Best RV Mattress

Best RV Mattress

Last Updated: May, 2024

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Have you been struggling to find a good RV mattress? Sleeping in an rv leaves you with very limited space and can easily be uncomfortable. Since most people relocate to live in RVs long term, it's only fair to have a bed that feels like home and enhances your overall experience.

In this guide, we've listed several rv mattresses for you to choose from. The best rv mattress is the GhostBed RV Mattress which is a good choice offering pressure relief and comfort. Let's look into this and four other options.

A Quick Peek at Our 5 Best RV Mattresses

ghostbed RV Mattress

Best Rated

1. GhostBed RV Mattress

If you experience painful pressure buildup during the night, the GhostBed RV Mattress might be all you need for a peaceful night and a memorable trip. This all-foam bed combines the contouring support of memory foam and the bouncy feel of latex mattresses, giving you the best RV mattress that offers exceptional pressure relief.


2. 8" Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress

Side sleepers looking for memory foam's pressure-relieving properties will love what the Deluxe memory foam offers. It boasts a generous 8 inches of CertiPUR-certified Plushfoam and USA-made premium memory foam with numerous open-ended cells. This results in a formula almost 3x as dense as standard foam.


3. Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

Known as the most versatile Amerisleep mattress model, the AS3 features a balanced medium feel that suits many different body types and sleep styles. Its pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam also makes it a suitable option for hot sleepers as it's made with an open-cell structure that makes it retain less heat and moisture.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

4. Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Campers in need of a mattress capable of responding to their every body movement might want to check out the Zoma Hybrid Mattress. It mixes the conforming properties of memory foam with the bouncy feel of innerspring mattresses, striking the perfect balance between cushion and support.


5. Eco Green 8" Natural Latex RV Mattress

If you're looking for an eco-friendly RV mattress to sleep on after a long day of adventure, the Eco Green 8" RV Mattress is hard to beat. It's made of pure latex, meaning it has no fillers or toxic additives and emits no harmful gasses. Plus, it's hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, and dust mite resistant – perfect for allergy sufferers.



  • Above-average firmness for a foam bed
  • Exceptional pressure relief for back and stomach sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Luxurious design and feel


  • Might be too firm for light sleepers who prefer soft mattresses

The GhostBed RV Mattress is not your typical RV bed. This memory foam mattress is 10 inches thick and delivers a luxurious design loaded with top-quality materials to enhance your traveling experience. These include a Dunlop latex layer, gel-infused foam, and a plush cover to help with physical recovery as you sleep. However, if you're struggling with back pain, you should check out GhostBed's hybrid model, as it has the much-needed balance of sturdy body support and pressure relief that gives sleepers a pain-free night.

Materials and Construction

This all-foam RV mattress features a plush cover with a stretchy and durable viscose and polyester blend for a cozy feel. Next is a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer engineered to contour to the sleeper's body and relieve pressure. And since it has an open-cell design, you can rest assured of a cool and sweat-free sleep experience after a long adventurous day.

The base layer is an 8-inch high-density foam that's firm enough to support your mattress and offer proper spinal alignment without creating a hard-feeling sleep surface.

Mattress Performance

With two inches of gel–infused foam and the bouncy feel of latex mattresses, the GhostBed RV Mattress does an excellent job of absorbing vibrations. Its moderately thick comfort layer should reduce motion transfer and dampen any vibrations from the mattress.

This mattress also offers moderate pressure relief compared to most RV mattresses. However, heavy sleepers who sleep on their back or sides may prefer hybrid mattresses, such as the GhostBed Hybrid, which provides the right balance between support and contouring.

The GhostBed RV Mattress is available in two sizes - Short Queen (60" x 74" x 10") and Short King (76" x 74" x 10"). It comes with a generous 101-night sleep trial, and those who keep the mattress enjoy a 20-year warranty.



  • Environmentally friendly, with both GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US certifications
  • Plushfoam layer provides superior pressure relief
  • Low-profile, 8-inch construction saves space
  • Available in Short Queen and RV special sizes


  • Lightweight back and stomach sleepers may prefer a firm mattress

The 8" Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress features adaptive foam layers that promote even spinal alignment and cushion sore spots. And thanks to its slim profile and multiple RV-friendly size options, this memory foam mattress should meet the unique needs of many RV owners.

Construction and Mattress Performance

Wrapped in a soft and luxurious stretch bamboo cover with a zipper system, the 8" Deluxe memory foam mattresses provide RV owners with ultimate comfort and support for a restorative and good night's sleep on the road. It boasts numerous green-minded credentials, from the patented Eco Fire Barrier to memory foam layers that are GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US certified. Moreover, it comes in several RV mattress sizes, including the popular Short Queen, a perfect pick for recreational vehicles.

The medium firm feel of the 8" Deluxe memory foam mattresses makes it a solid choice for side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. Back sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds should also feel comfortable on the Deluxe mattress.

And since Plushfoam is designed to be thicker than standard foam, back and joint pain sufferers should feel lots of comfort and pressure relief when sleeping on this mattress. Hot sleepers will also like how this RV mattress sleeps cool. It features an open-celled viscoelastic structure that wicks body heat away, keeping your sleep surface cool all night long. Plushfoam layers also draw heat away from your body through a Transition Range technology for a cool sensation at night.

In addition to being a cooling mattress, the 8” Deluxe Memory Foam RV Mattress is also an ideal pick for college dorms. If you're a college student looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly bed without sacrificing comfort and support, you won't go wrong with this low-profile mattress.

PlushBeds sells these RV mattresses in six sizes, including the RV Special and the Queen Short. All these sizes are affordable, and the company ships for free anywhere within the contiguous U.S. Each bed includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.



  • Great motion isolation
  • Accommodates all body shapes and body types
  • Relieves back and neck pain
  • Excellent pressure relief and contouring


  • Not perfect for budget shoppers

If you're in need of the best mattress for camping, the AS3 is your go-to option. It features three inches of Bio-Pur foam in the comfort layers and a 7-inch support layer of dense Bio-Core foam to offer campers zoned support. Its zoned construction makes it one of the best RV mattresses, with an excellent blend of pressure relief and support.

Build and Construction

The AS3 is an all-foam bed made of three distinct foam layers. It features a Refresh Cooling Cover with technology that converts heat into far infrared energy. This improves air circulation throughout your mattress, helping in athletic recovery and improving overall sleep quality.

Next is a comfort layer made of three inches of open-celled and plant-based Bio-Pur foam, which allows RV owners to sink slightly into the sleep surface for pressure relief and offer some body contouring. This layer is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it's low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is eco-friendlier than most foam RV mattresses.

Underneath the comfort layer lies a zoned 2-inch HIVE transition layer that creates subtle differences in firmness and support across the mattress. It's firmer around the sleeper's back, head, and legs for extra support and softer around the midsection and shoulders for pressure relief.

Lastly, the base layer consists of seven inches of high-density Bio-Core foam. Aside from supporting the transitionand comfort layers above, this layer provides deep compression support to campers using the mattress.

Mattress Performance

Unlike standard all-foam RV mattresses, the AS3 sleeps cool, thanks to its incredible heat-wicking Refresh Cover that keeps your mattress 7 degrees cooler throughout the night. Plus, the open-cell design of the Bio-Pur foam boosts aeration more than traditional foam.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress ships free to campers and RV owners living within the contiguous U.S. Purchases are backed by a 10-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty that covers sagging greater than .75 inches.

If you're also in need of the best mattress for airbnb, you can also give this Amerisleep model a try. It boasts a balanced medium feel suitable for many different body types and sleeping positions.

Zoma Hybrid Mattress


  • Superior temperature control
  • Good job of absorbing vibrations
  • Ideal for campers who lead active lifestyles


  • Sleepers over 230 pounds may want to opt for a firmer RV bed or a firm mattress topper to maintain good posture

While many campers usually prefer a mattress specially made for recreational vehicles, you can just be OK with a mattress for daybed or one designed for your bedroom back home. Take the Zoma Hybrid Mattress, for instance. This hybrid mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and body support for your road trip, thanks to its restorative foams and individually wrapped coils.

Build and Construction

The Zoma Hybrid begins with a soft, extremely breathable mesh cover designed to promote airflow through your mattress. It features a zoned top layer of Triangulex Gel Memory Foam meant to feel more supportive for back and stomach sleepers and more pressure-relieving for side sleepers. This proprietary layer also boasts gel infusions and air channels for more breathability.

Next is a bouncy and responsive layer of proprietary Reactiv Foam that acts as a transition layer and adds more comfort to your sleep surface. Lastly is a support layer containing individually-wrapped coils that offer uniform body support and leave more room for airflow.

Mattress Performance

Nature buffs just finishing their long day rooming outdoors should enjoy Zoma Hybrid's cooling properties. The breathable Triangulex foam and the zoning in the comfort layer, not to mention the airflow-promoting coils, guarantee a cooler and sweat-free experience.

If you are hitting the road with your partner, you'll want an RV mattress that cuts down on motion transfer pretty well, and the Zoma Hybrid won't disappoint. Its Triangulex foam boasts that slow-moving feel of memory foam, which will trap movement, allowing you to comfortably turn on the surface without disturbing your partner.

Zoma offers free shipping to customers within the contiguous U.S. Each model comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.



  • Talalay latex offers excellent durability
  • Sustainably produced
  • Ventilated, moisture-wicking materials sleep cool
  • Thin profile suitable for small spaces like bunk beds


  • Sleepers who prefer the close hug of memory foam mattresses may not like the buoyant feel of the Eco Green 8" Natural Latex RV Mattress

While you're spending time outside, enjoying what nature has to offer, you might as well get yourself an eco-conscious bed, and that's where the Eco Green 8" latex mattress comes in. This mattress is a standout organic bed, thanks to its medium firm feel, which offers a comfortable balance of support and cushioning for sleepers across different sleeping position groups. Its approachable price tag makes it one of the best RV mattresses under 1000.

The Eco Green mattress features an organic cotton cover that's GreenGuard Gold and GOTS certified for purity. This is followed by a Fiberglass-Free Eco Fire Barrier and a natural, ventilated Talalay latex comfort layer that makes the mattress feel responsive. The 6-inch core of CertiPUR-certified Plushfoam also adds to the bed’s bouncy feel.

PlushBeds offers free shipping anywhere within the contiguous United States. Six sizes are available for this medium-firm mattress. Your order comes with a generous sleep trial that allows you to test your RV mattress for 100 nights before you decide to keep it or return it. If you opt for the former, you'll receive a 20-year warranty covering structural defects.

Important factors to consider when buying an rv mattress

When browsing around for an rv mattress, inquire about mattress size, temperature regulation, mattress safety, pressure relief, firmness level and edge support among others.

How to Purchase the Best RV Mattress

What should you look for when buying rv mattresses? We look at a few of the important features below.

Temperature regulation

An RV is a confined space making it easy to heat up at night. Mostly if you're sharing the bed with a partner, you'll need a mattress that has cooling features. Options would be either a latex foam mattress which is naturally cool and breathable or a cooling gel memory foam among other technologies. A cooling mattress dissipates heat keeping your body cool all night and are a must-have solution to those who sleep hot.

Mattress size

RV sizes vary, affecting the space available for a bed. Hence, it's important to first assign spaces for your bed area to know whether you'll need an rv queen or rv king mattress if you sleep in twos, or other smaller sizes if you sleep solo.


Some rv mattresses are made with materials that attract dust, dust mites and allergens. Sleeping on such a mattress can cause you to constantly sneeze through the night affecting your sleep quality. The accumulated dust can also affect your breathing and respiratory system and can make you fall sick. Therefore, when choosing a quality mattress for your rv, makes sure it's a hypoallergenic rv mattress. 

Here, you may want to opt for the best mattress for dust mites

Harmless chemicals

Aside from materials that retain dust, some rv mattresses can be made of harmful chemicals such as VOCs and ozone depleters that can be harmful to your health. To tell if your new rv mattress is safe for use, check for certifications such as CertiPur-US, Oeko-Tex and others. Such certifications are given after they've inspected the mattresses for safe use.

Pressure relief

A quality rv mattress is one that offers pressure relief when you lie on it. Pressure point relief helps you sleep more comfortably and prevents pain or injury in your pressure points. Main pressure points include your shoulders, back and hips. How much pressure is on these parts depends on your sleeping position. Therefore, your sleeping position matters. If you're a stomach sleeper, more pressure comes from your stomach, a back sleeper's is on the back and hips and a side sleeper has more pressure coming from the shoulders and hip area. Make sure your new mattress caters for your sleep position. Your body weight will also determine how much pressure is being exerted.

If you sleep with your partner then also choose a mattress that has incredible motion isolation. This means that when your partner tosses around in their sleep or gets out of bed in the night, you won't feel their movement on your side of the bed. You need an undisturbed night so you can have adequate rest.

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Firmness Level

Speaking of body weight and pressure, one of the most important features that affects your sleep comfort is the firmness level of your new rv mattress. If your body weight is on the light side, a soft and plush lightweight rv mattress will do. Heavyweight sleepers can choose between firm and extra firm depending on how heavy they are. Normal body sizes below 230lbs can comfortably sleep on a medium firm mattress. Keep in mind that relief of pressure and firmness of the mattress go hand in hand. Heavy sleepers will release too much pressure on a soft mattress and might end up feeling the base of their rv bed frames which can cause long term back or hip pain.


Our list of rv mattress options should get you a good head start in your hunt for the right mattress. Reviews like this help you make sound decisions on which mattress is ideal and luckily, the brands websites too have testimonials and reviews to peruse over. You should also check if the company offers night trials and warranties so you can try it out and return in case you need to.