How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

Table of Contents Causes of Mattress SaggingPoor SupportWear Or TearSleep PositionsUsing Mattress ToppersReplacing Mattress FoundationChanging your Sleeping Spot on the MattressUsing a Box Spring and MattressPlacing a Pillow Underneath the Mattress Rotate the Mattress RegularlyUsing a PlywoodConsequences of Sleeping on a Sagging MattressAches and PainAnnoying NoiseSleeping HotSleeping DiscomfortFinal Thoughts Mattresses that have seen better days are … Read more

Best Mattress For Daybed

Best Mattress For Daybed Last Updated: Please Note: This Post Contains Affiliate Links Table of Contents A Quick Look at our Top 7 Mattresses for a Daybed1. Amerisleep As3 MattressProsCons2. GhostBed Classic Mattress ProsCons3. Nolah Original 10” Mattress ProsCons4. Zoma Hybrid Mattress ProsCons5. Puffy Lux Hybrid MattressProsCons6. Vaya MattressProsCons7. Eco Bliss® Hybrid MattressProsConsChoosing the right mattress for a daybedBuyers Guide: … Read more

Effects of a Bad Mattress

Table of Contents Signs of a Bad MattressBody Aches and PainsPoor SleepSaggingYour Mattress is Making NoiseOverheatingDust MitesAllergen BuildupMattress AgeIs it Unhealthy to Sleep on an Old Mattress?Heart HealthLow LibidoMemory LossHow to Fix a Bad MattressRotate Your MattressAdd a Mattress TopperChange Your PillowInvest in a Hypoallergenic Mattress CoverClosing Thoughts Sleep impacts about every aspect of our … Read more

7 Best Mattresses for College Dorms

7 Best Mattresses for College Dorms Last Updated: Please Note: This Post Contains Affiliate Links Table of Contents Our Picks For The 7 Best Mattresses For College Dorms1. Nolah Original 102. Amerisleep AS23. Brooklyn Signature Hybrid4. The Ghostbed Classic5. Puffy Mattress6. Diamond Response Cool Hybrid Mattress7. The Luuf Bed1. Nolah Original 10ProsCons2. Amerisleep AS2ProsCons3. Brooklyn Signature HybridProsCons4. … Read more

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Table of Contents Huge MarkupThe high cost of advertisingHigh-quality materialsLow Purchase FrequencyMattress ManufacturersResearch and DevelopmentShipping CostsSales Tax and VATOverhead CostsAdditional Features and AccessoriesCertificationsHow much should a mattress cost?Questions to ask a seller before spending on a mattressConclusion There’s no getting around it – mattresses are expensive. But why? What makes them so much more costly … Read more