There are just so many symptoms of EDS that knowing exactly which one it is might be hard.

Symptoms of EDS

Symptoms of EDS

Now that you understand what ED is let us look keenly at the symptoms. They are mostly joints and skin related.

1. Joints

There are usually joints that are extremely flexible. They are loose and lack stability. These joints are particularly prone to dislocation. A person with joints hypermobile joints can eve hurt themselves with ease when they sleep. All the movements in bed can cause disasters.

There is usually an unexplained pain in the joints as well, and this can cause discomfort during daytime and at night. Joints also move beyond the normal range. They are said to be hypersensitive. There are chances of early onset of osteoarthritis as well.

2. Skin

The skin gets some symptoms that may show the availability of the syndrome. The skin becomes velvety-like. It also extends beyond the normal and is prone to tears and bruises. Anything small can cause a serious injury to the skin with lasting effects. Scars to the skin can be really severe.

Wounds can take really long to heal. In situations where they can heal within a short period, EDS patients usually take too long to restore the normal texture. There is also possible development of fleshy lesions can appear due to scars and overpressured areas in the skin.

One might think that the skin of the patients suffers from skin disorders when it does not. This is among the reasons why serious testing is required to determine the presence of EDS.

3. Other Less Common Signs

Many other symptoms are miscellaneous. You cannot even notice them unless you are very keen. There is an early onset in musculoskeletal pain that is chronic and never seems to go away. This pain is usually associated with hypermobility.

There is arterial/intestinal/uterine fragility. Such a condition can lead to a fracture in these places, usually associated with Vascular EDS type. Kyphoscoliosis type is associated with sclera fragility and scoliosis at birth.

The muscles may also have a poor tone, associated with Arthrochalasia EDS. Then there is the mitral valve prolapsed as another uncommon symptom as well as gum disease.

The symptoms are used to differentiate each type based on the connective tissue. This is one of the most important tissues in the body of a human being. The tissue is responsible for strength and elasticity in the body. Normal connective tissues hold protein molecules.

It allows for the tissue to go through stretching without exceeding the normal measure; the tissue will then go back to its normal position safely. Connective tissues are all over the body. The whole body of a human being is made up of tissues, which explains why EDS syndromes are structural.

Consider this; it is like a person who has built a house with the faulty material. Perhaps half the wood is of low standards, and the nails are aluminum and too soft. That house is prone to problems. But since the materials were applied throughout the construction, it will not be easy knowing which area specifically caused the problem.

You might not even be able to determine the extent to which the problem has gone. In the same way, the tissues of a person with EDS are not constructed in the way they should be. Some or all the connective tissues may be constructed badly.

This will cause some other tissues to be stretched beyond their normal reach and in the process, cause damages. Connective tissues are found everywhere in the body. For this reason, the problems associated with these tissues can be widespread.

The when the body behaves unnaturally, yet it is built from protein tissues, it might not be easy to determine exactly where the problem is originating from. Some of the symptoms show up in place that may seem unrelated until the underlying connections are checked. That is when one discovers they have EDS.

What Causes EDS?

The real cause of the syndrome is particularly not known. However, it is associated with genes. This means the syndrome is inherited. Research has shown that 1 in 2500 to 1 to 5000 people. This condition can affect both male and female and of all racial backgrounds.

Cure For EDS

EDS is just like any other inherent diseases. There is no known treatment for the syndrome. In most cases, the prognosis is required to determine the extent of the damage. It depends however on the type of the syndrome and the individual.

Those with Vascular EDS are at risk of shortened life expectancy. There is a huge possibility for rapture in the organs as well as the tissues. Other types may not put the risk on life expectancy.

Even though there is no cure, treatment to reduce the severity of the symptoms is achievable. We also have preventative measures that can be helpful for many people. One of the most common measures is to ensure proper sleep.

The bed and mattress you sleep on when you have EDS matters a lot. You need the best mattress or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome if you want to have a peaceful night. Chances of waking up with a dislocation are very high if necessary precaution is not taken.

Some of the types that include chronic pain at night require you to have a proper mattress that will handle all pressure points.

Mattress Consideration For EDS

Just like any other disorders that cause sensitivity in joints and muscles, those who suffer from EDS must ensure they have a good mattress. The following are some of the things to look for in such a mattress.

EDS sufferers should find a mattress that is soft enough to not cause bruising at night, while also supporting the back. A mattress that is too soft will cause the spine to misalign and can cause further joint pain while a mattress that is too firm can cause bruising.

While memory foam contours well to the unique curves of one’s body, it is not the most breathable material. As such, if you get hot quickly or live in a warmer climate, you may be better suited by mattresses with a cooling layer like some beds have.

1. Firmness

It is always good to sleep on a mattress that is firm enough to support one’s weight. Chances of getting bruises at night are very high in EDS patients. The mattress should, therefore, have the right limit of softness.

If you find a mattress that is too soft, risks of your spine maligning are very high. This might cause further pains in your joins and as a result, total lack of sleep. A mattress that is too firm is not good either.

It will cause bruising on the skin and in the connective tissues as well. A great mattress should just be soft enough to offer you back support.

2. Conformity

You need a mattress that conforms well to your body. It should follow every curve in your body to offer the best night.

3. Comfortability

You don’t want a mattress that causes you to a role in bed all the time. Comfort is the most basic consideration for EDS patients. A great mattress should be able to ensure a stable temperature at night.

4. Breathability

As much as the mattress should conform to your body, you should be able to breathe comfortably.

It is important that you fully rest because you need all the energy you can get. A great mattress should be the first step to start with.

Top 3 ​Mattresses ​For Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


1. King Mattress, Sweetnight Breeze 12 Inch King Size

best medium firm matress for eds

I can describe this mattress as a premium quality product which has multiple layers and zoned gel memory foam that keeps one’s body adequately supported and also aligned.

This mattress provides an excellent night’s sleep and also assists people with lower back pain, making it a perfect match for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Moreover, it offers you pressure relief at a relaxing cool-temperature.

You can flip the mattress on both the fronts. With this particular feature, if you prefer softer support, you can sleep on the top side of the mattress, whilst the bottom part is perfect for those desiring firmer support, which has a feature of high density and also strong supporting structure.

Moreover, like a bonus for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome this particular mattress can be described as totally free of any dangerous materials, is allergy free and made of rayon cotton breathable material.

One can enjoy a comfortable and better night’s sleep with a mattress, which can be favourable for people with diseases.

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2. Zinus Memory Foam 10-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 10-Inch Green Tea Mattress

If you are looking for the best way to achieve comfort, Green Tea Memory Foam is the perfect solution. It has a memory foam layer that ensures conformity to the natural shape of your body. And the pressure relieving comfort foam layer ensures a comfortable night for you.

The mattress is made with, and an air flow high-density base support foam. This will provide long lasting durability and stability. The ten-year warranty should keep you worry free for as long as possible.

The mattress is infused with green tea extract and natural castor oil. This will ensure a natural retard odor and bacteria.

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​3. ​Casper Original King Mattress, Foam Bed, 2020 Model

casper mattress for eds


The Casper Original is a medium-firm all-foam mattress that does a good job of sleeping cool through the night. The zoned support system is the best feature for those suffering from back pain, and the support level is excellent for back sleepers.

This mattress is an excellent fit for back sleepers. Not only is it easy to move around and change positions, but the bed does a great job of positioning the spine.
The soft feel at the shoulders makes Casper an excellent option for those trying to avoid shoulder pain.
This mattress could be a good fit for folks who are struggling with back pain as it strikes a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support.

Back – The transitional layer of zoned support worked particularly well at setting my spine in an excellent, even alignment.
Side – combo sleepers who switch between their back and side in the night should be excellent.
Stomach – the mattress is firm enough to support occasional stomach sleeping.

Customer reviews:

This bed is literally perfect. I must have researched so many different memory foam beds. I contemplated for a long time, reading so many ppls reviews. I was chomping on the bit not wanting to waste my money being sorry and stuck with a crappy mattress. I even went to the casper store to see the mattress in person layed on it as well. Amazon had the store beat on price and still free delivery I was able to track to make sure I was home. I’m telling you now going with casper and getting the warranty they offer you will not be sorry. Thank god I did not waste my money and the casper mattress is truly everything they said it would be!

OMG…like seriously OMG…the first night and every night afterwards, my sleep has been deeper and better than ever. My husbands back pain is poof! We had no adjustment period of going from a standard mattress to a foam type mattress. No issue with a smell. If you have another person able to help to unpack and set the mattress up, that would be great…and definitely set it up where you are going to be sleeping…thing gets heavy and bulky…FAST.

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Identifying the best mattress for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is essential to a full night rest. It is not only for sleeping, but a contributing factor to a general improvement in your health. It is important that you take your time to try out several mattresses until you have what you need.

Just because the condition has no cure, you don’t have to suffer. You have to live and sleep comfortably just like any other person.

Even with proper treatment and medication, you will not achieve much if you keep hurting yourself when you are asleep. The mattresses discussed above should offer you a better solution.

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