Best Foundation for Latex Mattress

Best Foundations for Latex Mattress

Last Updated: October, 2023

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Would you like to extend the lifespan of your latex mattress and offer your body more support as you sleep? Then get yourself a mattress foundation. There are many benefits of a foundation, as discussed later in this guide, but one of them is offering underbed clearance that makes it easy to clean under your bed. If you're looking for some good foundation options, we've hunted down 7 for you.

The best foundation for latex mattress is the GhostBed foundation which offers users strong support with 2000lbs of weight limit and is a box spring too. Read on to learn more about this foundation and others in a favorite's list.

Top 7 Mattress Foundations For a Latex Bed

GhostBed Foundation

Best Rated

GhostBed Foundation

The GhostBed foundation is the ultimate heavyweight bed base offering a whopping 2000lbs of weight limit making it comfortable for more than 2 people to sleep on it.

Puffy Foundation

Puffy Foundation

Plushbeds uses GOTS certified organic cotton as a cover for their foundation which is made from Rainforest Alliance certified spruce. Talk about material legitness!

Layla Metal Platform Base

Layla Metal Platform Base

This 40lbs lightweight and portable Layla foundation comes with a foldable frame that assembles in a minute or two - zero hustle! It has a 120 night trial and free shipping offers within the US.

Amerisleep Foundation

Amerisleep Foundation

This universal slatted foundation is compatible with all mattress types from latex foam and memory foam mattress to traditional innerspring mattress. It offers 1 year warranty and 750lbs weight limit

Nolah Platform Base

Nolah Platform Base

If you're looking for a sturdy bed that offers good underbed spacing, then Nolah's got you covered. The Nolah mattress foundation comes with a 10 year warranty and only assembles in 15 minutes.

Orthopedic Bed

Orthopedic Bed Foundation By PlushBeds

PlushBeds uses GOTS certified organic cotton as a cover for their orthopedic mattress foundation which is made from Rainforest Alliance certified spruce. Talk about material legitness!

Zoma Foundation

Zoma Foundation

Made of 100% spruce pine fir lumber, the Zoma foundation has a height of 14.5 inches, breathable polyester cover, detachable legs and spaced wooden slats.

GhostBed Foundation


  • Has adjustable and optional legs
  • Works with any type of footboard and headboard
  • Easy to assemble in minutes
  • Has a slip-on cover to prevent mattress sliding


  • No returns or night trials offered

This patent-pending box spring x Foundation bed is the ultimate heavyweight choice for heavy sleepers and those who sleep with a partner or two. With such a high limit comes long term durability. Even if your kids like to jump on the bed, the GhostBed foundation will hold the weight.

This solid platform foundation comes in two height options; 12 inches and 15 inches. The legs of a queen bed are a total of 9 each spread out to the right and left edges as well as the center part. The legs are adjustable to the sleeper's preferred height, i.e. 3 inches or 6 inches. Since it's easy to assemble, you will only take a few minutes and won't need any additional tools.

Puffy Foundation


  • Assembles in minutes
  • Is steady hands doesn't squeak
  • It's very lightweight
  • Made with heavy-duty steel offering a weight of 1000lbs
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • It's affordable


  • It does not offer any night trials or returns

We love the Puffy foundation because of its crisscross steel design that improves airflow under the bed keeping your mattress dry and aerated 24/7. This unique design forms small rectangles that distribute support evenly throughout the bed and prevent the mattress from sagging. With the Puffy Foundation you will not need a box spring. The steel used is heavy duty allowing body weight of up to 1,000lbs.

The foundation itself is very lightweight making it easy to move around. It's also easy to assemble in under 5 minutes and you will not need any sophisticated tool sets. From the legs the foundation stands at 15inches. This is good for those with small bedrooms and would like to use the space under the bed for storage.

To keep the mattress from aimlessly moving around Puffy covered the bed frame using a non-slip pad. For a lifetime warranty offer and its affordable price, Puffy Foundation is worth a try.

Layla Metal Platform Base


  • Assembles superfast; 1 to 2 minutes
  • Leaves you with 13 inches of under bed clearance enter
  • Has a tubular steel design offering airflow and
  • It's lightweight and portable and her
  • Weight limit 1200lbs queen size
  • Has a foldable frame
  • Has a 120 night trial


  • Not everyone likes a metal base

Layla has done a great job with their other copper gel infused products. We can confidently say that airflow, cooling and breathability is their thing! Well, they haven't disappointed with the metal platform beds either. It's made of steel using the tubular crisscross design, like the Puffy, that will enhance airflow to your latex mattress

The Layla Foundation supports a weight limit of 1200lbs for its queen-size base. Between the floor and the deck there's 13 inches of free space. Such a space makes it easy to clean under the bed regularly avoiding dust build-up.

Unlike most platform beds, the Layla offers a 120 trial with 100% money back guarantee in case your mattress foundation doesn't suit you.

Amerisleep Foundation


  • The platform bed frame height is 13 in tall
  • Has sizes from twin to Cal king
  • Assembles quickly with no tools required
  • Compatible with all mattress types
  • Offers one year warranty


  • Some customers have complained of feet wiggling when getting on and off the bed

Like most of the bed bases in this review, the Amerisleep Foundation takes out the hassle from assembling it and you'll be done in a few minutes with no tools required. It's a sturdy base that allows up to 750lbs of body weight equally distributed across the bed. Unfortunately, some users have complained about the legs of the base wiggling and making squeaking noises when getting in and out of bed. Otherwise the foundation will hold your new latex mattress in place, comfortably all night.

In its construction you'll find that it has what we call a slat pack system. The slats are wide and have about 2.75 inches between them. The space allows airflow but it's not too wide to cause mattress sagging. There are also support beams placed at the center of the deck to offer firm support to the foundation and provide pressure relief.

Nolah Platform Base


  • Has a center support rail to keep the bed together
  • Supports up to 600lbs for queen size
  • Stands at 13 inches tall
  • Made of sturdy wood and steel rails
  • 10 year warranty


  • Takes the most time to assemble; 15 minutes
  • Costlier than other platform beds with better features

What we love most about the Nolah Foundation is its sturdy wood and steel support rails which give it its long durability. To feel even better buying this, Nolah will offer you a 10 year warranty so in case of any defaults, you'll be sorted. Its rails giving the bed a 13 inch total height. Additionally, this platform base has a center rail for support.

The queen size foundation supports only 600lbs which is the least wright limit compared to the other products in our list. At a $399 price point, this foundation is more expensive than others with better features. It also takes more time to assemble, but can be ranged averagely for good support.

Orthopedic Bed


  • Good weight limit of 1200lbs
  • Made of sturdy and certified spruce wood
  • The organic cotton cover is GOTS certified
  • Has to hide options; 8 inch 6 inch
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Has size options from twin to Cal King


  • Does not have legs and placing the mattress close to the floor
  • It's costly for this type of foundation

The PlushBeds platform bed unfortunately does not come with legs. It has two height options; the regular 8 inches and a low profile 6 inch. These two factors make it lie close to the floor which could be unideal for some sleepers depending on preference. Additionally, being close to the floor can make you breathe cold air and give you easy access to dust. Aside from this, the PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation is remarkably heavy duty giving a weight limit of 1,200lbs making it a string support system for many sleepers.

It's made of sturdy Rainforest Alliance certified spruce wood that doesn't creak when you move around the bed. This Foundation can be used in place of a box spring. To top that, it has a Euro slatted design and comes with an organic cotton cover that is GOTS certified, making it safe for sleep.

Zoma Mattress Foundation


  • Easy to assemble; uses pin locking design
  • The foundation is 14.5inches high
  • Has a 100% polyester breathable cover
  • Legs can be detached if preferred
  • Well spaced wooden slats for aeration
  • Made with 100% spruce pine fir lumber


  • No returns or night trials offered

The Zoma Foundation comes with a 100% polyester cover. This cover is breathable, hence promoting airflow. It's also durable and stain resistant. The cover protects the frame and keeps the mattress from constantly sliding off.

If you prefer a foundation without legs, then you can leave them out as you assemble the Zoma Foundation. If you attach the legs, then the final height will be 14.5 inches. 

It's made with a sturdy wood frame and a smart slat system of 100% spruce pine fir lumber. The slats are perfectly spaced, hence, don't cause mattress sagging. Ultimately, the Zoma mattress foundation is very easy to setup. The parts have a pin locking design taking away the hassle of putting together the bed frame.

Why is a slatted foundation best for latex mattresses?

A latex mattress is often made of all foam which requires enhanced airflow to dissipate heat when one sleeps. Slats that are well-spaced will offer more airflow into and away from the mattress.

Importance of a foundation to latex mattresses

Do your latex mattresses require a foundation bed? The answer is yes! While you can choose to lay it on the floor - and it sure is fun to sleep on the floor camping style - it's not advisable to do so. Below we'll discuss the importance of using a mattress foundation instead.

Enhances your mattress capabilities

A latex mattress is made to support your body and offer pressure relief on your pressure points. Adding a foundation bed below it will enhance the support your body receives when sleeping. The foundation will support both your body weight and the weight of the mattress preventing back pains, hip pain and other health issues.

Prevent the mattress from sagging

Speaking of support, a mattress foundation - also referred to as a platform bed - will prevent your latex mattress from sagging when you lie on it. Depending on your latex mattress construction versus your body weight, you may end up sinking too deep into your mattress when you sleep. Mostly when sleeping with a partner, your total weight can sag the mattress. This is well avoided by getting a strong mattress foundation.

Helps your mattress stay clean and habitable

We mentioned sleeping on the floor which tends to be fun. However, the floor of your house accumulates a lot of things that will pile on your mattress too. Examples include dust, dust mites, insects, moisture, dirt and other allergens. These substances make it hard for your mattress to stay clean. Additionally, they can cause allergies and other health problems.

A foundation keeps your latex mattress off the ground, maintaining its cleanliness and making it a habitable bed. Let's not forget that the floor holds a lot of cold air which is unideal for your respiratory system - mostly asthmatics.

Improves the lifespan of your mattress

A good mattress can be quite costly making it a big investment in your home. Keeping it on the floor can reduce its lifespan as it will slowly damage the mattress. For instance, in case your house has some insects they may make their way into your mattress and feed on it making holes and reducing its ability to support your body weight.

Note that many brands don't allow sleepers to use their mattresses on the floor; else they'll void the warranty of the mattress.

Gives your bed some good height

Aside from lifting your mattress off the ground due to dust and insects, a foundation will give your bed a good height that will make it easy for you to get in and out of bed. When the mattress is on the floor, you'll find yourself struggling to get in bed and may pose a risk of hurting your hand, back or legs if not careful.

To get out of bed you'll have to push yourself hard so you can raise your body. This also is a risky - and exhausting - task.

However, get a foundation with an appropriate height so it's not too high to serve its purpose.

Keeps your mattress from sliding off

It's easy for mattresses to slide off because they don't come with grips or side rails. A foundation will keep your mattress in place as you sleep or when moving around or in and out the bed. 

A sliding mattress can make you fall and won't have a good edge support. This is very risky for kids, older people and sickly sleepers. 

Choosing the right foundation for a latex mattress

Let's look at some of the factors that make a foundation good for your latex mattress, or what you should look for when buying a good mattress foundation.

Easy to assemble

The first thing to check is if the bed frame can be easily assembled. Most foundations don't require too much time, many tools or sophisticated processes. Some are foldable and others require less than 10 minutes to put everything together. 

A good brand will make it easy to assemble their foundation and in case a tool is needed, they'll provide it with a manual too.

Adjustable height

There's no one height fits all rule but many will prefer a 12 inch high bed with legs. While not mandatory, a good bed should come with adjustable legs like the GhostBed foundation does. Certain foundations may instead come with multiple leg options so you can install the one you prefer.

The final height of your bed depends on the height of your mattress. If your mattress is above 12 inches, avoid a foundation that's above 10 inches. The ADA advices that the best bed height is 22 inches inclusive of mattress height.

Has great airflow

While latex mattresses are naturally breathable with good airflow, they're still foam mattresses and can trap some heat if placed on an enclosed platform bed. The best option is a mattress foundation that has perfectly spaced slats of about 2.7 inches apart. 

The other option is to get a crisscrossed metal steel bed frame with spacings in-between each rectangle. Such foundations will keep air flowing in and out of your mattress preventing it from soaking in sweat and growing mold over time. 

Great airflow also means that hot sleepers can comfortably sleep cool even during summer nights. No more sweating and tossing and turning all night. This will complement the already-breathable natural latex mattress. 

Sturdy vs squeaky

There's nothing as annoying as a squeaky bed. Unfortunately, some foundations offer this sound when you fix their legs onto the base. A foundation should have sturdy construction that keeps its contents strongly in place and silent during movement. 

Luckily, most brands offer either a night trial or a warranty so you can tell the beds out to see if they're squeaky.

Is universal

A universal foundation is one that can suit all mattresses, not just your latex mattress. This is important because you may replace your mattress later on. If your foundation can support a foam mattress, hybrid mattresses and x mattresses, then you'll be able to maintain it even after buying the new mattress. Meaning it'll serve you for longer.

A good foundation will also have easy fixtures for attaching a headboard in case you'll need one.


An ideal mattress foundation has a heavy duty design to increase its ability to support sleepers. Always ensure to check the weight limit for the foundation as well as for your mattress so that you know you're sleeping on a safe surface. To top that, make sure you get the right size foundation that'll keep your mattress in place and enhance edge support.

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