Best Hammock Underquilt: 2020 Reviews (Top picks) and Guide

What Is The Best Hammock Underquilt?

An underquilt is an insulation that is placed under a cloth, usually replaces a sleeping pad. This practically makes a bed for outdoors, except that it’s not really the bed you’re usually used to.


Really, one of the best hammock underquilt you should consider is one that will keep your butt from freezing.

1. How About A CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome)?

A CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome) is never a comfortable situation. When you need something like an underquilt, it is not always a question of IF you will get cold, but more of a WHEN you get cold.

With no insulation under you, you are bound to get the CBS. So with that, here is a list of things you should consider when to have an underquilt.

2. Want To Stay Warm?

Oh but the crème de la crème of all the reason to stay warm, underquilts are made to keep the heat inside the hammock.

Keeping that warm environment in the cold night or even the day is like the heaven’s first drop of ice cream into your taste.

What Features To Look For?

Certainly, you would not want to buy things so easily. Even the juniors of financial advisers would also advise you the same. Here are some things you would have to consider and to be having a check on the following:


From a down fill or a synthetic insulation, your choice of insulation will definitely affect your sleeping when using and underquilt.

Synthetic insulation is brought about by replicating the qualities of a down fill, but will retain those same qualities even when they become wet; which is a downside with a down fill. The synthetic insulation works by trapping warmth in air pockets, however, is not as good as a down fill.

Down insulation, on the other hand, is considered as the bread and butter of insulation. It is the type of insulation that comes from mature geese or ducks. These are not made from feathers, but from duck or geese plumage – Those found underneath the feathers. It is an undercoating or a natural mid layer.


Of course, the size on this one always matters! Underquilts come in half, three-quarters, and full length.

Half Length – A half-length comes as literal as it is – It covers half of your body. Most people would prefer having their whole bodies covered, and really, that is the standard need. With this one, half lengths are for those who are wanting to enjoy the half cold – Half warm sensation. On the weight and bulk section, this is a top of the notch best pick for the light campers.

Three-quarter – For many hammock campers, the three-quarters length hammock underquilt is enough to provide some warmth, shaving off some cold from the body. This not only helps to give more warmth, this also adds on a significant advantage to weight and bulk.

Full Length – Of course, this is the big boy from the boys in the hood. This is the full body sized insulation which will cover you from head to toe. Most people would actually love the sensation of being embraced, most especially in the coldest of cold weathers. This is definitely a good choice for those kinds of situations.


One critical characteristic of an underquilt you should consider is the temperature rating of the product. Temperature rating on these products are absolutely varied, and the customer preferences are just as varied.

For example, a product may have a range of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, yet a customer who owns this type of underquilt would prefer to keep his temperature at 37 degrees, or higher.

As varied as they may be, it will still depend on the range of temperature for it to be considered a top quality.


Of course, the other critical value to be checked on is the durability; how long will it last? Under any circumstance, a customer would always look for the best of the best. One that will last any environment, one that is easily maintained.

One factor that would definitely help with the quality and maintenance is the actual washing of the material. Everything does not last and keep its top quality like the first time you bought it. Helping to keep it clean will definitely help the quality to last longer.


The weight is one factor to consider by buyers. This is an utmost characteristic that people would always tend to look at last. Before you realize it, you get to pick up the underquilt only after you have bought it.

Underquilts are practically lightweight. The lighter it is, the better. This allows for a much easier and convenient way to travel.

You can bring it anywhere, anytime! The lightest on the market can weigh from twenty ounces and more.


Last but certainly not the least, the price is what will always matter in the end if you are one to consider money as a factor in choosing your products or buys. Affordability is one of the things people will consider. You should not always go for the most expensive, because it certainly does not always shout the quality.

Go for one that you can afford, and one that would not let you compromise the quality looking for the most affordable hammock you can get.

Top 5 Best ​Hammock ​Underquilt ​For ​Sale

To get you started on your underquilt adventure, here are the Top 5 Best Hammock Underquilt for sale:

1. OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris – The OneTigris hammock underquilt is lightweight, packable, and is a full length under blanket for camping, backpacking, and backyard.

  • It comes in OD Green 3 seasons color and design.
  • MATERIALS: Consists of polyester filling, 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with a DWR coating and 300T Polyester Pongee Lining.
  • 2-3 SEASON UNDERQUILT: Comfortable temperature range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a great way to extend the hammock camping season.
  • SPLIT DESIGN ON BOTH ENDS: This makes it easier to keep the under blanket in the correct position and to stop the heat loss under the hammock.
  • FAST TO SET UP & TAKE DOWN: Convenience is brought by the snappy electric strap on each end into the carabiners of the hammock, which fits snugly for most typical hammocks.
  • PACKABLE FOR EASY STORAGE: Another convenient feat is that it comes with a nice compression sack, which weighs 750 grams all in all.
  • UNFOLDED DIMENSIONS: 7.9 by 4 feet.
  • STUFFED DIMENSIONS: 13 by 8 feet.
OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

2. Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30 Degrees Fahrenheit Down Underquilt

Outdoor Vitals – This Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30 degrees Fahrenheit Down Underquilt / Sleeping Bag allows use as an Ultra lightunderquilt, sleeping bag, or a double bag.

  • This comes in an ultimate blue color.
  • VERSATILITY: This product compresses 5 uses in 1 underquilt, namely
    1. Acts as it should as an underquilt.
    2. Provides a Hammock Pod System
    3. Can also be used as a Technical Blanket
    4. Can also be used as a Sleeping Bag
    5. Can also be used as a Double Sleeping Bag
  • DOWN INSULATION: The new Stormloft down insulation is fully updated, certified 800+ fill power down both responsibility sourced and DWR treated. This means a guaranteed quality down that is more resistant to moisture.
  • LIGHTEST WEIGHT MATERIALS: Features its own light weight fabrics and the highest of quality down. Just imagine the warmth when temperatures drop without packing more weight or bulk.
  • GRID BAFFLE DESIGN: The grid baffle design sticks the down into its place so that you never have cold spots.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Here at Outdoor Vitals, you get to have the quality products you deserve, and each is given a lifetime warranty.
Outdoor Vitals Underquilt

3. Chill Gorilla 40 Degrees Fahrenheit Hammock Underquilt Blanket

Chill Gorilla – The Chill Gorilla 40 degrees Fahrenheit hammock underquilt blanket is a lightweight product that fits all camping hammocks. This under quilt will keep you warm, saves space, and is very versatile. This is a camping gear ideal for camping, backpacking, and survival gear.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: This product is equipped with 20D water resistant ripstop nylon shell. 40°F synthetic insulation that can be washed & dried up quickly unlike that of the goose down. This is an extremely high quality type of underquilt just based on these materials.
  • AMAZINGLY FAST & EASY SETUP: You just have to setup your hammock as normal and attach the 2 center stretchy shockcords at each end to your hammock carabiner. Two outer shock cords easily attach to your anchor or suspension system. The stretching shock cords allow the under quilt to move with and stay snug to your hammock. Two DUAL DRAW CINCH CORDS let you tighten the under quilt as desired.
  • UNPRECEDENTED WARMTH & COMFORT: The Chill Gorilla 3 SEASON UNDERQUILT blanket is a GAME CHANGER & surrounds the bottom and sides of your hammock protecting you from winter! Its outer layer is a fine ripstop nylon, paired with a synthetic insulation to keep you toasty warm at night in cold climates at or above 40 degrees. Perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, backyard.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACTABLE & EASY TO STORE: The 4 strap compression stuff sack gets down to 7 inches by 10 inches and this may be the most important gear you pack to stay warm at night.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN FITS ALL CAMPING HAMMOCKS! No two people are the same size or sleep the same way which is why our design provides an insulated fit that moves with your body eliminating cold spots and giving maximum warmth and comfort.
Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt

4. Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Ember 2 Underquilt

Eagles Nest Outfitters – The Eagles Nest Outfitters provides an Ember 2 Underquilt with Ultra light sleeping quilt.

  • This comes in a Lime or Charcoal color, a Red or Charcoal color, or a Navy or Royal color.
  • KEEP WARM IN THE WINTER: The Ember 2 UnderQuilt makes hammock camping a four-season game with a temperature rating of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The polyester-filled quilt surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock, protecting you from winter’s chill.
  • MASTER THE ART OF LOUNGING: An adjustable shock cord at each end makes setup simple, meaning less time shivering and more time enjoying snug and cozy goodness.
  • HAMMOCKING DONE RIGHT: The hammock specific cut ensures the best insulation for your lounging needs, and works perfectly with your Double and SingleNest (sold separately).
  • COMPACT CAMPING: The Ember UnderQuilt includes a nylon compression stuff sack for easy storage and weighs only 25 ounces. Unfolded Dimensions: 7’11” x 3’9″; Stuffed Dimensions: 15″ x 8.”
  • PLEASE NOTE: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color of the stuff sack and stitching might vary from what is pictured.
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 UnderQuilt

5. ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters

Eagles Nest Outfitters – Provides the Vulcan Underquilt which is a perfect ultralight camping quilt.

  • This comes in orange or charcoal color.
  • WARM UP IN THE WINTER: Made from the mega cozy Primaloft Synergy insulation and makes your hammock (not included) ready for all four seasons. Also has a temperature rating of 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit when paired with a comparable top quilt.
  • MASTER THE ART OF LOUNGING: The Vulcan UnderQuilt has a differentially cut construction adapts to the natural contours of your body, keeping you cozy and snug.
  • RAIN, RAIN, And GO AWAY: This full-length quilt features a worry-free adjustable shock cord suspension, with a water repellent finish, keeping you dry all nap long.
  • ADVENTURE READY: Weighing only 30 ounces, the Vulcan UnderQuilt includes a handy stuff sack, so you can take it on your backpacking adventure.
  • ENO GIVES BACK: ENO loves the outdoors and shows it by donating to organizations that preserve our wild places.
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan Underquilt

How To Make A Hammock Underquilt From A Sleeping Bag

There are some nifty tips and tricks out there used to create the best underquilt. Here are some steps you could use for that purpose.

1. Supplies:

  • Mummy Style Sleeping bag
  • Fabric for binding
  • Zippers
  • Grommet Kit (10mm)
  • Safety Pins
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Hammer

2. Making The Base

  • Measure 8 inches in the middle of the seam and cut the seam.
  • Starting from the outside, cut the fabric and the underlying batting, then flip it inside out and cut the inner seam and batting.
  • Cut a 2-inch wide strip of fabric for the binding. Roll the edges in and fold it over to make a half inch binding.
  • Double stitch the binding around the entire opening.
  • Attach the zipper. Cut it to length.

3. Hood Pass-Through

  • Measure halfway from the hood stream to the drawstring edge.
  • Using the same procedures from making the base, secure the zippers.

With that, you are good to go.

How To Hang A Hammock Underquilt?

For the outside elements, hanging the hammock will always be at the top of the to-do list. Here’s how you should do it:

1. Materials:

  • Use a paracord for strength and security. Paracords are probably the best choice for keeping things tied up. Only downside is that it will most likely leave a mark on whatever it is tied onto.
  • Your delightful hammock underquilt. Whatever your choice, you hang it.
  • A nice anchoring point and attachment for the ends of the hammock. Trees, posts, on a yacht, pillars in your homes, anything sturdy enough to stand and pull weight would cut it as an anchor point.

2. Procedures:

  • Quite simply, just run the hammock through the base opening only.
  • Hook the free end of your hammock through the hood opening.
  • Tie it securely.
  • Pull it up to lift off from the ground.
  • Be sure not to pull it up into a straight line. Doing so would add stress onto the cords or the ropes and would end up breaking.

​3. FAQs:

Q: Why do you need an underquilt or pad?

A: Sleeping bags can’t cut it when compressed against the skin. Layering, thermals, and fleece, all these things work by restricting air and holding it against the body – much like insulation in the attic, you need insulation underneath your hammock.

Q: What is the best type of underquilt for all seasons?

A: Typically, if you are the type to use the underquilt indoors, then the down would be the most comfortable one and the most ideal choice since keeping it indoors means keeping it away from the weather, therefore keeping it dry. Down types are those that absorbs liquid. You would not want that on the outside for long.

Q: Which is better, the expensive ones or the cheap ones?

A: It practically depends on your taste. You can go all out for the expensive ones, or you can be the typical type who goes for the budget.

Q: Wouldn’t the underquilt go bad over time?

A: Of course, everything would not last in its best quality. Over time, the quality would definitely decrease, but rest assured that as the product is handled properly, going through regular maintenance such as washing and using appropriate cleaning materials, it could last a lifetime if not, probably in generations to come.

Q: Isn’t the underquilt just another blanket on the hammock?

A: No, it certainly is not. Blankets are made from cotton, mostly from stacks of cloth or purified cotton. Underquilts are specifically designed for keeping things warm. It is an insulation material that will significantly keep whatever thing is kept inside it warm.

Q: What would be the difference between having a built in underquilt against a DIY underquilt?

A: Built in underquilts are more convenient since you would not have to go through all the trouble of finding one, cutting cloth, stitching cloth, and adjusting cloth. All the best quality then on the other hand is picked if you would have an underquilt done on your own. Again, it is on the person’s discretion. Both of which will help insulation.

Q: What should I do when it gets wet?

A: You can just dry it under the sun. Sadly, if you the sun does not seem to shine its rays on your day, you can still put it through the dryer or have it your way to use a blow dryer instead if you have time to burn.

Q: When is the best time to replace the underquilt?

A: Well, really if the hammock is not anymore in good condition, the underquilt goes along with it. But if there is a selective destruction of any of the parts of the product, that would be the ideal time to consider buying a new one instead of picking a part and changing it.


To conclude the hammock discussion, a hammock on its own is extremely convenient, beneficial for sleep, and extremely efficient with use. Its versatility in use as a substitute for a bed, a relaxing equipment for the tired ones, and its easy to maintain characteristic, the hammock is absolutely a wonder to have.

So for those who wants to greatly increase its potential, go to the cold and have an underquilt with you. This will boost the tolerance and give you a much better stay in your hammock. Want to stay longer in cradle with your hammock? Then have an underquilt installed.

Just do not forget, that not all would last and keep the initial quality when you just bought it. It will keep the quality somehow by keeping it in top condition. Washing it will definitely help in its longevity.

So hold on to that hammock and find with it the best hammock underquilt there is you can find. Don’t just buy it though, give it a long, hard look and think it through. You would definitely need one, but choose only the best one otherwise, you would just end up as another victim of the CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome).


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