What Causes Holes In Mattress?

When it comes to getting the desired amount of sleep, it is only by having the right mattress that everything makes sense. You will find people investing heavily in mattresses for this reason. It is better to buy an expensive mattress that will give you peace at night, and durable enough to save you on cash.

But when you have problems with your mattress, especially due to holes you cannot explain, then that becomes a sleep-depriving issue. Even if the holes are just small, they will still have a significant impact on your sleep. Ensuring your mattress is right becomes a priority.

Air mattresses, in particular, are very vulnerable to sagging and holes. Many users of these products have often come up complaining of experiencing difficult times when the mattress sinks at night with expectation.

The situation becomes worse when you have health issues like hypermobility. The last thing you want is your mattress to start misbehaving.

Unless you are a very heavy sleeper, even small holes on your mattress should be a huge concern. They begin thus, but with time, you will be shocked to realize the holes just keep getting bigger and bigger. The best way to avoid such situation is to identify the cause and try to avoid getting into such an issue in the first place.

What causes these holes in your mattress? That is where the real issue is. We have already established that possibilities of finding holes in your mattress are very high.

Yet, it beats many people to know the origin of such problems. When you see a small hole in your new mattress, it should raise the alarm.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the causes of holes in the mattress and how you can handle them. It is not just enough to know how it happens; it is vital as well to know how you can avoid such problems.

Why ​Should ​You ​Be ​Concerned?

Reasons You May Have Holes On Your Mattress

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about the status of your mattress. Having holes on your mattress can be very embarrassing. You might be having visitors coming over and they need a place to sleep, how will you give them a mattress with holes on them?

For the sake of your health, you will need a proper mattress. Migraines is a condition caused by lack of proper sleep. Enough sleep in this context is not about how much time you spend in bed, but the quality of sleep you receive. Moving up and down, left and right in bed because you are uncomfortable can cause serious injuries to your body.

Conformity is a key concern for a good mattress. If the spine is not well conformed to your mattress, you will end up with back problems and other issues you could avoid easily. If you are experiencing such issues, the best course of action would be to get a new mattress.

The other reason to get concerned is that it is the right thing to do. When you have a mattress that is giving you the service you expect, it is only natural to be concerned and look for a lasting solution. It is like driving on a highway full of portholes. That ride will never be comfortable.

As we all know, there is no proper sleep without proper comfort. All mattress companies promise unbeatable comfort for their customers and there a reason for that. They know the importance of giving their customers quality time for sleeping.

Now you know why you should be concerned, let us go back to the reasons you may have holes on your mattress. There are some issues here. Mattresses are made with foam materials that are both comfortable and very soft. This means getting holes on them should not be a surprise. If they were made of iron or plastic, one would be right to wonder why they should be holed.

Because of that comfort aspect, mattresses are only made to ensure one sleeps property and in the right position. Apart from that, the following things can make holes on your mattress.

Poor ​Quality

The number one cause of holes on the mattress is quality. Foam mattresses come in different styles and quality from different manufacturers. When you go to buy a mattress, look for the specifications of that mattress and the company that manufactured it. Modern form mattresses are made with the latest foam technology that is stronger and more durable.

Do not just focus on the price. In most instances, you will find that cheaply selling mattresses have quality issues. That is the first indication for questioning what the mattress can do for you. Find out the services your mattress can offer you, not what you can offer the mattress.

A good mattress should come with a fastened case. It should be focused on providing comfort as well as durability, whether it if filled with different materials (hair, straw, cotton, rubber foam, metal spring), or it is made with water/air.


Rodents Are Another Big Issue When It Comes To Holes On Mattresses

Rodents are another big issue when it comes to holes on mattresses. Check your home for rats and mice, and you will find they have been eating up your mattress. These little creatures may seem too small to cause any alarm, but the damage they cause will awaken you.

One may argue that they leave the room sparkling clean all the time. But that is not what will keep rats away. As long as there is a hole in your wall, rats will come to your home.

The fact that they are small makes it easy for them to penetrate through the smallest hole. You might even be sleeping on one without knowing it. They can establish homes anywhere, including the empty spaces between the bed and the mattress.

Look for possibilities of rats in your home and seal all entrances. If necessary, set traps for them in your house.

Wall mattresses are most vulnerable to rat holes. You maybe folding your mattress/bed back into the wall without knowing you have set meal for rats. Consider checking the place before you roll up the bed.

The ​Type ​Of ​Mattress

Mattresses are made from different materials with the intention of ensuring maximum comfort for the user. This means the material defines the type of mattress one buys. Most common materials include flexible polyurethane foam (like convoluted egg-crate), viscoelastic foam, latex foam, felt, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wool fiber, and non-woven wool fiber.

Contemporary mattresses are made with different layers. Some have strong base layers to support the top. Such a layer is not easy to get holes. The upper layer made with foam or latex is softer and much vulnerable to holes.

The mattress type is defined by the material it is made of. A foam mattress is different from a latex or cotton fiber mattress.

Mattresses made from cotton fiber mostly stronger and more resistant. They last longer and cannot be easily holed.

Some mattresses are made with springs inside. They are stronger and durable, but the upper part can be easily torn if the springs inside the break without your knowledge.

​The ​Age ​Of ​Your ​Mattress

Among the signs that show when you need to change your mattress is age. Most mattresses can only last for about ten years, and that is it. Longer than that and they become weak and surging.

Getting holes on an old mattress is like something that happens automatically. You may try to avoid it but the mattress itself just gives in a simple force will make your mattress to tear.

An old mattress has so many disadvantages. Apart from being vulnerable to holes, it lacks comfort. You cannot enjoy sleeping on a mattress that sinks with the smallest weight. Even if it doesn’t get holes, the surging is a hole enough to raise concern.

Constant ​Movements ​When ​You ​Sleep

Constant Movements When You Sleep

Different people sleep in different positions. However, you have to be comfortable with unquestionable conformity for your mattress to sleep in one position throughout the night. Otherwise, it is normal to keep turning and turning on your bed. When this happens, the mattress begins to lose is strength.

The more you toss around your bed, the more you stretch the material. If you don’t have good guilt, the mattress will start to tear.

A ​Rough ​Frame/​Bed

If you use your mattress with a frame, you might want to check how the bed is. As discussed above, unless the mattress is made with own base, mattresses are very soft. The frame should be as smooth as possible.

Check for any rough edges on your bed, and you might just find the solution for your hole issues. Have something soft between the bed and the mattress. This will ensure no direct contact between the bed and your mattress.

Negligence/​Lack ​Of ​Proper ​Care ​- ​You ​Don’t ​Use ​Mattress ​Covers

A mattress needs to be taken care of with specific instructions. Some people think once they buy the mattress there is no need to give it special attention.

Avoiding using a mattress cover will surely leave your mattress vulnerable to holes. And you don’t have to use just one cover; you should consider changing the covers from time to time.

Apart from covers, use bed sheets to keep your mattress clean and avoid holes as well. With proper care, you will be sure to have a long lasting mattress.

How you use your mattress also matters. A mattress should be used for sleeping and not for sitting on while doing your assignments. Some activities make the mattress weak and can easily tear.

So before you start wondering why your mattress if full of holes, consider how well you take care of it. Perhaps you are the problem and not the mattress.​

​Don’t let your mattress stay dirty for long. Whenever you feel the need, wash your mattress cover and use a proper cover​.

Long ​Nails

One of the biggest threats to the soft material on your mattress is having long nails. When you go to sleep, you are not conscious of what happens at night. As you move around your bed, chances of scratching your bed, unless you wear socks, are very high.

Toenails are the worst. You have to stretch your feet in bed from time to time as you toss. The nails trap the mattress material and stretch with it. Since you are sleeping on it, the mattress cannot move but to tear. The situation is lighter with fingernails, though not completely safe. But they can still tear your mattress. ​

​Consider taking good care of the fingers. Go for a manicure to make them softer, or simply cut them if you can. And if you are not able to do any of these, then don’t forget to use a mattress cover. At least you can easily change the cover​.

Too ​Much ​Friction

Friction on the bed can make it light and easy to break. If you share the bed, there are chances some activities will cause breakage.

Children can also cause damage to your mattress. They love jumping up and down on the mattress because of that softness. If you are not there to keep watch, the excitement can break the mattress.

Accidents ​Involving ​Sharp ​Objects

Accidents involving sharp objects

Sometimes holes on your mattress can be caused by simple accidents. Using sharp and or rough objects like razors or nails can leave holes on your bed. It might not be your fault; perhaps you forgot these items after using them under your sheets. Such will, without a doubt, cause damage to your sleeping area.

Check and see if there are any items on your bed that can cause damage. Even placing rough items on the bed alone can be dangerous. Be sure to keep something soft between such objects and your mattress. ​

​Do not pull your mattress on a rough surface, you will not only get it dirty, but you will make holes on it as well. It is all about proper handling of your mattress​.

Final ​Thought

What causes holes in mattress – Most people forget the importance of handling their mattresses with care. Even a new mattress is not immune to damages caused by negligence. If you don’t want to keep spending money on mattresses, buy quality, get a nice cover, and keep your home free of rats and other rodents.

But if in the end you still find holes on the mattress, there might be other issues behind it. Find out from your manufacturer how to handle the mattress. Modern mattresses are not very easy to handle. Otherwise, this guide should be enough for learning proper handling tips – simply avoid the situations mentioned above.

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