5 Signs That Your Bed is The Cause of Your Back Pain

Table of Contents 1. Your back pain is worse in the morning2. Your mattress is too firm or too soft3. Your mattress is sagging4. Your mattress is too old, get a new mattress 5. Your mattress is worn outWhat to do if your mattress is causing you back painHow to choose the right mattress that won’t … Read more

How To Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

How to extend the life of your mattress

Table of Contents Avoid jumping on your mattressDon’t eat in bedWash your sheets regularlyVacuum your mattress regularlySpot clean spills immediatelyInvest in a mattress protectorMove your mattress with cautionHabitually Aerate Your MattressPurchase a mattress according to your body weightBuy a solid foundation for your bedIs It Time to Replace your Mattress?Conclusion With mattresses costing over $1000 … Read more

How To Clean a Mattress

Table of Contents Steps to Cleaning Your MattressStep 1: Gather your cleaning suppliesStep 2: Let’s Get the Beddings OutStep 3: Vacuum the surfaceStep 4: Soda-up your mattressStep 5: Spot-clean any mattress stainsStep 6: Let the Mattress DryFinal Step: Flip the mattressHow to Keep Your Mattress CleanConclusion We spend about a third of our lives in … Read more