Best Air mattress for Camping

Best Air Mattress for Camping

Last Updated: July, 2024

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Air Mattresses are a great temporary sleeping solution for comfortable outdoor shut-eye. In fact, they are excellent sleeping equipment that makes outdoor camping adventures pretty exciting and enjoyable. To make your camping experience worthwhile, we've put together a list of mattress for you to choose from.

The best air mattress for camping is the Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe. All air mattresses in our collection are waterproof, self-inflatable, and puncture resistant. So if you're looking for an ideal air mattress for camping to de-stress as you enjoy nature, then you'll like what our top 7 picks have to offer.

A Quick Glimpse at Our 7 Best Camping Air Mattresses

 Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe

Best Rated

1. Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe

Lightspeed Deluxe has a two-way Boston valve which helps adjust mattress firmness. So, while using the primary cap to inflate and deflate the mattress, the secondary valve is strictly reserved for inflation.

Coleman Air Mattress

2. Coleman Air Mattress

This air mattress has a support lock system that provides overall structural support. The support system also shields some areas on the mattress's surface from dipping too much.


3. ZOOOBELIVES AirLive2000

The ZoomBelives AirLive2000 is made of 75D Polyester pongee fabric, plus it's laminated with PVC materials. It is warm and waterproof, making it ideal for camping during cold weather.

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

4. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Like any typical air mattress in the market, the Sleepingo Camping Pad is easy to inflate and deflate. When inflated, it offers sturdy support for extreme comfort in any sleep position. But when deflated, it packs down to the size of a water bottle.

POWERLIX air mattress

5. POWERLIX air mattress

PowerLix is designed with unique hexagonal shapes to deliver tremendous pressure relief on the body. Inflating and deflating is also relatively easy, thanks to its dual action air valve.

INVOKER Air Mattress

6. INVOKER air mattress

In its construction, the Invoker mattress adopts a flat design. This helps maintains a super comfortable sleep experience by maintaining a perfect balance between comfort and support.



Klymit Static V Luxe's body mapping capability helps sleepers achieve premium sleep comfort. The body mapping technology also helps with insulation for minimal weight—courtesy of the Klymalite material.

 Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe


  • It can accommodate two people
  • It comes with an efficient pump
  • Relatively compact
  • Exceptionally durable


  • It may not be sturdy

Lightspeed Deluxe is an excellent fit for individuals hunting for the best camping air mattress for a weekend getaway. With a weight of 6 pounds, this camping air mattress is easily portable.

Instead of PVC, the Lightspeed Deluxe air mattress uses TPU material in its meticulous construction design. In fact, the TPU material makes this mattress extremely lightweight by making it 40% lighter than typical PVC air mattresses. Standing at an incredible height of 6.25 inches, this PVC free air mattress can be effectively used as a sleeping pad and camping air mattress.

Another significant selling point of this camping air mattress is firmness adjustability. Using the battery operated pump in conjunction with the Boston valve the bed comes with, you can conveniently switch between soft and firm comfort levels depending on your preference.

Among the best air mattresses in the market are those with patented stabilizer systems. The system adopts a coil-like construction to minimize motion transfer and increase ease of movement on the sleep surface. Fortunately, Lightspeed Deluxe employs this design system. It has 192 independent connectors at the bottom and the top layers of the mattress's system.

With easy portability, inflating it is also relatively quick. All you have to do is use the battery powered pump to set it up. In about 10 minutes, the bed should be fully inflated and flat. Overall, Lightspeed Deluxe ranks high among the most durable camping and RV mattresses that make your investment worthwhile.

Coleman Air Mattress


  • Can withstand weights of up to 600lbs
  • Excellent airt tight system
  • Easy to store due to the small size
  • Suitable for people with health complications
  • Easily portable because of the lightweight


  • It may offer uneven support to some sleepers

The Coleman Double High Support Rest air mattress is one of the most versatile air mattresses you can use not only for a camping trip but also when having guests over. Like the Etekcity air mattress, Coleman is also 18" high, making it a perfect air bed for guest rooms. Unlike the pricey Therm A Rest Mondoking, this air mattress is available at an affordable price point. So you and your guests can be sure of a good night's sleep during the holidays.

As a temporary sleeping solution, Coleman's construction seems pretty sophisticated for its price. The air mattress has solid reinforcement along the edges to provide more support. Coleman air mattress bears a soft, plush feel on the sleep surface bearing velvet-like properties for premium comfort. Also, its surface is antimicrobial treated, making it resistant to fungus, odor, and harmful mildew. Generally, this is a feature most air mattresses for camping and the best mattress for dust mites usually have.

Unlike some other air mattresses, this Coleman air mattress doesn't come with a built in air pump. Unfortunately, the package doesn't include a dedicated external air pump either. However, the company recommends you use a rechargeable pump or Coleman 120V to inflate the (20 minutes) mattress.

The Coleman Double High Support Rest is one of the most affordable twin air mattresses on the market. Since this is a standard twin size, it only measures 40″ x 75″ x 20″. However, if you want to go bigger on the size, Coleman is also available as a queen size air mattress measuring 60″ x 78″ x 18″.



  • It comes with a built-in pump
  • Made of durable materials
  • Excellent weight distribution and stability
  • It's warm and waterproof
  • Suited for couples and back sleepers


  • It may not be ideal for use during hot summers

ZOOMBELIVES is a company that boasts of producing high-quality outdoor products at a cost-effective price point. ZoomBelives Airlive2000 air mattress is one of their outdoor product. According to the company, you can use this versatile air mattress for car camping, hiking, and even motorcycle traveling.

The ZoomBelives Airlive2000 air mattress is made of durable premium fabric responsible for its luxurious feel. Moreover, it has a spaceframe whose baffles offer excellent weight distribution and perfect stability. Another powerful feature of this air mattress is it doesn't bottom out, plus it is puncture resistant. That means its weight capacity is so high that sitting or lying on the pad may feel like the weight capacity is limitless.

The ZoomBelives Airlive2000 primarily targets back sleepers. Also, couples looking for sleeping pads to enjoy a weekend camping trip will like this air mattress. That's because it has snaps that allow you to connect several pads to create a single all-in-one camping pad.

Because it's waterproof and warm, this ZoomBelives air mattress is fit for winter camping. In extreme conditions, the bed will shield you from a wet, cold ground. Inflating and deflating this air mattress is relatively easy. When deflated, it measures 6" x 6" x 14". The small size makes it easy to fit in a storage bag or a carrying bag when going on, say, a motorcycle trip.

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad


  • Performs well under harsh conditions
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Its design is water resistant
  • Best for back and side sleepers


  • Not available in multiple size variations

Sleepingo sleeping pad is a 2-inch lightweight camping air mattress designed to give sleep a cozy good night's sleep. Also, this air mattress is an excellent alternative to a typical sleeping bag. In fact, this air mattress outshines an ordinary sleeping bag comfort-wise. Because it's more resilient in extreme conditions, it is the best choice for cold and warm weather camping.

Unlike most camping air mattresses, Sleepingo employs a unique construction design. For instance, it has square-shaped air cell pockets for easy gripping. With this innovative design, you can rest assured this camping air mattress won't slip off on the ground.

Note that not all air mattresses are self inflating. And the Sleepingo Camping Pad happens to be one of them. On the bright side, it only requires 10-15 breaths to inflate fully. So, since it's not a self inflating mattress, you can use a manual pump to set it up. More importantly, this air mattress comes with a carry bag which makes traveling with the pad easy.

The Sleepingo Camping Pad has a high weight capacity, but its 75" x 23" size can comfortably accommodate sleepers weighing not more than 350lbs. Unfortunately, this is the only size the mattress is available in. But it's the right air mattress size for most kids and adults looking for premium comfort.

POWERLIX air mattress


  • Easily portable
  • Excellent durability
  • It comes with other accessories like inflating bag
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Only available in two color options

Do you often experience sleep deprivation after camping on rough and rocky terrains? PowerLix air mattress guarantees you'll feel rejuvenated when you wake up. With its static comfort and balanced support, you can rest assured of an excellent night's sleep in every outdoor adventure. And since the PoweLix Air Mattress boasts an affordable price tag, it’s also considered the best mattress for college dorms by some students, especially those who’d want an air mattress for their apartment or dorm without breaking the bank.

Like the Sleepingo Camping Pad, the PowerLix Air Mattress also employs uniqueness in its construction. The mattress has a hexagon design which delivers tremendous pressure relief on all pressure points. More importantly, its feel mimics a memory foam mattress, and the mimicry produces superior foam-like comfort.

Thermal insulation is an essential feature for the best camping mattress, and PowerLix's is excellent. So during cold weather, this air mattress shields you from cold ground and helps keep your body warm. Additionally, the bed is 100% waterproof and is specifically designed for outdoor adventures.

The carry bag it comes with is also versatile, and you can use it as a vacuum laundry bag, a pillow, or just a storage bag for the air bed. Other accessories this air mattress comes with include; a pair of repair kits and a patch kit.

INVOKER Air Mattress


  • Rapid mattress inflation in under 30 sections
  • Made of outdoor tear-resistant materials
  • It has an excellent R-value of 9.5
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • It comes in multiple different colors


  • The built in pump may not work properly

The Invoker Air Mattress uses cutting-edge technology in its construction to ensure maximum sleep experience during outdoor adventures.

On the inside, this air mattress is made of high-quality 40D nylon and elastic foam. The airbed's exterior section is made of protection reinforcement TPU plastic. If you've been looking for a camping mattress without memory foam materials but with the qualities of a foam bed, you'll be glad to know that this air mattress has 2.76-inch flex foam that offers a cradling comfort similar to a foam mattress.

Since it is a self inflating, the Invoker Air Mattress is relatively easy to inflate with a surface firmness primarily ideal for back and side sleepers. However, if you want a much firmer sleep surface, you can use a manual air pump to adjust it per your preference. Overall Not only does the construction make Invoker Air Mattress an excellent durable mattress but also stain resistant and waterproof. Moreover, the overall construction makes this air bed quite resilient to withstand changing weather seasons.

Because it offers an outstanding balance between comfort and durability, this air bed is a piece of solid camping equipment resistant to damage from sticks and stones. Also, it's more silent and doesn't produce crinkly or squeaky sounds. This, in conjunction with its high resilience, makes the Invoker perfect for use in a sleeping bag, a tent, and even a hard surface.



  • Made of non-slippery soft fabric
  • Easy to travel with and store.
  • Firm sleeping surface
  • It has a two-valve system that helps with quick deflation


  • It may not be large enough to accommodate two people

KLYMIT Static Luxe is an all-season luxurious air mattress with a compact design that can easily compress down to a small size of dimensions, 5.5 by 10 inches. The air mattress weighs 35 Oz making it conveniently portable as it can easily fit in a backpack. When inflated, it measures 76 by 30 by 3 inches.

With a 4.4 R-Value, this air mattress is excellently insulated with Klymalite to keep you warm during cold weather. For more comfort, the bed is fitted with V-chamber, which minimizes heat loss and air movements at night. Moreover, the design bears body mapping technology to deliver balanced support and comfort for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Aside from being a super comfortable air mattress for outdoor camping, KLYMIT Static Luxe has unparalleled reliability and rugged durability. This is mainly visible in its 75D Polyester construction, which makes it abrasion, wear and puncture resistant. With its luxurious design, the final result is an excellent balance between technical performance and premium comfort.

Choosing The Best Camping Air Mattresses

Inflatable air mattresses are an excellent choice for outdoor adventures like car camping trips. Such air beds are primarily made for those seeking outdoor sleep comfort. If you have a dilemma in deciding the best camping air mattress ideal for you, follow the buyer's guide below.

Buyer's Guide For Choosing The Best Camping Air Mattresses

Air Mattress Pump

While there are self inflating air mattresses, with other mattresses, you have to use a manual pump or a rechargeable pump to set up the mattress. Some camping air mattresses without built-in pumps come with a separate one. Depending on your preference, you pick whatever option that suits you best.

For convenience's sake, you can carry along a D battery powered pump on your trip to inflate the mattress. Depending on the pump you'll be using, consider packing some extra batteries In case it runs out of juice.

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The Camping Air Mattress Size

Size is a crucial factor, especially if the weekend camping trip involves many people. Fortunately, camping air mattresses come in different sizes but from different brands. For instance, while one brand offers twin and queen mattress sizes, others may provide the twin size only.

Generally, a twin size air mattress is excellent for camping alone and in small tents. Moreover, the size is also ideal for small kids. The twin size usually measures 75 by 39 inches. As for the thickness, it depends on the brand. You can opt for the full size (75" x 54") if you want more sleeping surface to ensure you don't roll off the mattress.

The regular queen mattress measures 80 by 60 inches and is ideal for co-sleepers or those with sleeping partners. Such an air bed is wide enough to ensure each sleeper sleeps comfortably without disturbing the other sleeper. If you're planning a camping trip that will take a long time, it's best to go for a brand offering a king size air mattress.

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Price of the Mattress

Since there are multiple camping air mattresses in the market, there are cheap and pricey ones. Expensive high-end air mattresses like the Therm A Rest Mondoking costs up to $215. As a budget shopper, this may not be an ideal choice for you. However, an air mattress like the PowerLix only costs around $45. Other budget-friendly air mattresses include; the ZoomBelives and the Coleman Double High. Click here for more information on the best affordable mattresses for camping. 

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Final Thoughts

It's imperative you get the right air mattress for your outdoor adventures. This will ensure you have a fun adventure away from home, while giving a good rest which is crucial for your crucial for your overall i9}health. Since there are many camping air beds in the market, the buyer's guide should suffice in guiding you toward the right pick. Generally, air mattresses include comfort, ease of use, durability, and convenience in a single sleeping package to make your investment worth the mattress price. So, you can be sure of getting a high-quality cozy air mattress at an affordable price point.