A Guide To Getting The Best Mattress for Rental Property or Airbnb

When you find that your guests are not comfortable in the Airbnb your rent to them, nothing much you can do to recover the situation. You may have an immaculate listing altogether, but that is not what will make them stay happy.


The thing is, your guests will spend most of the day outside, and the evening sleeping in the unit. One may think it is hard to deliver quality sleep. Well, that is not very true. You can make your unit comfortable enough with a few ideas.

If you address these purchase decisions carefully enough, you have are going to leave a smile on the faces of your visitors. Consequently, you will have a great time as well. So how do you get there? Continue reading.

It Is All About The Mattress

You Airbnb will face a terrible blow if you include a horrible mattress. The market is full of different kinds of mattresses to give ultimate comfort to anyone who sleeps in them.

Investing in the best mattress for Airbnb will put you on the right track for great service delivery. And yes, consider it an investment not only terms of monetary gain but as a way to acquire great personal reviews.

It will be a favor for your guests, but mostly the favor is yours. Consider the following indicators that will tell you your mattress needs an upgrade.

1. More Than Ten Years

A mattress more than 10-year-old is one that has outlives its usefulness. If you check most of the warranties for many cushions, they only give a guarantee of up to 10 years. This is a situation for the older versions of foam mattresses.

What makes the situation even worse is if you have not had an excellent cover for the mattress. The more you use it, the lazier it gets. You might start realizing that the mattress lack evenness when you are sleeping on it. Its support has completely gone, and there is nothing you can do to change the situation.

2. An Uncomfortable Mattress

Several conditions may render most mattresses uncomfortable. However, there are particular types of mattresses that generally uncomfortable for any situation. If this is a mattress that you didn’t find comfortable enough for yourself, so you decided to put it in your Airbnb; that is a wrong move.

Or perhaps you enjoy sleeping on the sofa or even floor more than your bed. That should tell you that you have a wrong mattress. Should you give the same to your guests? You can give it a quick test. Just get one honest and forgiving friend and let them try out the mattress free.

Find one who is a frequent traveler to make the situation count and let them spend a night at your place. Waking up with a back issue, or tossing and turning around reviews indicates you need to do something about the sleeping surface you have provided.

3. Uneven Mattress

A mattress should be firm enough to support your body weight in any style to sleep. It must conform to the curves on your body. So, if you feel lumps or cave-ins everywhere on your mattress, it is crying for a replacement.

A mattress that is not even can have serious issues on your back and or the neck area. You don’t want your guests checking-in happy and leaving angry. The more you use the mattress you have, the more sagging you will experience. In this case, the only solution will be to get another mattress.

Modern mattresses have been created with improved technology to offer lifetime support. Though they are quite costly, they are an investment you might not want to miss on.

​4. Perhaps You Sneeze In The Morning When You Wake Up

Another characteristic of a great mattress is cleanness. Some of the old versions of mattress accumulate a lot of dirt. You will find that some of the dust is too deep into the foam that you cannot manage to wash it out.

Even when you cover the mattress with a clean sheet, you may always wake up with a sneeze. Consider the situation of the room and the environment generally when determining this. If it is not an allergy or cold season, the mattress is the issue.

And even when you have closed all the windows but still wake up with a stuffy nose, consider changing the sleeping surface. Chance the mattress being full of dirt and other nasty stuff is very high. If it is giving you such a problem, how will your guests feel when they come to use?

5. More Than One Complaint From The Guests

Put into consideration the reviews they are giving about your bed. If it is only one quest who complains, that might just be being picky. But when it gets to a situation where more and more guests are complaining, you will have to come up with a lasting solution.

Chances are, the guests who visit your place, are the same who will come by next year. Many people like traveling around the world all year round. They need a place they can trust to have a quiet and peaceful rest.

The best marketing reviews do not come from what you write, but your guest says. New customers buy a product depending on how others feel about it. This is why customer reviews count even for Airbnb mattress.

Change the mattress and give yourself and your visitors an experience they will never forget. As mentioned earlier, it is an investment worth putting into play. You may not realize the benefits when choosing the item, but they will come later.

How To Select The Perfect Mattress

Mattress for Rental Property

After checking and deciding to change the foam, it is time you looked at the options you have. There are so many great mattresses in the world today to choose from. Every new mattress that comes on the market is fit for different kinds of situation.

You need first to establish the needs for your Airbnb. Since you have already done that, consider how much you want to make it worth for your guests. Use the following tips.

1. Consider Your Budget

Some of the mattresses are quite costly. But that does not mean that you pressure yourself a lot into getting the mattress you desire. Go for something that fits your budget.

You don’t need to spend say $1000 on the mattress. There are cheaper mattresses that go for less than $250, yet they are perfect for the job. If you have a king size bed, for instance, the most obvious thought would be to get a king size mattress.

But have you considered a good double? If the budget is your issue, then getting a mediocre king mattress makes your situation even worse. You may find yourself spending too much when you have better options. When making amends to your space, the first thing you need to do is come up a budget.

There might be other things that need your urgent attention to improve the experience of your visitors. Take the opportunity you have to select a mattress based on what else needs upgrading. In simple terms, don’t spend more than what you can afford.

2. Medium Firmness

However large and thick your mattress may look, it only serves the purpose if it is firm enough. Too firm and one may feel as though they are sleeping on a dry surface. And one that is too soft on the other hand lacks conformity.

Different people have different firmness needs. There are those who prefer the hard ones while others want softness. Body size is one of the greatest contributors to such a situation. For this reason, there is no knowing for sure the intensity for firmness that will satisfy each customer.

To be on the safe side, find something that most of your guests will find comfortable. You don’t have to satisfy everyone, but at least make sure the majority are having a good time.

A mattress that is between 5 and seven on the universal firmness is a great choice. Such will be “too soft” or “too firm” for the fewest people. This is a medium firmness. Even if not everyone finds is perfect, most people will have no issue with it because it is between the lowest and the highest firmness level.

If you are using a soft mattress topper, things might be a little bit different. In this case, you need firmness that ranges between 7 and 8.

3. Consider Your Listing

It is your listing that matters. If you are charging something like $500/night, a blow-up mattress is not going to cut it. Look for something that stands up to the price listing.

But if your charge $50/night or lower, you might want to cut on the expense. Simply go for something that has more reviews.

As the saying goes “you get what you pay for,” your customers should understand and be satisfied based on the price. A luxurious or premium listing demands more luxury to fit such a position.

The best way to get around this aspect is to invest 5-7 nights of your bookings into your mattress for an affordable listing. And if it is a premium listing, 2-4 nights’ bookings will do just fine.

Top 3 ​Best ​Mattresses ​For ​Rental ​Property ​Or Airbnb

There are several mattress choices on the market today. However, not all are great. We have selected three top mattress choices that will fit your budget and improve the situation of your rental property.

1. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10-Inch

This is an item that will give you easy rest. The memory foam of this sleep master mattress from Zinus is nothing but a perfect choice for all types of guests.

It is a 10-inch mattress that provides conforming comfort. It has a memory foam layer that molds the natural body shape to give you a great night of maximum rest.

It has a full support high-density base layer. This makes it long lasting and durable to give the value of your investment.

Features include:

  • ​Conforming memory foam
  • ​Layers include: 3” memory foam, 2” pressure relieving foam and 5”high-density base support
  • ​The latest evolution in memory foam
A guide to getting the best mattress for rental property or Airbnb

2. Signature Sleep Mattress, 8 Inch Coil Mattress, Queen Size

This mattress described as the Signature Sleep Contour 8 is thoroughly made with low VOC foam with great conformity. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified for a worry-free investment.

The mattress creates an equal distribution to your body weight, following each curve to ensure ultimate support for each part of your sleep. It is excellent for any sleeping position.

Contour 8-inch mattresses are made with independently encased coils to eliminate motion disturbances. It has a 1.6-inch layer of foam at the bottom and top to ensure comfort and quality.


  • ​​A layer of 1.6 Inch high-density foam at the top and bottom
  • ​​It is reversible
  • ​​Include soft, breathable knit fabric mattress cover
  • ​​​7 inches 15 gauge independently encased coils and coil count.
Best mattress for rental property

​3. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam 12-​Inch ​Mattress

If you are looking for luxury, the Classic Brands 12” Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress should be top on your list. This luxury mattress is tailored with beauty and knit with a fabric cover with waterfall edges and gray side panels.

It has three layers of infused cool gel, breathable poly foam, and high-density base foam. These layers ensure proper dispersing of heat for maximum comfort. It relieves pressure points to ensure maximum comfort and support.

With two-layer of Poly gel-Supportive Foam, the mattress provides support for the Gel foam layer when the base layer maintains strength and stability.

  • ​​​Latest foam technology
  • ​​​Waterfall edge cover with beautiful details
  • ​There layers of highest quality gel, memory, and high-density base foam
  • ​Medium-Plush Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly
Best mattress for Airbnb


Getting the best mattress for rental property or Airbnb is easy and an investment worth your time and money. The aim here is to ensure you are getting the most out of the property. Let your customers feel what they expect. If the mattress you choose is fine you, even your guests will enjoy.

For this reason, you need to take your time identifying a mattress. The choices ideas and choices share above should give you an easier time. Hope you find that perfect mattress.

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