How To Resize A Mattress

A mattress is one of the things you must have in your home. Because we all sleep, getting the right mattress makes or nights peaceful.

The shape and size of the mattress will also determine the price of the mattress. Many people will buy a mattress based on the quality rather than the size or the prices. Even so, you need a mattress in your house to enjoy your sleep.

No one can say that a mattress is not useful, especially in the modern world. You will not miss finding a mattress in any home, however rich or humble they are. What makes the difference is perhaps the price.

However, there comes a time when you want to have a smaller or bigger mattress depending on the base you have. Perhaps you have bought a new bed and feel like you don’t want to do away with your mattress. Or maybe you want to retain a mattress you love a lot. In that case, you will either have to buy a new one with the same specifications or do something about the one you have.

One of the most useful benefits of having a Latex mattress is its flexibility. This is something many people have not realized yet, but it is very useful. You can have one mattress and use it in any manner you want under different circumstances.

Most people have not yet realized that you can downsize or upsize a latex mattress with ease. Instead of struggling to replace the mattress, which you may never manage, reduce or increase the size of the one you already have.

Well, if you would love to know how to do this, you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss a few things about resizing your mattress.

Importance Of Resizing A Mattress

Why is it important for people to resize a mattress? Of what use will it be to them.

To change the size of your mattress, you will need first to have a purpose. The reason you are doing this. There are many reasons why people may need a different mattress that feels the same as their old item. It is all about the importance of this practice. Here are some hints.

​To ​Keep ​The ​Same ​Feeling ​Of ​Comfort

After using one mattress for some time, some people seem to have a connection with the mattress. For instance, people who have conditions like hypermobility and related conditions may need specific types of mattress. Once the mattress you have becomes your comfort, changing it does not guarantee the same.

Apart from that, many people enjoy luxurious comfort offered by latex mattresses. They want the same feeling even with a different size.

And for that, they will want to keep the mattress when they have changed the bed. You can continue enjoying what you are used to on a different bed. With a few tricks, this is a possibility you may want to know for the rest of your life.

New Mattress Could Be Very Expensive

There are specific types of latex mattress that are quite costly. And once you have gotten one, you would not want to let go even when you have changed the bed. Here is where things get a bit tough for many people.

If you have no problem with money, you can get another mattress with the same ILD ratings. But if you don’t want to spend any money, then resizing is one possibility you may have to consider.

The Difference In ILD Rating Factor

However, you will be very disappointed to find that the ILD rating not the same as the one you have. And for many people, they always want the same feeling.

Between production runs, chances are variations will come up. Variations come between manufacturer’s tolerances. For those who refer to themselves as “princesses and pea,” any slight variation will be very significant. They will experience a huge difference in the sleep.

And to make it worse, you may not understand the ILD’s of the form your own. Productions changes with time and the item you get next will never be the same as the one you have.

You Don’t Need To Change The Mattress Every Time You Change The Bed

Sometimes it becomes very important o have a different bed in your home. With time, you may need to upgrade or downgrade the bed.

If you want a smaller bed, you will need a smaller mattress. And if you have a king size bed, then a king size mattress will do just fine. This will mean every time you get a new base; you should get a new mattress as well.

You don’t have to spend too much though. If you learn to resize your mattress, then you can always change it whenever you need to have a new base. Instead of having many mattresses in your house, you will have one that serves all purposes.

Besides, changing a good mattress may feel like you are losing something important in your life. You will find resizing very easy and able to save you a lot of money.

One Latex mattress can serve you for a long time. Unless you have time for shopping and you know exact quality, simply reducing or increasing the latex will serve you better than anything else.

Resizing Is Easy

You may have thought it is impossible to change the mattress without getting rid of the old one. Well, you will discover that it is very easy.

Tools To Use

Here are some tools you may need, to complete the work;

  • ​A pair of scissors
  • ​A pair of pliers
  • ​A sewing machine or a needle
  • ​Thimble
  • ​A strong thread
  • ​Straight pins
  • ​Wax
  • ​Sharp scalpel
  • ​Tape measure

Reducing The Size Of A Mattress

Importance of resizing a mattress

Reducing a foam mattress is very easy. It is easier than increasing the size. The trick here is to cut the foam layer by layer. Using an electric carving knife makes it much easier. But you have to very careful because the knives are very sharp and will take anything on their way.

Make sure you are holding the knife perpendicularly. The goal is to get an even cut. You don’t want the edges to look like they have only been peeled off using fingernails.

Start with the outer covering, making an incision through the outer softer layer. You can use a pair of scissors if you don’t have a great knife.

Use the take measure to get the right size you want. It is hard to assume that the size will be as you see it with your eyes. These mattresses have to be very specific. Otherwise, they will not fit on your bed.

If you are using a scalpel, it has to be very sharp enough. Start by making the marks to appear clearly on the surface, then follow these marks until you have the right size in the end.

Remember to start by making the mark. If the marks are not conspicuous enough, trying making them again until they are very clear.

The next layer will be the spring layer. Now, this depends on the mattress. Some forms don’t have this layer so it should be easy for you.

Since you have marked the spring earlier with the scalpel, use a Dremel to cut along the line. Do not forget to be very careful doing this. You may easily injure your fingers. Give yourself some protection because you need it.

Hold the tools steady. Jerky movements may break the wheel and bring up rough cuts. Then use the pliers to clip off hard remnants after cutting with the Dremel.

The pliers will also help you fold the sharp protruding ends of the spring. This is a step you must not forget because you will be forming a new section of the mattress. Curve the ends inwards for safety purposes.

Then use a piece of cloth or a thin rope to tie the folded ends. You will be looking for strong support just like the one you have already cut off. The end will not come out in any way, and you will ensure they don’t tear through the cloth you use to close up the ends.

Closing up the ends of the two pieces is where you get real work. However, you should already be having a spare cover. With a sewing needle, cover the end of the mattress. Wax will make the thread soft, and a lubricant will make it easy when sewing. Use a thimble to avoid injury to your fingers.

Once you have finished sewing, use a staple to make the ends more stable, the trim the excess cover.

Follow this procedure for all ends of the cover. You will have two mattresses from one original. The feeling remains the same all the way.

Reducing the size of a mattress is both fun and easy. You can take one queen size mattress and make twins forms from it. If you do it right, no one will even notice you have reduced one mattress. It will be as though you bought them new from the market.

Upgrading A Mattress

You may also want to upgrade your mattress from a full size to full size. We are going to share a few alternatives here.

Method #1: Cutting The Mattress

The first and easiest method that goes through minds of many is to cut the existing queen mattress (60” x 80” ), for instance, into a twin XL (38”x80”). The buy another twin XL and put the pieces together. You will have created a spit Eastern King 76”x80”).

This solution may seem the easiest, but it is quite costly. But that is not even important, what if you loved the mattress so much you don’t want to change?

Method #2: Use Extensions

Using extensions is a better alternative to the first choices above. To change a Queen size mattress to Eastern King, you can extend the width by adding another 16” x 80” form on one side. Or you can add 2 16”x80” forms on each side.

One shortcoming of this approach is that you must use a foam with the same firmness. Otherwise, you will have one side feeling good and another side not very nice. For those mattresses with several layers, finding the exact match with be a huge task. And even if you find all the foams you need, getting the exact ILD’s match will be another thing to deal with.

The trick is solving such an issue to extend the side that you don’t normally sleep on. This will leave you wide area to enjoy your night.

​Method #3: Rotate ​The ​Mattress

Rotating your mattress by 180 degrees is perhaps, the best solution you have. When you rotate, it means you only have to add to the bottom of the mattress instead.

For instance, rotate a Queen-size mattress, and it will be 80” wide and 60” wide. You only trim 8” off and add a 76” x 20” form under.  You have got yourself an Eastern King Mattress with your original foam.

The best part is, the original foam does not even need to match the firmness of the foam you add. It can also be on the softer side where you put your legs and foot.

The three methods above are all great depending on your choice. Once you have split the mattresses, keeping the pieces together can either be with glue for extensions or fabric spray. If you don’t wish to use either of these, put them together in a nice fitting mattress cover, and you have the mattress you desire.

Even if you are only upgrading the mattress topper, use the same procedure. There is no difference in the result you will get.


How to resize a mattress – It is important to remember that the warranty will not cover an altered mattress. You should carefully weigh the pros and cons of using these methods. And once you have established that the warranty will not be important, go ahead with the process.

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