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Twelve subjects were studied on a study conducted and published in the journal Current Biology. It was their objective to observe whether there is a direct correlation between the qualities of sleep which an individual receives when sleeping in a hammock compared to quality of sleep when sleeping on beds.


Two of the twelve respondents were left out as they had some interferences and were not able to continue with the experiment. However, still the study continued with the ten other men, and the results were outstanding. Studies show that (1) they fell asleep faster in the rocking bed than in the standard ones. (2) They had a deeper sleep, which correlates to a better quality of sleeping.

What does this have to do with babies sleeping on a hammock? Keep in mind that for an adult to get some sleep; usually for the thick-hides (those who are not picky with where, and how they sleep), but for the picky ones, the where and how is a big deal.

If it takes a lot of thinking for adults to get a good shut eye, what more for the babies who are most definitely more sensitive to the sleep they have to receive? In this article, you will find out the best type of hammock there is to provide babies with the sleep they need.

Recently, there are some studies which focused on the possible threat and danger entailed with using a hammock to make babies sleep.With these risks, why then put your child in a hammock? Here are the best reasons why.

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    Rock - a - bye - baby! - The recent study suggested that a rocking motion stimulates a lasting effect on the brain activity in adults, therefore increasing bursts of brain activity known as sleep spindles. These are activities which occur on adults with higher and complex cognitive capacity than that of a baby’s which is in a much simpler scale. If it proves effective for adults, then what more for babies?
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    Longer, Deeper Sleep - What makes an adult sleep like a baby? According to the study, the brain waves which are greatly affected during the sleeping motion is responsible for the quality of sleep an individual could have. Just as the first reason, if this proves effective for adults, then what more for the babies?
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    Wrap me like one of your French women! - No, the heading does not guarantee a French giving the baby a hug. This wrapping assimilates a touch that helps the sleeper get deeper sleep and more sensation which stimulates release of hormones that would induce a drowsier effect on the brain making the baby feel sleepier by the minute.

Reasons To Have A Baby Hammock For Your Baby

Reasons To Have A Baby Hammock For Your Baby

Of course, all the scientific stuff and jargon are not enough to support your reasons to get your baby a baby hammock. In light of the common people, we wanted to enlighten everyone about the benefits the humble baby hammock has to offer to the modernized people that we are now.

With that, we have put together these simple reasons for you to make a choice of having a hammock for your baby:

  • ​The baby will fall asleep faster, and much quicker! Ever noticed the simple transition of a crying baby smoothly going to sleep when the mother starts to cradle and rock the baby in her arms? That’s exactly one reason the baby sleeps easier than the adults.
  • ​When the baby falls asleep faster, the baby will experience a deeper sleep. This allows ample time for the brain to start to rest and produce the proper brain waves for babies to develop their cognitive capabilities.
  • ​Having better sleep means a stronger and more productive adult in the future.
  • There will be no more need for heavy mattresses.
  • ​This will save you from dust mite infections, dead skin cell stuffed mattresses, and potential allergen.
  • ​It saves a lot of space in rooms.
  • ​Comfortable, and convenient.
  • ​Alleviates the Flat Head Syndrome.
  • ​Keeps the baby close to you always.

How Did You Pick The Best Baby Hammock?

What makes the best pick for a quality hammock for babies? Here are some tips on picking the best ones for your child.

1. Safety Standards

The top priority for a quality hammock for babies is the safety it provides for the user. The best one to pick are the ones that will ensure a safe environment for the baby as it sleeps.

Based on reports, there were cases that state the deaths of infants caused by oxygen deprivation or insufficient oxygen. For this to be proven, studies were conducted as to how these deaths happened during the sleeping phase of the baby.

It shows that majority of the mortality rate occurred because the baby was left unsupervised while sleeping in the hammock. All parents must always be aware of the different circumstances their child will be exposed to.

2. The Structure Of The Hammock

Various designs and crafts are used for the hammocks to fully satisfy a baby’s needs. The utility of the hammock is not unique to just sleeping, but the different ways it can be used can range from being a bed, a carriage, or a swing.

Regardless of the user’s preference, the design of the hammock is one quality that the customer should look out for. It will be quite a wonderful add-on to discover an additional use to the traditional hammock for the baby.

3. The Material

Among the many things to consider is the material that the hammock is composed of. Just like the sensitivity of babies to certain cloth material used to make their clothes, the same principle is generally observed with the sensitivity of the skin of the babies to the cloth material used for making the hammock.

Most parents are already aware of this factor and are very much critical when it comes to the fabric used. The best and widely used material for the hammock is cotton.

4. The Benefits

Like any other products, one particular quality you should look out for is the benefit your baby will be getting from sleeping in the hammock.

There is a broad spectrum of benefit your baby should be getting – That includes the proper sleeping environment (a warm temperature is ideal for the baby’s sleeping time), helps alleviate Flat Head Syndrome (a rather common condition with cultures which practice letting their babies sleep on a hard, flat surface).

5. Portability And Adjustability

A quality which most campers look out for when picking their hammocks is the portability and adjustability of the hammock. While this is the go-to for campers, this can also be a bonus feature for baby hammocks.

You may never know when the sun might suddenly peer into your baby’s room and disturb the baby’s sleep. It is better to have a hammock which you can move to different places when needed.

Best Baby Hammock Reviews

Because this article is not just an article that leaves its readers hanging, here are some of the best quality baby hammocks reviewed and tested by customers to date:

1. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

With this innovative baby hammock, you can shop in the groceries while bringing your baby along with you. Made with 97% cotton, this hammock is equipped with an innovative design which allows you to carry along your child while shopping.

The intricate structure of the hammock allows you to secure your baby in the cart. It is made with top quality material which will ensure the baby with safety and comfort in the hammock. Made from 97% cotton, laden with intricate patterns, sewn with double layer upholstery fabric, this hammock is made to cradle your baby with comfort and style.

Plastic clips and Velcro are included to ensure that the hammock will stay securely in place and fastened to the cart at all times. Because portability is now an issue with most products, easy storage is one of this hammock’s edge as it is easily stowed away in a purse or a backpack and can be brought with you wherever you go.

Bulkiness is never a problem with this easy rolling and light weight hammock. This is also equipped with flexible fabric which allows for an easy and simple assembly. This product weighs at 12. Ounces, with dimensions of 14 by 8 by 2 inches. Maximum weight recommendation is 50 pounds. Materials used are Phthalate free and lead-free.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

2. Hammock Bliss Sky Baby Hammock Swing ​- The ideal solution for putting baby to sleep

This hammock will perfectly fit your child in your crib or travel cloth. This innovative design provides the baby a quality sleep because of the rocking motion that the baby will get. This helps the baby be ready to take a nap easily as this allows the baby to freely stay in any position it wants.

It prevents restriction of the baby’s movement because of its flexible design. The Hammock Bliss Sky Baby Hammock Swing is equipped with Double Layers- Double Colors which is constructed with Two Layers of soft, strong, breathable, and cozy nylon parachute material.

Colors provided is a Lavender side, and the other is a sky blue color. This is completely machine washable and dryable. Able to carry 100 pounds (45 kilos) weight with dimensions of 27.5” wide by 50” length. The weight of the product is about 8 ounces which is a great quality for portability.

Just as the previous headings, this hammock must be used with supervision from a responsible adult. Any precautions should be followed without restriction.

Hammock Bliss Sky Baby Hammock Swing

​3. BabyKim ​- Baby Hammock for Crib Wombs

This bassinet hammock is absolutely safe and acts as a nursery bed for your babies. Comes in blue, grey, or white, this hammock sure is a sight for sleep for your baby.

This baby hammock allows your baby to rest its head on a unique material woven to swaddle your baby instead of letting your baby rest its head on a hard mattress.

Equipped with buckles, the baby hammock is free from breaking easy. This keeps the hammock more durable and free from breaking and aging. Included are nylon ropes which are used to firmly secure the hammock onto the crib. The ropes are extremely durable and strong.

The materials used for the cloth are only the most suitable for baby skin and not allergenic. It is completely free from chemicals and absolutely washable. With breathable mesh, and durable, flexible design, this intricate product replicates the environment of a mother’s womb.

You would not have to worry if the baby might fall off or drop off the hammock because of the adjustability of the hammock. Just press the button accompanied with the product to adjust the length of the newborn crib hammock.

Another great quality of this product is that it can be attached to all kinds of baby cribs. You can leave the hammock bed cradle in the baby nursery room, the living room, the bedroom, the basement, a spare room, patio, backyard, and more.

Additional function is its versatility to act as a mission style baby crib, around bed swing, or a hanging hammock for the baby. This easy to use newborn crib hammock will keep your child close to you whether it be the day or the night.

Baby Hammock for Crib Wombs


In the eve of this great time of modernization and advancements, one seeks to look back and stand in amazement to the many things that we’ve left behind in the past – The many great progenitors of inventions which led the way to the machinery and inventions that we have now.

Hammocks have stood the test of time with history showing its existence right from the time of Native Americans at the time of Spanish conquest, such that even now, hammocks continue to be used and improved even.

So for the best hammock to use to let your baby sleep the night away, choose one that is easy to carry, very much capable of giving the baby absolute comfort any time. Choose one that can suite your baby’s requirement for sleep – Be it a soft cloth, or an enveloping set of strings, you decide.


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