Can I Clean A Mattress With A Carpet Cleaner?

The mattress you have determines the quality of sleep you get at night. However, it does not just end at getting the top quality foam. It also depends on how well you care about the item.

Dirt on the mattress can be very disturbing. It is even worse for people who have conditions like asthma. For them, it is almost impossible to breathe under a dirty mattress. This means you may want to find a way of cleaning it.

Cleaning should happen at least once after every few months. However clean you may think you are, there are always things that will make a mattress dirty.

“Can I clean a mattress with a carpet cleaner?” has become a prevalent question on the internet. Whereas the answer can be a simple yes, there are several things one must put into consideration.

It’s not just knowing whether or not it is possible but how you go about it. Many people have already been in such a situation where they need to decide on how to get the dirt off their foams, even with a good cover, it is still an issue.

Well, if you are among those who want to know, you are in the right place. We will look at how to get rid of those stains using a vacuum cleaner.

Note that, there is more to it than just running the vacuum cleaner over it. Such things as stains, dust mites, and other allergens will require some knowledge.

What Is In Your Mattress That Makes It Dirty?

The inside of your mattress can make a good resting place for dust mites and bedbugs. And on the top where you sleep, there could be remnants of blood, saliva, sweat, and other body fluids. Here are some of the things that may be giving you sleepless nights:


The bedbugs problem is not a new one for many homeowners. They are small insects, about quarter-inch long that feed at night. These interesting insects can live up to a week without eating, unlike humans who can only go for days. They feed on blood.

Bedbugs leave behind itchy marks after the bite someone. According to Dr. Howard Russell, an entomologist with diagnostic services at Michigan State University, it is hard to starve these bugs.

Well, perhaps they are the reasons you are having so many allergic reactions. However, they may not be the only pests you have to worry about.

Chances are, you are also facing a threat from house dust mites. Dr. Clifford Bassett, an allergist in New York, says that about 10% of people are sensitive to these pests. And if you have asthma as stated above, then this could be an even bigger problem for you.

Their presence alone is gross enough in your home. It makes one feel like they don’t have a clean environment in their homes. And that is not the only thing that may be making you sneeze and cough, their excrement does it all.


When you have bleeding for any reasons, your mattress suffers the blow. It could be nose bleeding for instance due to some infections of allergy.

Most people will only take a piece of cloth and wipe off the problem. But that does not solve the underlying problem. It goes deeper into your mattress and stains it. The more you let it stay there, the more you risk attracting bugs.

Using a carpet cleaner goes more profound than what is obvious. It handles the stains from under the mattress while ensuring nothing is left to make the mattress smelly.

Sweat And Other Body Fluids

Most of the bad odor on the bed comes from human activities. The body is always sweating whether you engage in a rigorous activity or not.

Using a mattress cover only handles half the problem. Sweat, just like any other fluid penetrates the into the foam. This means cleaning on the top alone us no enough. Covering up the sweat with clean sheets only postpones the inevitable.

What many people don’t know is that sweat contains chemicals that may decolorize the foam. You may notice within after some time that the color of your mattress is changing. It is worse for those who have bright colored ones.

Simply cleaning the sheets is only temporary. The fluid from the body reaches the mattress. This is why it is important to do a thorough cleaning once after a few months.

Saliva is another threat to the warmth of your mattress. Most people sleep with their mouths open. During these unconscious moments, you may not even realize what is happening with your body. The first thing that will hit you is the smell on your mattress cover or sheets. Later on, reaches whatever is underneath.

Some children and adults wet their beds. In this case, the components of the fluids stain the mattress. Drying it or simply cleaning the sheets does not make the odor go away fully. As you continue using it, you will realize the odor is not going away as you would expect. Instead, they only get worse.

Using a carpet cleaner could be the answer. You don’t have to do it all the time. Identifying when you have a problem with your foam is only a start.

Why Should You Care?

How to clean your mattress with a carpet cleaner

Did you know that human beings spend about a third of their life in the bedroom? The mattress becomes the center for planning as well as resting.

But when was the last time you gave it a deep clean? Do you give it the same attention as your couch? Or you only concentrate on keeping the sheets clean?

If you want to promote durability, besides promoting a more pleasant night, then cleaning your mattress is a must do.

Most people don’t give a lot of thought and energy in mattress cleaning. Proper mattress care is a process that requires proper attention.

Quality sleep is not how many hours you spend in bed. It is all about letting your body rest enough. If you keep turning up and down in bed, you may be doing more harm to your body than you know.

Caring for the mattress reduces the chances of having mites and bedbugs under the foam. It goes beyond letting you have a perfect time.

Dr. Sharon Horesh Bergquist of Emory University confirms that good vacuuming is a great defense against allergy causing mites. It reduces the chances of these bugs infesting your home.

There are other vermin like lice and scabies that will sooner or later find a way into your house unless you are careful.

All these types of bugs, combined with body fluids, hair and skin dust leave traces behind that can alter the weight if your mattress. Some companies have warned that the mattress may double in size over ten years if these things are left to accumulate. And the issue of wear and tear, in addition to making the mattress look old, comes into question.

How To Clean Your Mattress With A Carpet Cleaner

You only have to steam clean the foam once or twice a year gets rid of unhealthy spores of mold. Temperatures in your house can invite unwanted pests like those mentioned above. It is the best way to keep these insects from breeding in your home.

Your health depends on how well you sleep and the things you can in contact with. Avoid allergies and breathing problems using a carpet cleaner.

Here is how:

Step 1: Remove The Bedding

Do not make the mistake of cleaning your mattress together with the beddings. These are items that can be cleaned differently. Use the washing machine to clean bed sheets and covers as instructed by the manufacturer.

The dirt under the mattress requires proper attention. You cannot get under and steam it generously if you have covered. Since you need to place the mattress in different positions, let it be free from other things.

Step 2: Vacuum The Whole Mattress

Proper connection of the cleaning equipment is vital at this point. The vacuum has any plug as long as it is equipped with a hand-tool attachment.

Hold the hand-tool properly to vacuum each side of the mattress. The aim of doing this is to ensure the build of dirt and dust mite is thoroughly removed. You don’t want to leave anything to chance as it may attract more rubbish to your bedroom.

Step 3: Change The Mattress Position

You need to get to every corner of the form. If any part is left untouched, then it will not take long before you start feeling uncomfortable again.

The best position is to stand the mattress against the wall. This will give you a chance you hand the dirt from a more comfortable position.

The aim here is to let the dirt flow out easily. Of course, you will have to change the sides after a while.

Step 4: Clean The Carpet Clean

Cleaning using a carpet cleaner can be tricky. As you continue working on the dirt, it sucks up the dirt which can be transferred back to the foam. You will be going into cycles if you are not keen enough to notice.

Wash out the water reservoir attachment on the cleaner. This will remove all the dirt.

After cleaning, fill up the water reservoir with water. The water should contain recommended cap-fulls of a solution. Each product has a specified amount to add to mix. Check the carpet cleaner manual for this information.

Step 5: Clean One Side

Now that you have put the right amount of water and solution, it is time to clean the first side of the mattress, one not facing the wall. But be careful not to over wet the mattress.

While on it, remember the importance of having the mattress dry faster. Foam can take a long time to dry, which is why you must use just the right amount of water. Besides, too much water can result in molding causing more harm than good. A thin sprinkle should serve the purpose.

Step 6: Clean The Other Side

Do not turn over your foam until one side is completely dry. Let the first side receive proper drying because it will be hard to dry both sides at once.

When this is done, turn over the mattress and steam clean the other side. You have already done the first sides, so this should be easy.

Use the same procedure making sure you don’t use a lot of water. Then let this side dry thoroughly as well before proceeding.

If the solution runs out when you in the process, switch off the machine and start again, the quality of the cleaning depends on how deep good you position your foam.

Step 7: Round It Up

The next part to clean is the four corners of your mattress. Many people forget about these parts because they think they don’t have the same impact on the quality of sleep as the top. But that is a mistake you don’t want to do.

While the mattress is still standing against the wall, clean sides and let the dry. They rotate it around and clean the remaining sides. You can also place the mattress on the ground to complete the four corners.

As simple as that, your foam is free from dirt. Let it dry out completely before returning it on the base. But before you do that, ensure your bed is cleaned as well. Some bugs hide in the spaces on your bed ready to bounce back into a clean surface.

Find a clean mattress protector for the bed to prevent mites feeding on dead skin cells. This will also keep the mattress clean for longer.

Now you can make up your bed with new linens. You will experience sleep as you have never done before.

Final Thought

Sometime back, mattresses could be turned over easily. You were advised to do this at least twice a year which would give you an opportunity to clean. Most of the modern mattresses cannot be turned because they are made with a proper top and bottom. Yet still, cleaning it twice a year remains a nice rule of thumb.

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