Everything You Need To Know About The Best Foundation For The Latex Mattress

Have you been searching for the perfect mattress? And now you have found it, and you feel relieved, right? It feels as though you have removed an enormous burden from your shoulders.


Perhaps you have tried different types of mattresses for your bed, but none seems to give you the best service. All you are looking for is a perfect sleep. You want your night to be uninterrupted. You have finally found the type of mattress that makes you feel like a king in your own home.

Well, that is not the end of your search for the perfect sleep. You are just halfway there. The next thing you want for a perfect sleep is to get the best foundation for latex mattress. You might have purchased the best bed on the market and covered it with a great mattress.

But the foundation you choose for your mattress will make all the difference. That is how critical the foundation is, and you don’t want to get anything wrong.

Importance Of A Good Foundation For A Latex Mattress

A foundation is the best way to achieve the structural integrity of your bed. Many people fail to get the best sleep at night just because they are not comfortable enough. And one of the biggest causes of such a situation is the lack of a good foundation.

Sometimes people feel pressured when they are trying to get enough sleep. This condition causes a lack of proper sleep which results in waking up with severe headaches. A good foundation will enhance the pressure points and ensure comfort for your spinal code.

Look for the best foundation if you want to avoid those back problems disturbing you. Apart from the benefits above a wrong foundation might void the warranty from your seller and manufacturer. This is why you need to get a proper education before you think about getting the foundation.

Having just foundation for the mattress is barely something to by, and that is a fact. You have to get into more details and ensure that what you are getting is indeed good quality and will offer you the perfect service. For this reason, we are going to look at a few things to put in mind while shopping.

Guideline For Buying The Best Foundation For A Latex Mattress

foundation for latex mattress

The following are the four guidelines for purchasing the perfect item.

Guide #1: You Don’t Need One,… But You Will Want One

It is wrong to assume that having a foundation for your mattress is a must. Sometimes you might not have enough to spend on buying one. If you look at some of the adverts, it feels as though it is something you cannot do without. Well, that is a wrong assumption.

The only problem is, there are chances you will not be comfortable sleeping only a few inches above the ground. Your latex mattress is just fine if you are looking for merely sleeping. But when it comes to a matter of quality sleep, you will need more than just a good mattress and bed.

The foundation beneath your mattress will help to keep your mattress clean. You will have no problem trying to ensure the dirt underneath the bed does not affect the cleanness of your bedding.

Ideally, the foundation is not just about having something under the mattress. It is about enhancing the experience you get in your bedroom. Many people have found the foundations entirely necessary, and they cannot just do without them.

Guide #2: About A Slat Foundation

There are several types of foundations on the market today. Each of the foundations has the specific purpose they serve for different people. A slat foundation is one of the most common sort foundations today.

One thing you must know about these foundations is that they only work great is the slat is not more than 8” apart. As you might have discovered, most of the modern, low to mid-priced foundations are slats. The provide center support for your mattress and at the same time strong enough to avoid sagging down of the bed.

The rule for the latex mattress slats foundation is that the slats should not exceed 8”, recommended being about 3” only. The reason for this recommendation is lack of inner spring for the mattresses. If the slats are too far and cause a sagging mattress, you are likely to experience spinal alignment issues.

Guide #3: Plywood Under The Mattress Works Just As Good

Latex mattresses are very versatile when it comes to using foundations for them. Most of the mattresses today are created for natural resting on a stable platform to maintain spinal alignment. They are designed to be a minimalistic and low profile.

The mattresses are however firm enough to handle any movement in bed. All you have to do is ensure the platform does not have imperfections. Such things could cause damage to your mattress.

Guide #4: Anything That Sags Or Is Unsupportive Should Be Ditched

It does not matter the type of latex mattress you are using. Just ensure you are not using any foundation that allows sagging. This is so even for those who prefer sleeping on their backs on much softer mattress ​- support is very vital.

Perhaps you have realized how sleeping on the couch or old mattresses give you back pains. This is why you must consider spinal alignment when looking for a mattress. A foundation plays a key in this aspect.

What Foundation Is Best For Latex Mattresses?

Foundations for latex mattress come in different types. Identifying a right type will make the time you spend searching much more rewarding.

The following are the best types of foundations for your mattress.

1. Box Spring Alternative Foundation

If you are an individual that prefers a more classic bedroom look, the box is the foundation to consider. It is one of the best and favorite foundations today. Traditional box spring mattresses are however harder, and not easy to find.

The alternative for this is a box foundation. It is also called a box spring foundation. This alternative has a look and feels of the traditional box foundation. This type offers a tri-fold design.

2. Steel Grid Platform Foundation

When you are looking for anything in the world especially foundations, durability is always the top consideration. No one wants to get something that will be used for a short while then it breaks.

If you have your priorities laid on durability, therefore, you should consider steel grid foundations. They offer a long-term service to the user. Apart from this, it comes with easy-to-move tri-fold design with taller under-bed storage.

3. Adjustable Foundation

Just as the name suggests, this is a foundation that can be adjusted into any shape. They are mostly reserved for hospital beds and facilities in retirement homes.

They offer substantial medical benefits for anyone who uses them. That is the reason why they have leaped into the mainstream.

It has enhanced lumbar support; it is more versatile and can be fully customized. They have become the best items on the mattress foundation industry.

How To Buy The Perfect Foundation For Latex

Buying an ideal foundation for a latex mattress might seem easy, but it is not easy at all. There are several factors to put into consideration for the outcome to be as desired. Consider the following;

  • ​The type of mattress you have. Most manufacturers will add a recommendation for the foundation. The size of the bed should also be among what you are looking at. For queen sizes and king sizes, for example, you must ensure they foundation can withstand the weight.
  • ​Budget: Some of the foundations on the market cost more than what your mattress does. For this reason, ensure you have a proper budget that does not stress you out.
  • ​Durability: Consider the quality of the foundation and for how long it will serve you.
  • ​Set-up ease: It is better to have one that is much simpler to install.
  • ​Style and design
  • ​Warranty

Top 5 ​Best ​Foundation ​For ​A ​Latex ​Mattress

The following five foundations have been identified as the best on the market today.

1. Zinus 14” SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus 14” SmartBase mattress foundation

This item is regarded as the foundation of the future. This foundation by Zinus is the ultimate solution for your latex mattress. If you have been relying on a box spring, you longer have to as this foundation eliminates that need. The latex should be placed directly under the SmartBase.

The design of the foundation is uniquely crafted to offer optimum support and durability. It has steel support with multiple points of contact with the floor. This adds in an extra value of support.

The frame is made 14” high with a clearance of 13” under it. You have enough under bed storage for anything you would like to add there.

The plastic caps are there to protect your floor. This is one foundation easy enough to be used by anyone.

2. Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus 14 inch elite SmartBase mattress foundation

This foundation comes with a smart base that eliminates any need for the traditional box spring. This is everything you may need to have the best nights of your life.

The clearance that the foundation offers under the 14” height is enough for you to store everything you might want to.

Durability is a factor that most people consider when choosing a foundation for latex mattresses. The SmartBase Elite provides a solid foundation. Big and tall people will find this a perfect choice.

The fact that it is easy to assemble offers stress-free use. Just make sure the support arms are fitted well. It has a folding design. If you want to store it or move to another place, fold and continue.

3. AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame, Black, Twin

AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame

A foundation is only as good as the feature it has. Unlike the traditional bed frames, the Platform bed frame offers better functionalities.

It has the crawl-into-bed space that is comfortable enough for you to store anything under. Space has a clearance of about 13 inches.

The frame is also quite versatile. This foundation can accommodate any mattress size and style. Your latex mattress will get enough and stable ground to rest on.

Other bed frames can be very squeaky and disturbing. This one is stronger and quieter. It is very durable because of the material that with which it is made.

4. Simple Houseware 14-Inch Twin Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame

Simple Houseware 14 inch twin size mattress foundation platform bed frame

This is one of the best foundations on the market today. The foundation offers excellent 14-inch height with 13” storage space under the structure.

You no longer have any need for a bed frame or box spring. This is an item that offers excellent support for your mattress and your body as well.

The foundation is easy to assemble. You will have an easy time putting it together and start using. You can put your latex mattress directly on it as there is no need for additional box spring.

5. Zinus Easy To Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus easy to assemble SmartBase mattress foundation

When you go to buy a mattress foundation on the market, it is vital that you consider the clearance space. This foundation has 12.5 inches clearance standing 14” high.

If you thought traditional box springs are a great deal, you would have to think twice. You don’t need the box at all. And if you have to move it in tight spaces like staircases and doorways, the compact design allows with ease.

It has multiple points of contact to the floor. This offers more support and stability to avoid squeaking and such noises.


Sleep is an integral part of human activities. It rejuvenates the body and ensures you wake up feeling stronger and better. Among the things that will make this a possibility is the choice of foundation you make.

Even with a great mattress, having a poorly designed foundation will make it seem as though you are sleeping on hard ground. Knowing the different options available on the market enhances your decision-making ability. That is why the tips offered in this guide are useful for you.

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