Best Mattress for Hip Replacement Patients: Reviews and Guide

There is estimation from CDC that close to 7% of even more of the population in America alone suffers from chronic hip pain. This is a figure that may seem small to some people; However, a closer look will reveal as quite a high population.

There is a possibility that this figure could increase over the next few years. The problem is mostly linked to older men and women in society. The estimate from CDC states too that more than 300,000 adults are hospitalized each year. The problem is usually hip fractures, and 95% of these cases are linked to severe falls.

There are other causes too, but the falls seem to be the greatest cause. Hip pain is not something that can be taken lightly. In fact, the pain, just like any other chronic pain can cause sleep disruptions.

Sleep disruption can lead to other problems during the day like daytime fatigue, patients cannot concentrate, and they have a higher risk of getting involved with accidents.

Looking at the cases above, it is undeniable that mattress selection is a crucial consideration for people suffering from hip pain. It is not just about getting a mattress to sleep on for them. There is so much that goes into it, and one must make sure that they have considered their condition and found a way to make it better.

Choosing the right mattress can make all the difference if you want to have a better sleep. Apart from mattress selection, you should look for other factors. For example, you must look at the supportiveness of the mattress. Also, you must be able to get good conformity and firmness for they make it better for you.

In this guide, we shall be looking at what causes hip pain, and the kind of mattresses you will need for your problem. We focus on getting you the right help so that your situation does not get worse.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Different people have different opinions about the causes of hip pain. The bottom line is, they all come to one conclusion that the causes are related.

Mayo Clinic, for example, explains that hip pain is caused by different factors. Different diseases, conditions, and injuries can lead to hip pain. Problems that involve the hip tend to have an impact on the inner hip as well as groin area.

On the other hand, problems cause pain on the outer hip are occasionally attributed to problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues. This is also true for pain in the buttock and upper thigh.

Some Of The Causes Include

Common Cause For Hip Pain

  • 1​Arthritis: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is the most common among children under 16 years. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage at the end of bones begin to deteriorate. Psoriatic arthritis affects people living with psoriasis; It can affect any area of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disorder that can spread from joints. Finally, Septic arthritis which occurs when germs enter the main bloodstream from an infection or injury.


  • 2​Physical injuries: Physical injuries are another common cause for back pain. The following are categories: Bursitis or joint inflammation that occurs when bursae become inflamed. Tendinitis, a condition from irritated tendons than link body and muscles. Hip fractures and hip labral tears. Dislocations in hips and other body areas. Inguinal hernia; Occurs when tissues protrudes through weak area in the abdominal muscles. And finally sprains.


  • 3​Pinched nerves: This is another common cause for hip pain. Cases include: Meralgiaparesthetica, which occurs with compressed nerves on the outer thigh. Sacroiliitis that affects sacroiliac joints. Sciatica, which affects the nerve running back through the nerves and buttocks to both legs.


  • 4​Other conditions: Apart from the above, there are many other conditions that cause hip pain. These include cancer, which may spread to the bones. Avascular necrosis, characterized by dead or dying bone tissue due to low blood supply. Legg-calve-Perthes disease, osteoporosis, and synovitis.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Hip Replacement Patients

Now that we have set the ground clear, we shall look at some of the considerations to look out for in a mattress. The following should be able to guide you into choosing the best mattress

1. Support

What does it mean when someone says support for a mattress? It is simply how a mattress maintains a flat effectively. Additionally, it is how the mattress maintains a level sleep surface and is directly tied to spinal alignment.

In support, there is a requirement that, firmness and softness should be involved. If there is too much of either, then that mattress is not supportive. Sagging or sinking mattress in the midsection puts a great effect on the supportiveness of your mattress.

Do not consider a mattress that is prone to sagging. Such will only make matters worse for you. If is sags as deep as half an inch, there will be significant impact on you if you experience hip problems.

2. Conforming

Some mattresses conform well closely to the body of the sleeper. Such create a cradle-shaped impression around the person; this helps align the spine by targeting the pressure points.

There is great support for the body generally from mattresses that conform properly. If a mattress does not provide any conformity or offers too little, there could be more support in some areas than others. The result is obvious; Increased pain.

This is more so an effect for side sleepers. They are the most sensitive to the conformity ability of the mattress.

3. Firmness

Different mattresses feel different to different sleepers. This is what is referred to as firmness. In general, those people with lower weights tend to feel comfortable on softer mattresses, the opposite of heavier individuals. A proper consideration would be medium firmness.

Many manufacturers have put this consideration on their production line and create different products with varying firmness. You can easily choose your preference from the varieties.

4. Durability

This is another important factor for consideration. It is the length of time the mattress will be able to provide firmness without shrinking. Mattresses with shorter lifespan degrade faster and will begin to sag in the middle. Consider mattresses with a longer lifespan.

5. The Mattress Type

There are mattresses designed specifically to help sleepers with hip pain. Others don’t have this consideration. These will also come with proper warranties. Let us consider some of the best mattresses in this regard.

Top 3 Best Mattresses For Hip Replacement Patients

The following products are the best choice for those with hip replacements.


1. ZinusUltima Comfort Memory Foam 8” Mattress

zinus best matress for back pain

If you are looking for the best mattress for hip patients, this is the product to consider. This product from Zinus offers comfort beyond imagination; it is a pioneer in comfort innovation. It has a dimension of 54x75x 8 inches with great conformation and support for a refreshing night sleep.

The mattress has mattress layers that include 2” memory foam, 2” pressure relieving comfort foam, and 4” high-density base support. With it comes great comfort to align your spine for better sleep.

There is the latest evolution of the memory foam called the BioFoam. This product replaces some of the traditional petroleum with natural plant oil that helps keep your mattress fresh for long.

2. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Certi-PUR-US Certified Foam

Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep is very important to human beings. However, chronic hip pain can deny you the privilege to enjoy your sleep and give you bad daytime experiences. Signature sleep mattress has been in the industry, and they understand this better than anyone.

The Signature Sleep Memoir 12 inch mattress is a product that proves this. It is made with a 4 inch top layer of comfortable memoir foam.

This is followed by 8 inches of high-density foam; They allow for the mattress to mold to the natural shape of your body to give you the best sleep experience.

It is a comfortable, eco-friendly product that minimizes pressure on your body by evenly distributing the body weight. No matter how much you toss around, you are assured of balanced support.

​3. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress, Bed ​In ​Box, T & N ​Adaptive ​Foam


This is a product made in the USA and gives cooler sleep. It has more pressure relief than memory foam, Certi-PUR, and Oeko-Tex. It is 100% certified and comes with a 10-year warranty. In simple terms, it is all you need to keep that pain away for more comfortable nights.

It is constructed with freshly poured T&N adaptive foam. With this, you get a bouncy but very supportive feeling for perfect sleep in all positions.

It is made with the highest quality features on the market. It is more advanced than out of date materials such as latex and memory foam. It sleeps cool with the medium softness and firmness. It offers great pressure relief and “localized bounce”; You won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

It is simply the right mattress for your hip pain. Apart from this, the mattress comes risk-free, it has over 100-night sleep trial apart from the warranty. It has a full refund guarantee. And this has been confirmed by 97% of customers that visit Tuft & Needle.

Does ​Your ​Sleeping ​Position ​Affect ​Hip ​Pain?

The definite answer is YES! The position you sleep in is very important if you are suffering from hip pain. You may not realize it, but choosing the right position can take some of the pain away and let you sleep better.

If you are not able to realize this in time and choose the wrong position, prepare to have a hard time as you will be exacerbating the condition. You may have realized that there is much pain when you go sleep and feel better when you wake up. There are a few positions that may cause this as seen below.

To begin with, sleeping on your side can increase the pain more than you may realize. The position leads to poor spinal alignments which in turn leave you vulnerable to pain and pressure in the hips and other sensitive area.

For individuals who sleep on their side, the firmness of the mattress is very crucial to them. For example, those who have below-average weight might require a softer mattress. The mattress allows their bodies to sink deeply helping their spine to align better.

For those with above average weight, it is advisable to consider sleeping services that are firmer. This will help their spines to align properly. Any softer surface and they will sink too deep which may make it worse for them.

There are those who sleep on their stomach. While this could seem comfy, it actually exacerbates the hip pain. The reason for this is, many people carry a lot of weight in their stomach. As a result, this causes them to sink deeper and the midsection. The head and the legs are left a bit lifted; you can imagine the impact on the hip.

The bottom line is, sleeper weight, sleeper position as well as the firmness of the mattress has a role to play in reducing the pain in the hip. If you are going to buy a mattress, you are advised to take your time a check out one that makes you comfortable. The beauty and price of the mattress will not matter if it does not help you at the end of the day.


Hip pains can be quite annoying. They can deny you peaceful nights especially if you have had your hip replacement treatment. Part of the therapy to get back to normalcy is to ensure uninterrupted sleep. The mattresses reviewed above are the products you need for this.

There is no reason for you to make your pain worse anymore. Best mattress for hip replacement patients – Technology has ensured that you get everything you need to keep a balance in your life. Consider carefully the product you are buying, do not only look at the price and outward appearance but for features that make your life easy.

There are other additional strategies you can use to add value to your nights. These include selecting the perfect pillows and using mattress toppers. All these must still go through several considerations.

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