How to Disinfect a Used Mattress

Sleeping becomes crucial in our everyday’s life. We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed trying to recharge or rejuvenate our bodies especially after a hectic day’s toil.


Resting, on the other hand, relieves us of pressure we encountered within the day as we intend to meditate upon the fruits of hard labor especially after burning the midnight oil.

Sleeping and resting are important in that:

  • ​You relax your body organs.
  • ​They deactivate stress.
  • ​The prevent mood disorders.
  • ​A sober mind enhances productivity.
  • ​There is possibility of being alert at all times.

Both sleep and rest play a role on an average healthy person’s life. Your mind becomes free of overcrowding tasks and responsibilities which you need to do within a stipulated schedule.

But the question is; where do we have our sleep or rest? Where we lay our bodies matters. A set of classic beddings will give you quality sleep of your life. Comfortable mattress and pillow decorate the room making it attractive for plenty of sleep or rest.

Take a stroll with me into this lengthy guide to explore more secrets of enjoying life in slumber land.

Sources of a Used Mattress

There are many places where we can come across used mattresses. These include:

  • ​Some people consider buying a used mattress for it appears more economical.
  • ​If you want to relocate or migrate to other areas and you don’t want to haul bulky items like a large mattress then you may consider selling it at a cheaper price.
  • ​If you are aware of the life expectancy of a mattress you would probably wish to replace it with a new one.
  • ​Places for human habitats such as refugee camps always purchase these used mattresses to help accommodate the less fortunate.
  • ​Common mattress donation arenas acquire plenty of these to give to charity orphanages.

Just like normal clothes, mattresses become dirty, too. A used mattress is even dirtier depending on the user.

Most dirty mattresses become hidden homes for dust, bacteria, worn-out skin cells and traces of sweat. Not to forget are dry food particles which leave horrible smell. All these if not taken care of may affect your health.

Nobody would withstand a smelling mattress even in one night stand. Notorious bed bugs can invade you at night, robbing you of your peace.

You can choose to keep your mattress accommodative by constantly cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting it. By doing this you will be doing away with all sources of allergies such as moulds that may cause skin irritation.

The most available methods of cleaning a mattress include:

  • ​Steam cleaning
  • ​Antibacterial spray
  • ​Vodka
  • ​Ultraviolet light

Steam Cleaning

There are some tiny dust particles that harbor the mattress that may require strong heat to come off. You will be experiencing discomfort in your eyes and nose.

This method requires a helping hand as one person lifts the mattress while the other cleans. You can follow the steps bellow:

  • Identify and remove dust particle by vacuuming every corner of the mattress.
  • Run a steamer across the mattress, reaching out on every surface using periodic bursts of steam. Be careful not to soak the mattress.
  • Inspect the mattress for complete dryness. You can turn on a fan to accelerate drying.

Antibacterial Spray

Just as the name suggests, this removes harmful bacteria from the carpet. Make sure the spray doesn’t bleach as this may interfere with the mattress fibers. Steps to follow include:

  • First vacuum the bed surfaces thoroughly to do away with dust. Take care not to saturate the mattress.
  • Apply your antibacterial spray evenly and lightly on the mattress’ edges and surfaces. Soak a clean cloth in warm water to wipe out the already sprayed surfaces.
  • To remove stains, you can use an enzyme cleaner. Spray the dirty area repeatedly until the stain and bad smell disappears.
  • New homesteaders can use vinegar as an option to remove odor. Mixing a quarter cup of vinegar with three​-quarters cup of water and spraying while scrubbing the dirty area gives an amazing result.
  • Give the mattress enough time to dry up.


Dermatologists suggest vodka as a skin disinfectant. This can equally serve as a cleaning remedy for mattresses.

When it comes to sanitization, all vodkas serve the same purposes. You can follow the steps below to yield good results:

  • Clean off the mattress to make it dirt-free. You can vacuum the surfaces.
  • Pour the vodka into a spray bottle. Cover the entire mattress’ surfaces by spraying the vodka.
  • After that allow the mattress to dry up before using it.

Ultraviolet Light

This entails deep sanitizing which requires a professional in carpet cleaning.

Specific allergens become main target here as special machines undertake these tasks. The use of ultraviolet radiation causes harm to microorganisms.

This UV light depletes the disease​-causing germ by thwarting its reproduction system.

​How to Dry a Disinfected Mattress

  • Always clean and disinfect your mattress early in the morning so that it gets more time to dry. Airing in the sun becomes a common adage to beginners as it is cheaper and always available.
  • Subject your mattress to an open area where it receives enough sunlight heat. Turn the mattress occasionally to ensure it dries uniformly.
  • In the case of a cold or wet weather, a blow dryer becomes an option. Pass it across damp sections of the mattress making sure not to overheat one spot only.

Maintenance Tips of a Mattress

The following tips will extend mattress lifespan:

1. Practicing mattress rotation.

  • You can choose to prolong the life of your mattress by applying the mattress rotation technique to ensure you get the best sleep in your life.
  • Rotation here means you turn your mattress at an angle of 180 degrees at intervals of four months every year. This means the side which always accommodates the head now turns to be the foot rest.
  • You can plan to move either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on the size of your mattress.
  • Before you start the rotation process, you remove the bed covers and mattress linen. This should be the best time to clean under the bed.
  • Rotation helps the mattress to recover from supporting your heavy weight and gives new areas opportunity to resume the roll.

2. Airing out a mattress

  • Taking your mattress out frequently in the sun and where there is free flow of air becomes a practice with pay.
  • You can choose to air your mattress either indoors or outdoors. This does away with allergens and bad smells.

​3. Mattress storage

  • Don’t keep your mattress by wrapping it in a plastic bag. A used mattress has moisture in it hence the plastic bag will trap it.
  • A damp mattress favors mould growth. You should store your mattress in a perforated cover.
  • Avoid overburdening the mattress by adding heavy items on top of it.
  • Vacuum and disinfect your mattress before using it again.

Disinfecting your Mattress from Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small insects that nourish on its host (human beings and animals). Their bodies become fully engorged of blood after sucking the host and walk away unnoticed.

Bedbugs move swiftly on floors and walls laying hundreds of eggs. These insects become a nuisance whenever they start biting in their hideouts.

You may not see bedbugs invade your home. They like hiding in our clothes, luggage, used beds or mattresses among others.

Bedbugs bite people mainly at night when they are sleeping.

Signs of bedbug infestation include:

  • Traces of blood on the bed sheets.
  • Bedbugs leave trails of dark spots on mattresses and walls.
  • You may notice fecal matter or egg shells in their hideouts.
  • Bedbugs’ scent glands are always smelly.

High temperatures destroy bedbugs. This, however, is the most effective DIY technique that ensures total eradication of bedbugs.

A single hot bath while washing your bed sheets is eminent for heavy infestations.

Cold-pressed neem oil also contributes to bedbug eradication. The repellent effect of neem oil depopulates these unfriendly insects.

​How to Get Rid of Bedbug Infested Items

  • The simplest way is to dispose the infested items. Wrap the infested item separately and carefully dispose off. This is only applicable if you can afford a new replacement.
  • You can choose to burn the infested item outdoors in an open area.

Disinfecting a Mattress from Blood stains

Just like urine, blood has protein. Protein stain may not come off easily if you don’t act on it immediately.

The following are steps to follow while removing blood stains from a mattress:

  • Soak a piece of cloth in cool water. Avoid hot water for it will cook the proteins to create a deep stain.
  • Do not wipe or rub the stain directly. Dub it with the cool wet cloth.
  • Make a paste by blending water, salt and baking soda. Rub the paste on the stain and leave it for about half an hour, then remove it by brushing it off.
  • Use a damp piece of cloth to extract any notorious stain and expose it to direct sun heat to dry.

Alternatively, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soap gives the same result. Apply a little of this solution on the stain and brush it off with a toothbrush. After a few minutes of action you won’t be able recognize your mattress!

Disinfecting a Mattress from Urine

Children are the number one culprits here as they are prone to bed wetting. Even your pets can pee on your mattress.

Process of removing stains is always the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you protect your mattress from re-infestation?

A. Remove the mattress covers and clean regularly, apply bedbug repellents and disinfect your mattress on quarterly basis.

Q. How would one tell if a mattress is heavily infested with bedbugs?

A. An infested mattress has blood stains. This is as a result of bedbug bites. You can physically identify bedbugs occupying and moving over the mattress.

Q. Apart from infestation, what other reasons can make someone to disinfect a mattress?

A. A dirty, smelling mattress can make one’s night horrible. Having a running nose is evident in the morning due to the discomfort experienced.


There is nothing as sweet as sleeping on a clean mattress. The courage of facing such a bed is unquestionable and one thing you know for sure is that you can now take care of your mattress.

The cost of a new mattress cannot bar you from having a wonderful sleep. You can acquire a used one and make it human friendly. You also have the opportunity to choose the antibacterial spray with your desirable scent.

All these are sweet memories you cannot wait to put into practice.


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