Guide To Finding The Best Mattress For Hypermobility

Getting a good night rest is a dream of everyone today. You just want to have beautiful night and wake up feeling more refreshed to take on the duties of the day. A good rest at night can make all the difference for you and give you a better day.

The human body works in such a way that it will need to reenergize from time to time. The brain especially gets very tired from coordinating all parts of the body for proper functionality. The key to refresh your body and mind is a beautiful night sleep.

However, there are situations in life that can give a bad rest at night. It is very bad when you cannot get a good sleep because of something you cannot control. The secret is in finding what causes you sleepless nights.

Once you identify your problem, you will have easy time finding the solution to it. Remember that a good night rest is key to having a productive day.

What Causes Bad Sleep?

Among the things that cause your bad sleep pain in your body. Pain makes it impossible for your body to concentrate well for full rest. Pain is the number one killer of peaceful nights and it can be caused by different situations in life.

Hypermobility is one of the situations in the body that can cause bad sleep if not handled well. Once you realize that you have hypermobility, you need to make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable state. It is a condition that many people may be aware of but it reaches a state where you cannot handle it again.

In that case, you will have to seek medication help which will only come as recommendations. Even so, seeking medication alone may not be enough; you will have to go an extra mile to ensure you have the best time. One way is to ensure a peaceful night.

Unfortunately, it is hard to sleep well with hypermobility on just any type of mattress. The kind of mattress you choose will make all the difference for. There are some kinds of mattresses that will only increase your pain instead of reducing it.

The secret is to take your time and identify a mattress that is good before you purchase it. The biggest problem is how to get it. Many people may fear to buy a mattress because they don’t know if it will fit or not. They want to make sure that they are investing in the right items.

There is no need to buy a mattress when you go home and find that is not the right one, you have to take it back and buy another one. Who have the money to do all that?

In this guide, we are going to look at how hypermobility affects your sleep and the best mattress recommendations. Some ideas are shared also on understanding what the hypermobility really is and when you should consider getting help.

What Is Hypermobility Exactly?

The human body is designed in a way that everything in it is proportional. Every part of the body has to the right proportion to achieve balance and have good health.

The joints, in particular, are the main parts that hold your weight and posture in place. As much as muscles are important, the joints play a bigger role in the stature of a person and how they appear in general. If the joints have a problem, you will experience difficulties standing up and doing minor normal duties.

Joints connect all parts of your inner skeleton to enable you flexibility in movement. This means without joints, it is impossible to more properly. The joints have to be flexible enough to allow proper movement. For example, your knee joint bends in one direction because that is where it flexes towards. The arm and they also have their own side they bend too.

Flexibility of your joints and muscles allow for proper movement. However, there are situations when your muscles could be too flexible. Consider is as over flexibility. While other people may have normal joints, yours can be more flexible that it becomes abnormal. You can think of it as being double jointed which is hypermobility.

Facts About Hypermobility

Facts About Hypermobility

The joints in your body that are more flexible or move beyond the normal range are considered hypermobile. For example, the knee joint does not bend backwards more than a few degrees. However, in some people, it bends more that 30 degrees which is not normal. Here are some facts about the syndrome.

  • ​Fact #1: When children’s or adults joints move beyond the normal range, they are considered hypermobile.
  • ​Fact #2: People with hypermobility are often called “loose-jointed” or “double jointed”.
  • ​Fact #3: There is a possibility of associating hypermobility with muscle and joint pains that becomes even worse during the night.
  • ​Fact #4: There is no known cure to hypermobility. All you can do is use joint protection techniques and improve muscle tone. This helps reduce pain and repeated injuries to people with the condition.

In general, hypermobility is a condition that occurs when symptoms like muscle or joints pain begin to show up without any cause disease. It is referred to as hypermobility syndrome or joints hypermobility syndrome.

Age determines the variation of the syndrome. Apart from age, different ethnicities and populations may determine also the occurrence of the syndrome. Girls especially tend to be more hypermobile compared to boys.

What Causes Hypermobility?

The exact cause of the syndrome is still unknown. The only known fact is that it runs through families. Collagen is an important protein in the body that is involved in the joint, tendon and ligament function. The genes that produce this protein are believed to play a role in the cause of the syndrome.

For this reason, syndromes such as Marfan-associated with hypermobility syndrome- are usually inherited disorders that are passed to the children through their parents. So basically, the syndrome is inherited, which explains why there seem to be no cure.

Importance Of Having The Right Mattress For Hypermobility

Sometimes the case of hypermobility might not be that intense, in such a situation, there is no need to worry because you might not even be aware of it. However severe cases like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) may require that you take more precaution.

The type of mattress that you use may make your situation worse or make it better. Ensure you have chosen the right mattress. The following reasons are the importance of having the right mattress.

You need comfort- comfort is key to having a good sleep. Just like any other physical disability, you need a mattress that is good in terms of conformity. If you get a mattress that is too hard, it might encourage more bends in your body which means more painful experiences for you. ​

The secret to find a mattress that is soft enough so it can hold every part of your body well. The right mattress can encourage healing for you- there is no known treatment for DNS but exercise is encouraged. Exercise starts with having a good night rest which will make you wake up with a re-energized body and mind.

A mattress that is too soft is more problems- it is very easy for your spine to malign is you don’t get a proper mattress. A maligned spine can lead to more pains in your joints as they are connected.

As seen above, too hard a mattress can cause physical bruising and one that it too soft will have similar effect. It is good that you consider a mattress that is not too hard or too soft. You need a mattress that is just the right density and firmness. Apart from this, you need a mattress that has the right breathability.

It you sink in too much again, it may be impossible to breathe well. If you have a tendency of heating up too much, consider a mattress that has a cooling layer in it. This way, you will receive automatic heat regulation to give you a warm sleep.

Top Three Cheap Best Mattresses For Hypermobility

For best results, consider mattresses that have been highly rated by people with pain. The following three mattresses can be the best option for you.

Image Dimensions Weight ​Our Rating
75 x 39 x 8 inches 30 pounds
8 x 39 x 75 inches 31 pounds
​39 x 75 x 8 inches ​42.9 pounds

​1. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam And Inner Spring Hybrid Mattresses-Twin 

This is one most the comfortable mattresses on the market. This item combines memory foam and the traditional support of an inner spring mattress for to give the best sleeping experience. Some of the mattresses on the market are too hard and they may make you to feel like you are sleeping on a hard ground.

If you want to confirm that a mattress is the perfect fit for you, you will have to consider the material and the features that appear not just on the mattress but inside the mattress.

The mattress has a cozy layer of memory. This is one of the most perfect foams with quilt of soft knit fabric mattress cover. This is to say that mattress indeed achieves conformity. The top layer gives your body the perfect embrace to minimize pressure points.

The top layer measures 1.5”, which is settled beneath the quilt. Most mattresses will not offer tour such perfection for a peaceful night. The reason is that they are made with the softest material on the market.

As if that is not enough, the manufacturer offers you a 10-year warranty so you sleep knowing you are covered. It measure 39 inch x 75 inch x 8 inches.

best type of mattress for hypermobility

​2. Modway Aveline 8 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress 

Best review- this mattress is one of best-reviewed items. The reason is it has a pocket-friendly price and it is made from the highest quality foam. Considering the comfort and support it gives you will realize the full value of your money. Sleep soundly- one of the biggest problems that people with hypermobility is pressure.

If you get a mattress that does not reduce pressure on your neck, head, and spine, you may not be able to see yourself through the night peacefully. This mattress helps to align your spine while reducing pressure on your hips, lower back shoulders. All this is possible because it has open cell memory foam.

Independently tested- the biggest mistake you can ever make is to buy items that are below quality. You need to ensure that the mattress you are buying is certified. This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. With such an item, you sleep knowing the foam has got you covered.

There are fake mattresses made formaldehyde, heavy metals e.t.c. You do not want that! Made with a trusted manufacturer- most of the product Aveline receive high reviews from clients and are highly recommended. You get a 10-year warranty offer.

​3. Signature Sleep Contour 

This mattress has independently, superbly pocket 15-gauge pocket coils. This is nothing but perfection for special case mattress.

It is one of the items made with the highest quality foam and polyester. These materials layered between the cover and the coils for optimal comfort. You are sure you sleep with peace throughout the night.

The mattress is flexible enough to fit any standard twin bed frame. You won’t have to go through the trouble of looking for any other frame whenever you buy a mattress. The mattress is completely portable. It comes compressed and rolled; you won’t have trouble shipping it.


Science and technology have been brought into the world to ensure that humanity has life lived to the fullest. There is no reason you should suffer anymore. All you have to do is identify a mattress that helps have a normal life like any other normal person.

Your conditions should not be the reasons for you to miss on a good night sleep. Guide to finding the best mattress for hypermobility – When you are buying a mattress, take your time to go through every little detail. This will enable you to save a lot.

There are many products on the market from different manufacturers and it is easy to get unsatisfactory products. The mattresses above can be your ticket to a healthy living. Hopefully, this guide will enlighten you and give you better sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Guide To Finding The Best Mattress For Hypermobility”

  1. Did not tell me anything that common sense adult with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome doesn’t already know. Most people get one home to find it’s making them have pressure pain or wake up more dislocated.

    I ended up with two Sleep Number 360 beds. You can adjust firm to soft at any moment and as many times as you want. You can get an option that lifts the head if you have breathing problems. You only suggested twin beds. WHY. You know a LOT of people with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome are married right? Or they may just like more room to move. I would NEVER get a twin bed.

    Sleep Number also has a 100 day satisfaction guarantee. If you sleep on it and do not like it up to 100 days you can return it. Look for those types options as well.

    I turn my mattress firm getting in bed bc I dislocate if it’s too soft. Once I’m in a comfortable position I turn the bed to the softness that feels good at that moment.

    Weather/storms and moon peaks also change the amount of fluid in our joints which make me need different amount of softness most nights. It’s easy to change the softness. They have a remote or you can use your phone to change it. They come with cooling or warming options too. I am in no way affiliated with Sleep Number company. They have a lot of options that are able to change for EDSers as we never sleep the same night after night. My adult daughter who also has EDS prefers a soft Foam. We are all different. One thing you didn’t mention is EDSers need a LOT OF PILLOWS to prop us in different parts of our bodies. Each night we use different pillows at times. Traveling is SO HARD TO SLEEP BC HOTELS OFTEN USE CHEAP HARD UNCOMFORTABLE MATTRESSES. If you like to travel get a camper, take the sleep pads out and bring youre own bed in its place. If you use hotels call ahead sand tell them your needs for mattress or medical devices. Nicer hotels can often accommodate your needs. That is a huge thing for me is going to a hotel or family’s home and sleeping in a different mattress than you love at home.

    Get Pillows of all different shapes. Knee, wedge for back, and often time a firm pregnancy pillow shaped like a U often helps.

    Always ask stores if you can return your mattress if it’s causing you to dislocate more!! Tell them your condition. Also ask them if they will take the tax off if you bring a doctor’s note of diagnosis. Sometimes you can get a discount that way. You don’t have to settle for cheap. The store sure won’t tell you their product has formaldehyde or heavy metals in it. I think the only ‘certified’ mattresses may only be memory foam. Not sure. Memory foam has bad odors for me bc I am sensitive to smells. Those are also too hard for me. If the store won’t let you return it after you get it home, might keep shopping.

    Most EDS patients know what they like in a bed. Finding that on the market is different. Once you find some contenders go to the store and lay on them. Don’t buy from online without trying it out first. You could ask if there’s a hotel near you who carries their mattress and go sleep a night or two in hotel before you buy.

  2. Yes the airbed for EDS when camping, or sleeping at family who has that old lumpy mattress, or laying on someone’s old lumpy couch mattress. Bring it with you!! I do that too. As an EDS patient you got to do what is best for you!


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