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Best Heavy-Duty Bed Risers

There may be a couple of reasons that bring about the need for you to raise your bed. Instead of going for the more expensive option of hiring professionals to fix their beds up, many people will go with bed risers.

You may think because of their price, they may not give you the functionality you want but that is not so. Using bed risers also has some functionalities which are not that different from what a professional makeover will give you.

We can even tell you that bed risers bring about additional advantages that you may not find if your bed leg, for example, is changed by a professional to a longer one.

You may wonder how raising a bed on pieces of wood or plastic can be a safe option compared to inbuilt legs.

You’re right. Bed risers are not the all-in-all when it comes to raising the height of your bed.

But they are a cheap and highly effective alternative to taking your bed to a furniture shop if all you want is to raise it a little above the ground.

Another advantage of using bed risers is they are very simple to use. One person can do it. Though it is recommended that you get another person involved to minimize any risk.

And they’re safe. You only need to make sure you get the right kind of bed risers.

Here are some heavy-duty bed risers that you can pick from.

Slipstick Bed Risers/Furniture Risers

Slipstick Bed Risers and Furniture Risers are a set of 4 risers that can support up to 2,640 pounds when used all together. The bed risers are manufactured with reinforced steel; this makes them ideal for raising heavy furniture.

They add 3 inches of height when used for furniture; thus creating extra space for storage underneath and easy cleaning too.

Each riser features secure locks that prevent loose fittings in the legs of the furniture it is being used for. But it cannot be used for furniture legs that are below 1 inch in diameter.

They also feature rubber grips on the bottom, to prevent the furniture from skidding and to protect the floor from scratches as well.

Slipstick Bed risers are one of the sturdiest bed raisers as they may not only be used for beds, but they also work for couches, tables, desks, dressers, sofas, and other heavy immobile fixtures.

iPrimio Bed And Furniture Risers

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Risers are squarish 4 by 4 inches in structure. They are easy to install and can lift 2-3 inches taller; they are not adjustable. Furthermore, they can lift over 10,000 pounds per leg.

The set of 4 bed risers are solidly designed for heavy-duty lifting without slipping. This is due to the featured anti-slip foam grip on the top and at the bottom of the riser. Thus, ensuring firm control of the furniture as well as protecting the floor. They are expertly manufactured with quality and durable plastic.

Besides, they feature a stackable mechanism that securely assembles the heavy-duty riser on the additional riser to handle weights safely without damaging the floors.

When used, they create a storage room under the furniture; this also makes it easier to clean under-the-bed space.

iPrimio Bed and furniture raisers are quite easy to assemble and they can be used for all kinds of furniture accessories including beds, desks, chairs, sofas, etc.

Home-it Adjustable Bed Riser/Furniture Risers

Home-it Adjustable Bed Riser/Furniture Risers are customizable bed lifts. You can raise your furniture to an extra 3, 5, or 8 inches high, and see which works best for you. The adjustable bed raiser can support a total of up to 1,300 pounds without slipping.

Each leg features a recessed cup that securely holds the leg of any furniture the raiser is used for.

Also, they provide a considerable amount of storage space under the bed or furniture. The raiser is made up of 8 pieces, four large ones of 5 inches opening and four small ones of 3 inches opening.

The pieces are all sturdily created with solid plastic and they may be used alone or piled together; when not in use.

They are quite handy, easy to move around, and are affordable. Though they seem to be more suitable for other furniture than they are for beds.

Utopia Adjustable Bed And Furniture Risers

Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers are one of the few bed risers that can be altered.

They are versatile bed risers that easily create under-bed storage space. They are super solid and have three height options, including; 3, 5, or 8 inches.

Though your furniture can only be raised to 8 inches when you pile all the pieces together. The featured recess cups can firmly hold bed legs of 2.75 inches thick.

Utopia Bed Riser is made of heavy-duty plastic that can stand the weight of up to 1,300 pounds when used together. They are popular with buyers for their stability, sturdiness, and durability. They are also good to create additional storage space under the bed.

The Utopia Bed Risers are easy to use and to install. In addition to all these great advantages, the raisers are safe and friendly to your floors as they do not damage the floors when used.

Kings Brand Heavy Duty Furniture And Bed Risers

Kings Brand Heavy Duty Furniture and Bed Risers consist of 4 pieces in a set.

They are 6 inches bed risers and furniture risers which also makes them perfect for under bed storage. They are made of heavy-duty resilient plastic and can carry the heaviest furniture in your home; of up to 300 pounds.

When the risers are not in use, you can stack them together for easy storage and avoid tripping over them.

They are perfect lifters for elevating single or double beds with four posts. But for beds with more than four posts, extra raisers will have to be purchased. Note that, only bed legs of up to 2.7-2.8 inches wide can be strongly held in a tight grip.

With Kings Brand Heavy Duty Furniture and Bed risers, you don’t have to worry about price and reliability because they are both inexpensive and can hold a lot of weight.

Home Intuition Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed And Furniture Risers

Home Intuition Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers are well-suited for all types of bed and bed sizes including twin, queen, and king-sized beds.

The bed riser can hold up to 1,200 pounds of weight without damaging the floors. Bed legs fit securely into the lifters, thus creating an extra under bed storage room. They can also be used to elevate other furniture apart from beds, for a roomy organization.

Home intuition bed risers are easy to use and install, they are also quite durable and stable enough to support heavyweights.

With these, you can raise your furniture to a maximum of 8 inches, when you stack the 3 inches block and the 5 inches block together. or you could also use them separately.

Your floors will always be kept in the same condition because the bottom of these risers is designed in a box-like manner with raised lips. Besides, they are great for people who have difficulties in getting on and off the bed or couch.

DuraCasa Bed Risers

DuraCasa Bed Risers raise your bed or furniture to create an extra 3 inches of storage. They are a set of 6 pieces, made of reinforced plastic materials to hold up to a total of 2,000 pounds securely, without slipping.

With DuraCasa, your beds and furniture lift in one piece without scratching your hardwood floors. A maximum diameter of 2.75 inches is the accurate required measurement for any bed leg to be used.

These bed risers are perfect for all spaces including small bedrooms or dorm rooms. They can be used alone or assembled with the additional 5 inches bed riser to achieve the extra 8 inches of storage space.

For 4-leg beds, you can use the extra two risers to elevate either the head of the bed or the end of the bed.

These raisers are unique in such a way that rather than the usual 4 pieces in a set for the majority of bed risers, there are 6. Thus making it perfect for most king-size beds and if not, providing an extra two for later use.

Joyclub Heavy Duty Bed Risers

Joyclub Heavy Duty Bed Risers are durable enough to lift your bed, desks, chairs, sofas, couches, tables and even cabinets; all without slipping or denting the floor.

They are made of sturdy plastics and can handle heavy-duty furniture of up to 2,200 pounds without wobbling.

Your furniture can be lifted to 3 inches, 6 inches, and higher, therefore creating more than enough space for storage underneath.

They fit most leg types and there is a featured interlocking mechanism for safe piling of the blocks. The adjustable risers are easy to assemble as well as pretty straightforward to use.

Plus, they are thick enough to last for a long period. There is nothing to dislike about Joyclub bed risers as they perform their purposes as intended.

Kyrieval Heavy Duty Bed Risers

Kyrieval Heavy Duty Bed Risers are all hollowly U-shaped and adjustable in such a way that fits all types of furniture.

They are made of high-quality plastics and they provide two height options; 3 inches and 6 inches. You can fit the heights together or use them separately. The additional inches provide enough space to keep various items under the bed as well as making it easy to clean under the furniture.

A featured non-slip mat foam on the riser protects the bed legs and ensures stability. Their solid design also supports side tables and desks; this furniture features foam pads as well, to prevent slipping.

They are highly durable and can carry weights of up to 2,200 pounds without cracking like other furniture risers.

Kyrieval bed risers are quite pocket-friendly for the type of quality they provide and they are 100% suitable for the elderly, the bed-ridden, the handicapped as well as for everyone too.

MIIX HOME Adjustable Bed Risers

MIIX HOME Adjustable Bed Risers are non-slip furniture risers consisting of 8 pieces.

The heavy-duty material of this product which is solid ABS plastic ensures long life of use and extreme durability. The product supports up to 1,800 pounds solidly, plus you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents on your floor.

They are rather easy to use, all you have to do is place the risers under the legs of your bed frame and ensure the bed legs fit properly into the cup built into the bed riser. With MIIX HOME bed risers, you get extra 4 inches for your storage underneath your beds and furniture.

The blocks are uniquely designed in such a way that they can accommodate both square-shaped and circular shaped bed legs; unlike other risers.

They are long-lasting, versatile, easy to install, extremely stable, and durable as well as they have the ideal storage capacity.

Do you need over-the-counter bed risers?

If you’re looking to raise your bed for one or two inches above the floor, you can just get pieces of solid wood from your local furniture shop and place them in the four corners of your bed

But if you’re looking for at least 3 inches raise, then it’s a good thing to go for the specially designed bed risers. These bring about some features you can’t find in any pieces of wood or hard materials.

A good store-bought riser is usually made of hard plastic, solid wood, or metal. There are also rubber bed risers and some risers consist of two or more of these materials.

They come in different designs so you need to make sure you’re buying the perfect fit for your bed. Some are designed with indentations so that the leg of the bed can sit in. Some are flat-tops and the frame of the bed rests on the surface.


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