Best Mattress For Hip Replacement Patients

Best Mattress For Hip Replacement Patients

Last Updated: July, 2024

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After hip replacement surgery or any surgery for that matter, you should inspect all your loved one's bedding to ensure that they're ideal for their new condition. Once they get hip replacement done they will experience hip pain for a while, their mobility will be restricted and they won't be able to sleep in any position as they would have before. This means that your loved one will need a better mattress.

With many mattress types and brands out there it can be difficult to know which one will work for your needs. That's why we went ahead and found 7 ideal mattresses to choose from. Our editor's choice for the best mattress for hip replacement is the Venus William's Legend by GhostBed. Read on to learn more.

A Quick Look at Our Top 7 Mattresses for Hip Replacement Patients

Best Rated

1. Venus William's Legend by GhostBed

GhostBed is among the best mattresses available at an affordable price with the best features a patient from hip replacement surgery could ask for.

PlushBed Luxury Bliss mattress has world-class features stemming from its organic, eco-friendly materials to providing top-notch comfort.

3. Puffy Memory Foam Mattress

Shoppers who are tight on budget and like the feel of a memory foam mattress should opt for the Puffy Mattress.

4. Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid Mattress

One of the best mattresses for hip pain relief and ideal for back sleepers, is the Amerisleep AS2 Mattress.

5. Nolah Signature 12" Mattress

As a highly responsive mattress, Nolah Signature is designed to offer hip replacement patients comfortable sleep.

6. Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla Hybrid has spectacular features making it highly breathable and suitable for hot sleepers recovering from hip replacement surgery.

7. Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Hip replacement patients with chronic pain, especially on the hips seeking pressure point relief should consider the Zoma Hybrid Mattress.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Strong support
  • Super Durable
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • 20 years warranty
  • Excellent for side sleepers


  • It may be too expensive for budget shoppers

Venus Williams Legend Mattress is among Ghostbed's latest collections designed for athletes. Notably, this is an all-foam mattress designed with Ghost bounce and memory foam to offer more comfort.

The breathable cover is made of a blend of polyester and REPREVE (soft material made of recycled plastic). Commonly identified as a Venus Cooling Cover, the material blend makes this mattress cover breathable and ideal for hip replacement patients who are hot sleepers.

If you're suffering from chronic hip pain, then you'll like how quickly this mattress helps relieve pain. Thanks to its 2-inch Venus FIT layer is made of infrared materials and infused with proprietary far to boost blood flow and promote quick recovery. However, seniors may want to opt for a mattress that offers a perfect balance of body support and pressure relief without memory foam's feeling of being stuck in the middle of the mattress. Click here, for more information on the best mattress for seniors.

It has a high-density polyfoam support base standing at 8 inches thick. The base supports the layers above while also making the mattress more durable.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Amazing buoyant support
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Best for side sleepers


  • Pricey than most mattress-in-a-box brands

PlushBed Luxury Bliss is a high-end luxury mattress with excellent thermoregulation, motion isolation, and edge support. All these are ideal features for someone looking to alleviate pain, such as shoulder and hip pain sufferers.

PlushBed is made of breathable materials which maintain temperature neutrality at night. The medium luxury firm model has a breathable cotton cover that shields you from sleeping hot during hot summers as you recover from your hip replacement surgery. With such cooling features, shoppers looking for the best mattress for diabetics may also want to try out this high-end mattress. At the Comfort Layer is the aerated latex that filters any trapped heat. This is also in conjunction with pocketed coil system, which facilitates efficient airflow throughout the mattress.

Pressure relief is also a significant selling point for this luxury mattress. As you lay on this PlushBed Mattress, you'll experience tremendous relief on the pressure points to enable you to sleep comfortably. More importantly, the mattress's pocketed coils comfortably accommodate the body weight, especially on the curves such as the hips.

Since this mattress is made of high-quality eco-friendly materials, the bed doesn't bear any off-gassing. Even better, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty which ensures your investment is worth the price.


  • Ideal for combo back and side sleepers
  • Best for hot sleepers
  • Excellent for budget shoppers
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for sleepers above 230 pounds.

Puffy mattress is among the best memory foam mattresses on the market that'll ensure hip pain sufferers achieve countless nights of healthy sleep. Puffy is a solid choice for back, combo, and side sleepers, especially for individuals seeking an ideal mattress to relieve hip and shoulder pain.

Construction-wise, the mattress's cover is made of stain-resistant materials. These materials also make the cover super stretchy to ensure the mattress adapts to your curves as you sink comfortably into the comfort layer. Easy cleaning is one of this mattress cover's selling points as it comes with a zipper making it easily removable and machine washable.

Immediately beneath the cover is the 2-inch gel-infused cooling cloud foam designed to offer more breathability. Under this layer is the climate comfort foam layer. The layer is designed to cradle your body and provide more pressure relief. Also, it helps relieve hip pain, especially for hip replacement patients.

The 6-inch firm core base sits at the very bottom and is made of high-density foam to offer the mattress more support and make it durable. At the bottom of the base is the Grip base cover, which helps prevent the mattress from shifting.


  • Fit for any sleeping position
  • Cozy memory foam feel
  • Machine washable cover
  • Has multiple firmness options
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • It comes with slight off-gassing

In your hunt for the best memory foam mattress for hip replacement patients, Amerisleep ranks highly on the list. In fact, its memory foam layers are made of CertiPUR-US-certified foams.

Amerisleep AS2 has a Refresh cooling cover designed to shield you from night sweats. This is made possible as it converts your sweat into infrared; that's why it's also cool to the touch.

The Bio-pur foam layer has an open cell structure to provide better body contouring for more comfort, thanks to its breathability. The affinity zone is a transition foam layer ergonomically designed to relieve pressure. The high-density Bio-core foam is the layer sitting at the base to provide more support and durability.

Overall, these layers provide a perfect balance between a soft feel and firm support, which offers hip and shoulder pain relief. Since its firmness is slightly above average, it's a suitable choice for hip pain sufferers who are back sleepers. Those on the hunt for the best mattress for ankylosing spondylitis may also want to check out the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid Mattress.

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  • Comfy foam feel
  • Made of cooling AirFoam
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Highly responsive


  • Slight off-gassing

A highly responsive and supportive mattress like this is a go-to option, especially for those who frequently experience hip pain.

According to numerous mattress reviews regarding this mattress's performance in responsiveness, it has an average score above 70%. The responsiveness stems from the mattress's springy design, which allows for effortless movement. More importantly, its surface is soft enough to adapt to changes in sleep positions.

Also known as the best mattress for bed sores, Nolah Signature mattress scores high in pain and pressure relief, especially on the shoulders and the hips. So, to relieve shoulder and hip pain, the mattress feel is sufficient to cradle the body as you sink on the surface.

Since Nolah Signature is made of special AirFoam, it helps keep body temperature neutral. This enables you to sleep comfortably cool as you heal from hip replacement surgery. Overall, compared to most memory foam mattresses, Nolah Signature has above-average edge support, which will ensure you sleep comfortably on the far side.


  • Extremely soft
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Best for back and side sleepers
  • Easy to clean Breathable cover


  • Unfit for budget shoppers

Among the best hip replacement surgery mattresses to opt for is the Layla hybrid. The bed has a 13-inch construction thickness bearing a total of 5 layers. At the top is the 2.5-inch copper gel comfort layer that boosts temperature regulation. Below the comfort layer is the textured foam layer which adds more support to the mattress.

A feature ranking this Layla mattress among the best innerspring mattresses is its 6-inch pocketed innerspring layer. The layer has double coils along the edges to improve the mattress's edge support. The pocketed coil system and the copper gel infusion are designed to position the sleeper squarely on the mattress surface. This combo also helps alleviate hip pain.

More importantly, this mattress has two comfort sides—meaning you can flip it to turn it into a firm or a soft mattress. Like the side, the firm side bears a textured foam to increase airflow. As a hip replacement patient looking for more comfort on this mattress, the ideal sleep position for patients with hip pain is back or side sleeping. Remember, you should sleep on the other side without hip pain when side sleeping.


  • Excellent edge support
  • Great pressure relief
  • Best for budget shoppers
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Fit for all sleeping positions


  • Slight off-gassing

Zoma hybrid is another excellent mattress for hip pain. Zoma mattress has a total of 4 layers which makes up its 12-inch thickness. Covering the layers is the perforated mattress cover with small holes to boost breathability.

The top layer beneath the sheet is the Triangulex™ zoned gel infused memory foam layer. Compared to traditional memory foam, this layer is super responsive to pressure. That's why it's among the best choices for hip replacement patients who prioritize pressure relief. Since this layer is also gel infused, it significantly helps dissipate body heat.

Sitting beneath the Triangulex™ layer is the Reactiv™ foam proprietary layer. Compared to the top layer, this one is a bit firmer to provide more body contouring. More importantly, this layer acts as a buffer zone between the firm support layer beneath it and your body to help alleviate tension in your lower back.

At the base of this mattress is a pocketed coil system that adds more support to the mattress. The coils also help increase airflow to help you sleep cool. Not only does this layer makes this a responsive mattress, but it also gives it a bouncy feel.

How to sleep after hip replacement surgery

Recovery from hip replacement surgery can take anywhere from two to four weeks. While in recovery, try sleeping with your legs straight. You can also put a pillow under your legs to elevate them and reduce pain coming from the hip. Lastly, side sleep and change positions once one side isn't comfortable anymore.

How to choose the right mattress for hip replacement

When browsing for mattress options, here are a few factors to consider.

Temperature regulation

You'll want a mattress that doesn't retain heat to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. Such a mattress can be made of natural latex, gel memory foam, and any other cooling material. Heating up in your sleep while experiencing hip pain from surgery can be very uncomfortable, which is worse because you won't be able to toss and turn frequently.

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Pressure relief

Pressure relief is arguably the most important factor for hip replacement patients. When we sleep, spots like the shoulders and hips exert a lot of pressure. With a bad mattress, these regions can swell or get numb, and experience pain and such. The best mattress for circulation boasts excellent pressure relief that will take the pressure off your hips and allow for better blood flow and hip relaxation.


A mattress that's too soft will contour too much to your body, which isn't ideal for hip replacement patients. Depending on your weight, you may end up sinking too much into the mattress and missing out on the support factor. A mattress that's too firm also will provide little support and can cause pain in other areas of the body, as it may feel like sleeping on a stone. The best mattress for hip replacement patients is one that's medium-firm. But remember that firmness is relative and only your body weight can determine the right firmness

Body weight

Aside from determining the right mattress firmness, you should also get a mattress that can support your body. Every mattress has a weight limit with some only being able to support 230lbs and others supporting over 1000lbs. Inquire about weight limits before purchasing to prevent hurting yourself in bed. Additionally, consider getting a good foundation for your mattress to increase support on your body.

Size and Motion Isolation

Make sure to get a mattress that's large enough to accommodate your current bed base and your sleeping position of choice. If you sleep with a partner you may want to get a bigger mattress like a king size so you can have more space between you two. A partner sleeping close by is not ideal since they may turn wrongly and come to contact with the operated region causing you pain.

If you sleep with your partner then also choose a mattress that has incredible motion isolation. This means that when your partner tosses around in their sleep or gets out of bed in the night, you won't feel their movement on your side of the bed. You need an undisturbed night so you can have adequate rest.

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Material Safety

You'll want to choose a mattress made with materials that are safe for your skin and won't aggravate any allergies or skin irritation. This is important for all mattress shoppers, but especially sleepers who have undergone hip replacement surgery. Look for mattresses made of natural latex, wool, and cotton. A gel memory foam is also okay. What you need to do is ensure that the mattress has been certified to show that no harmful chemicals and VOCs have been used to manufacture it. A toxic mattress can also affect the operated hip and additionally cause you some respiratory problems which you don't need to be dealing with.

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Some hip pain best mattress options may be a bit costly, but they are totally worth buying because they'll help you or your loved one sleep comfortably by alleviating hip pain. Remember that after surgery one may need to be bed ridden for some time hence a good mattress is essential. Thus, if you're financially able to purchase a good mattress, don't hesitate. You may also consider getting a mattress with a removable cover so it's easy to keep clean and disinfected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will buying the right mattress treat my condition?

You may not be able to treat the condition fully, but you can control it. Not a must you purchase these mattresses in order to treat your condition maybe due to financial constraints .However, it’s highly recommended since proper sleep support is a helpful treatment.

Should i get a new mattress even if i am comfortable with my present one for my conditions’ sake?

Sleeping properly is not all about comfort. There are other factors to consider as well, including breathability. With Sleep Apnea, any little discomfort will trigger it. It’s important that your mattress supports side sleeping since it’s the perfect position.

How long will it take me to recover if i use a good mattress?

The exact amount of days is not guaranteed but with good medical checkup and good night sleep, you should be able to recover soon enough.


Do i have sleep apnea if is snore?

There are high chances that you are suffering from the condition. However, it could also be simply poor sleeping positions. Check with your doctor to determine if you have the condition fast before concluding.

Is my mattress the main reason why i wake up feeing exhausted?

First, how is your mattress? Does it give you the comfort you need? If your mattress satisfies you, then it’s possibly not the problem. You should seek doctor’s attention.