Bedjet Review

Bedjet Review: BedJet 3 Analysis

Last Updated: April, 2023

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Finding the perfect balance between room temperature and bedding options can often be quite a challenge. This is especially true for co-sleepers with different sleep preferences.

The good news is that mattress brands have gotten better at temperature control over the years, creating devices you can use all year round to receive a cool sleep environment during hot summers and a range of warming options during the winter season.

The Bedjet 3 aims to solve cooling and heating problems at night with a creative but intuitive solution - pushing a steady stream of heated or cooled air directly onto your mattress.

In this Bedjet review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this climate-control device to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you.


The Bedjet Climate Comfort System is very effective at regulating your bed’s temperature, making it a great alternative to more traditional electric blankets. Its advanced features, such as smartphone integration, are excellent additions to a solid product. If you often wake up feeling too cold or hot, the Bedjet 3 can help deliver a more comfortable sleep surface on your mattress.

What We Like:

  • Excellent remote control and app
  • Fully adjustable fan speed
  • Cools or heats throughout the night
  • Wide temperature range
  • Fits neatly under the bed (if you have 6 inches of clearance)or on the side

What We Don’t Like:

  • You can hear the fan sound on a higher speed setting (however, it’s quieter than standard household fans)
  • Expensive, especially for couples

What is Bedjet 3?

Bedjet review - what is Bedjet 3

Mark Aramli, the Bedjet founder, first introduced this climate-control system in 2015 on a Shark Tank episode. Unfortunately for him, the sharks in the reality TV show unanimously rejected it. This made him launch a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign which propelled his company to where it is currently.

As a climate-control device, the Bedjet features an external hub that rests under your bed and a hose to deliver air under your bed sheet. You can program it for any temperature from 66 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be a real game-changer for individuals who lose sleep at night from feeling too cold or hot. Unlike many body temperature regulating products that offer passive cooling, this device provides active heating and cooling by delivering temperature-controlled air directly to your bed all night long.

Unboxing, Packaging, and Design

The Bedjet arrives in a simple blue and white branded box. While many companies spend a lot of time and money developing fancy packaging designs, others, such as Bedjet, are confident enough to do away with these extra charges and efforts and let their products speak for themselves.

Your complete Bedjet Climate Comfort System package includes

  • Accordion-style hose and nozzle
  • Smart remote with 2 AA batteries
  • External Bedjet hub
  • Plastic bracket for affixing your hose to the bed frame

You can purchase Cloud Sheets separately for Bedjet 3 orders. The Couples bundle features two of each of the above-listed components and a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet.

How Do I Set it Up?

Here’s how you can set up your Bedjet 3.

Software and Firmware

Bedjet review - software & firmware

Before you start enjoying the pleasures of climate control in your bedding, you must ensure you have the latest firmware versions for both your control unit and the remote control. Lucky for you, you only need to follow a few simple steps to complete the procedure.

First, power up your machine, then download the Bedjet App from either Apple App or Google Play Store. Once you pair your phone to your Bedjet Climate Comfort System, you’ll be prompted to update your unit to the latest firmware version. You’ll then need to set up your remote and check for firmware updates.

While all these may sound a little complicated, the procedure is as simple as it gets. Moreover, the Bedjet remote control’s user interface is extremely intuitive, meaning you won’t have to look for a User’s Manual at any point.


Installing Bedjet 3 is a straightforward process. Plus, every purchase comes with a comprehensive User’s Manual that can walk you through every step.

Once you’ve unboxed the device, simply click-snap the nozzle onto the accordion-style hose and the hose onto Bedjet’s air port on the external hub before placing it under your bed. The external hub is relatively compact and only needs 6 inches of clearance to fit under your bed properly.

Bedjet review - installation

Bedjet’s air hose rests at the foot of your bed on top of your sleeping surface, with the plastic bracket holding it in place. You can either tuck it inside Cloud Sheet’s pocket or under your own sheet. While the hose is only 4 feet long, you can buy a Bedjet hose extension to increase its length to 8 feet.

You should always plug Bedjet’s 6-foot power cord into your wall socket. If you want to use a power strip, ensure it's appliance-rated for up to 1,800 watts. Since the Bedjet 3 doesn’t come with a backup battery, you can only use it when there’s electricity.

The Single Zone Cloud Sheet features a “This Side Down” label to help you know how you should place it on your mattress. These sheets are 100% cotton and machine-washable. During cleaning, always dry your sheet on medium to low heat to keep it from shrinking.

Your climate-control device comes with a reusable air filter. Users must rinse their filters in running water at least once every three months. If you love aromatherapy, feel free to purchase an attachment for your device. While the Aromatherapy Upgrade kit has chamomile, lavender, and tea tree essential oils, you can use any scent of your liking.

How the Bedjet Works

Bedjet offers both single and partnered sleepers customizable temperature settings, depending on whether you’re using a Single or Double Zone setup. An accordion-style hose sits directly on the mattress, blowing air into your bedding through a plastic nozzle. You can control the airflow's duration and intensity using a remote or smart device.

Most individuals prefer using the sleek remote because it’s not only easy to use but also keeps them from using their phones in bed. Plus, the remote features every Bedjet function on the buttons, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you should be able to operate it with ease.

For instance, if you want your device to cool you down, you only need to press the “cool” button. And when you want warm air blown into your bed, simply press the “heat” button. You can also increase or decrease the temperature by simply hitting the plus and minus signs on the “temp” button, respectively.

If you find a fan speed combination that best suits your needs, Bedjet 3 enables you to save it to your remote - you get to save up to three settings by simply holding the buttons that read “M1”, “M2”, and “M3” for five seconds. Once this is done, tapping the “M” button once will get the system running as to your saved setting.

The remote control also features a “time” button that allows users to set a timer for their climate-control system. This function comes in handy when you don’t want your Bedjet to run throughout the night. And if you run into a problem when using the gadget, hitting the button with a question mark sign will prompt the remote to display customer service information (email address and telephone number) on its screen.

Lastly, the “dry” button is specially meant for individuals who want to experience a nice, airy breeze that’s neither cooling nor warming. Essentially, this makes your machine blow temperature-neutral air into your mattress, which is really helpful for wicking excess moisture away from your body.

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How it Cools

While the Bedjet 3 is not actually an Air Conditioning device, it can help you cool yourself directly while in bed rather than cool the entire room. After all, why cool the whole house at night with an AC when you only care about the temperature between your sheets?

This device will help wick away excessive heat and moisture through powered ventilation, keeping you cool and dry all night. It uses the room temperature air from your bedroom’s floor and pushes it through your mattress as you sleep. This constant airflow helps wick away the trapped body heat and extra humidity in your bedding.

The Bedjet 3 is customizable to how much cool air you want to feel in your bed. It gives you up to 20 different fan speed settings, ranging from 5% to 100% airflow. Plus, you can use Bedjet’s Biorhythm feature to set it to shift to different temperatures during the night.

Gone are the days when people relied on traditional alarm clocks to wake them up to change their fan settings. Simply use your app or remote to input a specific temperature at a particular time and set a duration. Your machine will automatically adjust airflow temperature all night long based on your settings.

How it Heats

Unlike its cool setting, when you set your Bedjet to heat, it actually heats the surrounding air before pushing it into your bedding. Its base unit features a ceramic heating element made from barium titanate stone to help keep your bedding warm during cold nights.

The Bedjet 3 also has suggested settings, each with its own button on your remote to save you time switching into the right heat setting for a specific moment.

They include:

  • Dry (92° F): Middle temperature that keeps night sweats at bay
  • Extended heat (72° to 92° F): 12 hours of moderate warming
  • Heat (72° to 104° F): 4 hours of strong warming
  • Turbo mode: A 10-minute pre-warming burst of the highest temperature
    What’s great about the Bedjet system’s heating compared to other alternatives is the safety and less power consumption. You won’t have to use wires or electricity inside your mattress, and it costs less to run it than standard portable heaters and central heating systems.

Dual Zone for Partners

While sharing a bed and bedding brings couples close together, it can also be a challenge, especially for partners with different temperature preferences. When one temperature setting is comfortable to you, it may be unbearable to your partner, resulting in sleep loss and, in worst-case scenarios, sleep divorce.

Fortunately, couples with different sleep preferences can now choose the Bedjet for Couples bundle, which features two external hubs and individual wireless remotes. This bundle also comes with a plush Dual Zone AirComforter sheet with two openings and a divider at the center. The sheet’s unique construction enables couples to enjoy airflow at their preferred temperature without interfering with their partner’s settings.

If you’re the only one interested in temperature regulation, you can combine a single Bedjet Climate Comfort System with a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet, which only allows you to heat or cool your side of the bed. This sheet is available in king, queen, and full sizes. You can also go for two twin XL Dual Zone Cloud Sheets if you share an adjustable bed with your partner.

Can BedJet Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

It’s worth noting that although the Bedjet Climate Comfort System offers advanced heating and cooling options for your mattress, it’s not a replacement for your HVAC system or air conditioner, which provides active cooling.

This is because the forced air system uses ambient room temperature to achieve a cooling effect and wick out excess moisture and body heat. Plus, it won’t be able to cool your entire room, only your bed.

Maintenance, Warranty, and Returns

Unlike other cooling and heating systems, the Bedjet 3 needs minimal maintenance. You only have to wash the filter once every three months to keep your system in optimum condition. Below, we’ll cover Bedjet’s trial, warranty, and shipping policies.

Availability and Shipping

Bedjet 3 is currently available through the official Bedjet website or third-party online retailers, such as Amazon. It ships free to buyers in Canada and all 50 states. All Bedjet components arrive packed in a single box. Shoppers can track their packages through the Bedjet website once they’re shipped.

Sleep Trial

Bedjet Climate Control Systems come with a 60-night sleep trial period. If within this period, you decide that this system isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund without any shipping or restocking fees. You can also return the Cloud Sheets during this period.

Remember, retailers may offer different trial lengths from Bedjet’s. So, if you buy your system through a retailer, make sure you check the policy to ensure it suits your needs.


Bedjet systems, Cloud Sheets, and other accessories also come with a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and accidental damage. However, this warranty can’t be transferred to new owners.

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Closing Thoughts

The Bedjet 3 is a perfect addition to your bedroom, especially if you often wake up at night feeling too cold or too hot. Controlled airflow and timed durations will ensure you sleep at the perfect temperature all night long. Plus, Bedjet’s new remote control is excellent as it gives you complete control over heating and cooling settings on a user-friendly color screen. If you can get past its understandably high price point, the Bedjet 3 is a solid investment for those with sleeping issues due to temperature.