Best Mattress Under $1,000

Best Mattress Under $1,000

Last Updated: September, 2022

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Looking for the best mattress under $1000 can be a daunting task. Even when restricted by your budget, you want to get something worth every cent. A mattress is a big investment, and quality tends to cost more in the market. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent mattresses going for less than $1000.

For this article, we tested several mattress and rounded up 5 of the best mattresses under $1000 to help you find an ideal mattress on a budget. While the price may sound too good for high-quality mattresses, it is possible, and we have a list for you. They include memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses suitable for different types of sleepers. Our top affordable mattress is the Nolah Original 10. Read on to know which other mattresses to buy without breaking the bank.

Our Picks For The Best Mattresses Under $1000

Best Rated

Nolah Original 10 is one of the versatile mattresses in the market. It offers excellent pressure relief, superior cooling and comfy body contouring. The TENCEL™ cover gives users incredible support and comfort and its snow white colors gives the ultimate classy look. Besides that, the unbeatable price makes a good choice for anyone looking for a soft to medium firm mattress.

GhostBed Classic is a durable mattress that suits various types of sleepers. It has aerated latex making it suitable for hot sleepers. It fits a queen-size bed effortlessly and the exterior cover made of viscose and polyester ensures breathability. The bottom layer is made of 7.5 inches thick high density foam. It is all tested and reviewed to guarantee an incredible user experience.  

3. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress has copper foam, which is superior to the traditional foam. It offers solid support because the copper gel offers firm response to pressure points. However, it feels soft and cozy while the copper gel’s conductivity removes heat from the body and gives a hot sleeper a cooler night. 

The Signature Hybrid has encased Ascension® coils that combine individually to give a unique mattress.  The coils make the foam super responsive and provide more comfort and compression support. It is a rare mattress with premium features and price under $1000. 

5. Cool Gel Quilted Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Cool Gel Quilted Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress comes with a beautiful cover combined with aerated cool gel memory foam. They both provide superior comfort and support for quality sleep. These features are tested and proven experts.


  • Little lag time when users change sleep positions
  • Low motion transfer
  • Spine alignment for side sleepers
  • Cooling ability even though it's made of foam


  • Has fiberglass that can irritate the respiratory system

Nolah Original 10 has a neutral feel with a soft memory foam hint. The mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. It strikes a perfect balance that offers spine alignment, support and comfort for different sleepers. The mattress also responds quickly to pressure, making it a good choice for combination sleepers.

Besides, the Nolah mattress offers soft to medium firmness to average-size users. However, it feels softer to people with more weight and firmer to lighter individuals. It moulds around body curves and gives a comfy feel to side sleepers and combo sleepers.

Nolah Mattress Construction

Most mattresses come in either hybrid or spring and foam construction. The Nolah 10-inch is a foam bed constructed with proprietary foam as the top layer. It has three layers that include the base, transition and comfort layers. The base layer is 7 inches thick, and its main role is to support the upper layers and the user. The transition layer is one-inch thick, soft polyfoam that offers cushion and prevents the sleeper from feeling the hardiness of the base layer.

Who can use Nolah Original 10

The Nolah Original is not a perfect fit for stomach and back sleepers with more than 230 pounds weight. However, anyone with less weight will find it firm enough to support their sleeping style. The firmness of this mattress is relative to your body weight.

It falls in the range of softer mattresses and will therefore give side sleepers sufficient pressure relief around the shoulders and hips. You are assured extra comfort, super pressure relief and extra support.

Furthermore, Nolah Original has middle firmness and is designed to cater for various common sleeping positions. A combo sleeper who sleeps more on the side will feel at home with Nolah. It allows easy movements at night.  Most students on a budget also consider the Nolah Original 10 the best mattress for college dorms.


  • Affordable since it falls in the brand’s entry-level models
  • Cooling capabilities
  • Lengthy trial for testing the mattress


  • It doesn't feel like a traditional, springy mattress and may take some getting used to

GhostBed Classic is one of the best mattresses for all sleepers. The latex form provides excellent support making this mattress a plus. It is also easy to share in a queen-size bed, and the price crowns it all. Finding a big mattress with latex under $100 is rare.

Construction of the GhostBed Classic

Like their RV mattresses, the GhostBed Classic comes with a classy yet durable layer that includes a smooth, soft, stretchy cover. The cover is made of polyester and viscose materials that offer a cozy feel and breathability.

The 1.5 inches top latex layer has small holes to keep your sleep cool. They absorb heat from the body as you sleep. This non-allergenic latex also adds a springy feel making intimate activities and overall sleep experience enjoyable.

The two inches of memory foam layer in the mattress come with bigger cells than the original memory foam. They help remove heat from the body and keep you cool throughout the night. It is the best memory foam mattress below $1000 you will find in the market. The foundation of the GhostBed Classic mattress is created with 7.5 inches thick high-density foam. This makes the mattress firm and ideal for spine alignment without feeling too hard on the body.

The GhostBed layers consist of memory foam, latex foam and polyfoam. They are three layers of foam, and each has a role in making the mattress comfortable. The base polyurethane foam layer is 7.5 inches thick to ensure solid support. Next to the bottom layer is the transitional layer. It is two inches of gel memory foam to help regulate temperature while providing a transition between the base layer and top layers.

The comfort layer is a 1.5 inches aerated latex form. It feels spongy and enhances airflow while also giving the mattress some bounce. All the layers are beautifully packaged in a removable cover. The cover is made of viscose and polyester blend, which makes it soft to touch. You don't have to remove it for simple cleaning such as coffee spills; you can wipe it clean. Removing the cover is quite a hassle and not necessary for spot cleaning. Some warm soapy water and a cloth are enough to dap spots and any fresh spill.

Performance of GhostBed Mattress

GhostBed mattresses offer excellent pressure relief, especially for side sleepers. This is made possible by the memory foam layer that cradles the body comfortably and relieves pressure points. However, anyone who is more than 160 pounds experiences better pressure relief than heavier individuals.

Though the mattress doesn't get too hot, the GhostBed does not cool sweaty sleepers. The gel memory cools the mattress, making it more of a neutral temperature mattress. Lighter individuals tend to experience more coolness than heavier people because they do not sink into the mattress.

GhostBed Classic is a good choice for anyone looking for a mattress with excellent edge support. For people who share a bed, there is a high chance of one person getting pushed to the edge while the other sleeps in the middle. If a mattress has edge support, the unlucky person will still be comfortable and not feel like they are about to fall off the bed.

GhostBed mattress limits motion transfer, which means you can get out of bed without disturbing your partner. The motion isolation limits disturbance and gives couples quality sleep even if their partners are combo sleepers who turn around a lot in bed.

Who can use this mattress?

Ghostbed Classic mattress is all types of sleepers. Stomach and back sleepers will find comfort since it is medium soft but offers firm support and spinal alignment.

This mattress is also good for side sleepers. It has medium firmness, and the latex foam top layer provides sufficient pressure relief for side sleepers. Since the mattress is firm and supports the back, it's ideal for combo sleepers too. However, this bed's lag time is high, which makes it hard for a sleeper to switch positions.

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  • Firm and soft mattress in one
  • High quality foam
  • Copper-infused memory with antimicrobial properties


  • Limited airflow in the foam

Layla stands out among many types of mattresses because it has a soft side for sufficient pressure relief and a firm side for excellent support. It's like having two mattresses in one; you choose the side that suits you best.

Construction of Layla Mattress

The Layla Memory Foam mattress is ten inches thick. But its unique feature is the flippable double sides. It falls in the small class of mattresses with two levels of firmness. It also has comfort layers at the bottom and top sides of the mattress. The soft side has a three-inch layer of copper-infused memory foam next to the two-inch of convoluted support form.

Since the copper-infused layer is antimicrobial, the memory foam does not trap much heat. The layers also leave sufficient space for air circulation throughout the mattress. The firm side contains just one inch of copper-infused memory foam on the comfort layer and has no convoluted form.

The transitional layer is convoluted polyfoam, two inches thick and looks like an egg crate. It softens the Layla mattress to ensure comfort while delivering solid support through the 4.5 inches dense poly foam.

Under the one inch of copper-infused memory foam is the firm layer. It contains little memory foam between the top layer and support core.

The top cover protects everything on the Layla mattress. It is made with Thermogel to keep the mattress cool and covers both sides, so you benefit from the heat-dissipating fabric whether you want the soft or firm side.

Performance of the Layla Mattress

The firm side of the Layla mattress provides good edge support. But, the soft side is not so good. Generally, softer mattresses do not have excellent edge support, and this one is not an exception. However, the Layla memory foam mattress has excellent motion isolation allowing couples to get in and out of bed without disturbing their partners. It is a good choice for light sleepers.  Seniors may be better off with a sleep surface that offers the perfect balance between pressure relief and support. If you fall into this category, we recommend going for the best mattress for seniors.


  • Three levels of firmness, including firm, medium, and soft.
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • No middlemen when buying the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress


  • Tends to heat up
  • Edge support is inconsistent

The Signature Hybrid is the best mattress with innerspring and foam construction you will find at an affordable price. Like other products from Brooklyn bedding, the Signature Hybrid mattress is of high  quality but quite affordable, with a price below $1000.

This model has a thickness of 11.75 inches with four layers, including the comfort layer of 1.5 inches of comfort foam. It is made of elastic material and feels like latex; in fact it contours the body shape like memory foam. Besides that, you are assured of a cool night, thanks to the open-cell design and TitaniumGelTM. This makes the Signature Hybrid an ideal pick for hot sleepers, especially those looking for the best mattress without memory foam.

The second layer is the transitional one made of one-inch VariFlexTM, providing sleepers with super comfort and compression support. It creates a smooth transition from the upper foam layers to the lower coil layers. The support layer has 961 encased layers, each eight inches thick. This ensures stability and motion isolation, thanks to the ascension coils. The 2.5 inches base layer is made of high-density flex foam to give super support for the upper layers while reinforcing the coils.

Signature Hybrid Performance

Some parts of the body, like the hip joint, are sensitive to weight pressure while lying on the bed. The Signature Hybrid offers pressure relief with on pressure points and prevents pain and discomfort. The quilted top of the mattress is soft and breathable, and it's designed to contour the body shape to alleviate sensitive pressure points.

The top-quality mattress, Signature Hybrid, offers solid support that properly aligns the spine. The one-inch VariFlex layer provides deep compression support and comfort. Besides, the innerspring layers are strong to offer support depending on the level of firmness.

Thanks to the titanium gel added to the proprietary TitanFlex foam, the mattress doesn't get hot. The coils also allow airflow to keep the mattress cool at night. Above all, couples can share this mattress comfortably since it has sufficient edge support. If you are worried about motion transfer, Signature Hybrid prevents the spreading of motion. The coils are encased and ensure partners do not disturb one another at night when switching positions or getting out of the bed.

Who can use this mattress?

Different sleepers enjoy a good night's sleep on the Signature Hybrid. Side sleepers will not experience pain or pressure on the shoulders, knees and hips. It also aligns the spine properly, making it ideal for back sleepers.

Stomach sleepers find solid support from the firm foams and coils. The hips do not go deep into the mattress, so the spine remains straight. Combination sleepers who switch from the side to back and stomach positions will fall in love with this mattress.


  • Removable and washable cover
  • Premium quality 14-inch mattress
  • Breathability and superior cooling ability


  • Heavy and hard to move around

The Cooling Gel Memory foam 14-inch mattress is made of three certified foams. They include the Jacquard cover, which is stretchy, breathable and soft. The second layer is gel-infused swirl foam that conforms to the sleeper's body while keeping the bed cool. The transition layer is of medium firmness for maximum pressure relief, while the base layer is a high-density form that stabilizes your bed.

Performance of Cool Gel Quilted Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

The Classic Brands Gel Quilted mattress comes with incredible comfort for refreshing sleep. It is beautifully tailored with a uniquely knitted waterfall edge and a contrasting border. The memory foam inside the mattress relieves pressure, and the aerated high-density cool gel memory foam assures the user solid support. The foam cradles your body for super comfort, while the open cell design ensures air circulation across the mattress. Motion transfer is low as the mattress absorbs noise. Besides, the mattress' edge support ensures comfortable sitting or sleeping on the edge.

Who can sleep on this mattress?

The Cool Gel Quilted Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress works for the stomach, back and side sleepers. This 14-inch mattress comes with a plush feel and pressure relief needed by side, back, and stomach sleepers. It keeps the spine properly aligned, which means no back or neck pains in the morning.

Importance Of Getting The Best Mattress

Under $1,000

If you want to buy the best mattress under $1000, you have five options above. Before you decide what to buy, you should consider a few things. They include your sleeping position because the mattress manufacturers have some types of sleepers in mind for specific models. Of course, you must put your budget in mind. But don’t also forget to consider the quality of materials and construction of the mattress. The layers should be combined correctly to prevent the bed from sagging after a short time. Most modern mattresses have layers; the thicker and more they are, the higher the quality and the price. Check out the list above; they are tested and reviewed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep within your budget.